Planetary Influences - April 2020

Mars-Jupiter-Saturn in Capricorn –April 1

The combination of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn would be stay put in the zodiac house of Capricorn, a earthy sign all through this April 2020. Saturn is in its own house and is a comfortable position for it. It guides us towards leading a more disciplined and restricted life for sure. Saturn would be in its own house till the start of the year 2023.

Saturn aspects the signs of Pisces, Cancer and Libra for the next three year period. Hence natives having major planetary placements in these houses would be greatly influenced by Saturn in Capricorn.

Mars in Capricorn is said to be exalted and is in the house of Capricorn till the 3rd of May. Mars rules over power, energy and the drive to perform. However this is a time when how we use this energy matters a lot. Mars in Capricorn would be aspecting the houses of Aries, Cancer and Leo and those with placements in these zodiac houses better watch out for major triggers. Particularly health needs utmost care in these times of distress.

Another point to note here is that though Mars and Saturn are together in one house, they are not much friendly with each other. Saturn hinders forward movement, while Mars ignites us to charge ahead. This opposing forces need to be handled with caution, else might trigger panic and tension.

And Jupiter is said to be debilitated in Capricorn and hence is not a good placement. This might hamper the joyous jubilant nature of Jupiter energy for quite sometime. But then Jupiter guides the energy flow of Mars for the period. Though the retrograde motion of Jupiter later on makes him switch houses, he would be mostly visiting Capricorn for about 10 months in the coming period.


Mercury Transits Pisces-( April 7 – 24)

Mercury, the planet of communication transits to the house of Pisces from Aquarius on the 7th of April. Mercury is said to be debilitated in the sign of Pisces and hence is not quite a good placement for now.

Mercury would be staying in the sign of Pisces till the 24th of April. This transit arouses our enthusiasm and ability to adapt to situations around. Rahu or the Moon’s North Node is currently in the sign of Gemini, which is the home of Mercury. While Rahu in an air sign has been quoted as behind the present  Corona outbreak , Mercury in Pisces would help us to stay tuned to the scenario around.

Mercury guides us towards garnering genuine knowledge with all the mis-information on the outbreak doing the rounds as of now. Though Mercury in the watery sign of Pisces advocates much travel and communication, currently much of its energy is spent in containing the destructive force of Rahu present it is own sign of Gemini, hence the travel hindrances?.

Generally Mercury in the watery sign of Pisces forebodes goodness and recovery from all downturns. So we can expect some good news on the virus infection shortly before Mercury exits Pisces on the 24th of April. It also supports the knowledge base of the scientific and medical fraternity who are at war with the pandemic.

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Full Moon in Virgo- April 7

The waxing Moon becomes full on the 7th of April at 25 degrees in Virgo while the other luminary, the Sun is posited at 25 degrees Pisces, the opposite sign of Virgo. Generally Full Moons are said to bring about some light around. This Full Moon in particular is expected to bring some truths behind the corona outbreak.

With the Moon being in the dual sign of Virgo, the house of Mercury, there would be a constant war between our mental and emotional side. However we would be guided by the Full Moon to grow around the situation we are currently in.

This Full Moon in Virgo also emphasizes our creative side. Use the lockdown situation to improve your creative skills in a more positive way with the limited resources available around.


Sun Transits Aries –(April 13 – May 14)

On the 13th of April, the Sun transits from the house of Pisces to the house of Aries. In Aries, the Sun is exalted. It would be here for the next one month period till the 14th of May. The Sun entering the zodiac sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac system signifies a new beginning or a fresh start.

For the first half of April, the Sun would be transiting the last zodiac sign of Pisces. This would help us to wind up projects or things that are currently on the anvil to make way for new ideas and ventures.

The Sun in Aries gets the aspect of Mars from Capricorn alone during this transit. This would give us the energy and the commitment to concentrate on our works. However, the Sun is situated between Mercury in Pisces and Venus in Taurus on either sides. This asks us to start innovative works for the time. This combination of planets in nearby houses makes us to stay humble, aware of the situation around and be adaptive and helpful to those in dire need of help or consolation.

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New Moon in Aries- April 22

The waning Moon of April gets into exact conjunction with the other luminary, the Sun which is Exalted in the house of Aries on the 22nd of April at 10 degrees. This is the New Moon for April. Usually around all new Moons our energy would be exhausted and we might feel a bit deflated. This is a time to stop, lay low and wait for positive feelers around.

The house of this Full Moon, Aries is ruled by Mars, the fiery planet. The house is presently aspected by its ruler Mars as well. Mars rules over all types of medical conditions and the treatments involved. This particular period emphasizes healing of sorts , both mental and physical. Something much needed during these tough times the world is going through. The New Moon guides us towards effectively using our inner stored energy in critical times.


Mercury Transits Aries –(April 24 – May 8)

Mercury loitering in the zodiac house of Pisces for most of April, moves over to the adjacent house of Aries on the 24th of April. This brings about a new sprout of hope and energy. Around this time, the Moon joins Venus in Taurus and this inspires us to forge ahead despite tough times around.

In Aries, Mercury has the companionship of the Sun. Though Mercury and Mars are not generally known to get along well, this time would help us to meet some of our short term goals, thanks to Mars, the ruler of Aries providing us with the requisite energy. When Mercury is controlled by the energy of Mars, the results would be quite great, and this applies to our communications and relationship goals for the period.


Venus in Taurus – (March 28 – July 31)

Venus entered its own house of Taurus during the last days of March 2020 and would be here for another four months. During these days it would be visible in the western sky after sunset after which it would be obscured by the Sun, only to emerge as the morning star in the eastern sky.

Though the combination of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter together in the earthy sign of Capricorn is quite intimidating to us for now, we can bank on Venus in Taurus for some positive hopes. However do note that our moods might get affected by the changing phases of the Moon.

Venus rules over our relationships, sensual needs and materialistic comforts. With the lockdown in most parts of the world, Venus in Taurus guides us towards acknowledging the good relationships with have and the material resources we are blessed with . This is also a good time to share our resources with the needy ones.


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