Planetary Influences - June 2020

Venus- Sun Conjunction - June 3

At this juncture, Venus one of the nearest planet to the Sun is slowing transforming itself. Venus posited in its own house of Taurus gets into an exact conjunction (0 deg) also called as combustion with the Sun at 20 degrees Taurus. Venus is also aspected by Mars from Aquarius in this period. This fiery aspect might affect our relationships and social life in the days ahead. Perhaps the present hard times can be attributed to the same.

Venus in Taurus, along with Rahu or the Moon’s North Node teaches us to how to stay safe and communicate safely in these tough times. However the Sun representing authority has the power to drown down the influence of the voice of Venus, in other words the common man’s voice.

The aspect of Mars on Venus brings about a sense of aggressiveness around among the masses, but then Venus has the diplomacy to handle tough situations and bring about peace when much needed.


Full Moon in Scorpio- June 5 (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse)

The waxing Moon during the start of June gets full at 22 degrees Scorpio. At the same time the other luminary Sun would be at 22 degrees Taurus, and both the luminaries are so close to the nodal axis that an eclipse is created. And this penumbral lunar eclipse would be visible in Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia, however the Americas would be missing the same.

In general, Eclipses are said to be major astrological or astronomical events that temporarily shut down the light that falls on the earth and are said to forebode unexpected events in mundane affairs. Though Full Moons are said to have positive vibes and are related to growth, this Full Moon has all the wrong connotations associated with it.

Moon in Scorpio is said to be debilitated and this weakens the Moon further. Then as it wanes and moves to the adjacent house of Sagittarius it participates in the solar eclipse due on the 21st of June. This is a time when our energy levels go down, the inner light gets dwindled and we are left to scramble around for strength and support. Lay low and wait patiently for the effects of this eclipse to go off.


Sun Transits Gemini-( June 14 – July 15)

The Sun in Taurus from the start of June, transits to the adjacent house of Gemini on the 14th of June. Here it is joined by Mercury, in its own house. The Sun stays in Gemini till the 15th of July. The Sun in Gemini is aspected by the fiery Mars as well and hence look out for some heated atmosphere around.

Gemini is an airy sign and it would not be able to douse the fiery aspect of Mars on Sun in Gemini. The Sun in Gemini emphasizes how we communicate and exchange our ideas on a broader sense. With Rahu or the Moon’s North Node also posited in Gemini, we would not be able to express ourselves much freely around this time. Look out for some help from Mercury though. .


Mercury Retrograde in Gemini-( June 17 – July 11)

Mercury in Gemini goes retrograde on the 17th of June. It takes place at 21 degrees Gemini. Do note that Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are already in retrograde motion now. Mercury retrograde has the potential to disrupt our communications and social life, what worse can you ask for now, with the pandemic doing its round across the globe.

The effect of this Mercury retrograde would be more pronounced with the eclipse season around as well. During the retrograde period, stay away from starting new ventures and signing important documents. The planets advise us to lay low and stick to our routine works till Mercury goes direct.


Mars Transits Pisces-( June 18 – August 16)

Mars transiting in the house of Aquarius moves over to the neighbouring house of Pisces, a watery sign on the 18th of June. Mars is a powerful fiery planet that gives power to the house where it is placed. It is aggressive and at the same time, protective as well.

In Pisces, Mars is in a friendly atmosphere, however it does not mean that there are no more troubles. Mars through the house of Jupiter however guides us in swimming through tough environment.

From Pisces, Mars would be aspecting the houses of Gemini, Virgo and Libra. This guides us in making important changes in our lives and helps us to achieve good health and a stable atmosphere around.


New Moon in Gemini -(Annular Solar Eclipse)- June 21

The Full Moon of June 5th, starts to wane and joins the other luminary Sun at 6 degrees in Gemini to form the New Moon of the month. This also forms the annular solar eclipse. This is an eclipse similar to the one that happened during the last few days of year 2019. Do note that this solar eclipse was instrumental in triggering the present viral pandemic.

Let us hope that this solar eclipse would bring about a major change with regard to the present turmoil the whole world is going through. The solar eclipse asks us to get out of the pandemonium we caused on ourselves and find a new world order. .


Venus Resumes Direct Motion- June 25

Venus transiting through its own house of Taurus and being in a retrograde motion goes direct at 12 degrees on the 25th of June. Some time later, Venus would regain its status as an evening star and would be visible during the late hours of the day.

Venus turning direct gets rid of our individual passions and brings about social works to the fore. We would be able to strike a good balance between our individual needs and the needs of the society at large. It helps to maintain peace and harmony with a tense environment around. Venus would be in Taurus till the 31st of July when it transits to Gemini.

Venus in the earthy sign of Taurus is a good time to plant some seeds, on both physical and mental levels. A period that supports the nourishment of relationships and brings about stability. We would be able to handle imbalances as well around us. Our creative pursuits would also be highlighted for the period.


Retrograde Jupiter Returns to Sagittarius- June 29

On the 29th of June, Retrograding Jupiter transits to its own house of Sagittarius, where it would be stay put till mid-September. Then it would go direct.

Jupiter in Sagittarius would be apecting the signs of Aries, Gemini and Leo during this retrograde season. Jupiter in its own house of Sagittarius is very powerful and would bring about some positive changes around, be patient. This is despite the hard aspects of Saturn around.

Jupiter in Sagittarius equips us with much knowledge and it guides us to learn some important life lessons during tough times.


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