Retrograde Mars - 2020

In 2020, Mars goes retrograde in the fiery sign of Aries, its hometown from the 9th of September to the 13th of November. When Mars retrogrades our sex life and career would have a turbulent journey. Mars is the ruler of the zodiac house of Aries and its transit through this house in retrograde emphasizes the power transformations in our lives.

Some past life lessons come again just to teach you something more. And your hidden talents would be brought to the fore as Mars retrogrades this season. This is the time to do things more for self.

This retrograde motion of Mars through Aries in September 2020 would be playing with our lives, check out what your zodiac sign has in store...


Aries natives better use this retrograde period of your ruler to channel your inner energy into something more positive. A good time to focus on your life ambitions. Also do go in for charity or social works. Now you would be having the power to start anything that had been out of bounds for quite some time. But then beware of false accusations and wordy duels around. This is not the time to engage in all these silly activities.


This Mars retrograde during September 2020 would be dealing with the inner dreams and aspirations of Taurus folks. Some of your old wounds get healed during these days. Though you have a calm demeanor, this retrograde energy might make you a bit cross with the outside world and this might show your strength indeed.


Being a social animal, you like to make new acquaintances in life. But then this retrograde phase of Mars would be affecting your social life. You would have troubles in friendships and social activities. Communicating with others also gets hindered, but then this is a good time to focus on self and your dreams.


Retrograding Mars transiting the house of Aries would affect the emotional and mental health of Cancer natives. Particularly there might be trouble with paternal relationships and other men in your lives. However this would be a temporary standing for a few months. Things shall straighten out once Mars goes direct.


Mars retrograde in Aries during September 2020, would change the way you view spiritual and academic realms. There would be misunderstandings of sorts with just about anyone in front of you. Major travel plans and lifestyle changes can be taken during this period, when Mars gives you immense energy for a change.


This Mars retrograde of 2020 in Aries would bring about some major changes in the life of Virgo natives. Some of your past troubles would be now brought to the forefront, use this time as a period of healing. Your energy can be channeled towards positive directions as Mars retrogrades. Beware of financial hurdles en-route for the period. This is also a time when there would be troubles in your love or marriage.


Libra natives might be the most affected by this Mars retrograde in Aries. Troubles might come from all quarters of life. Though you are full of tact and diplomacy, this period might weigh you down. But then this is a time when some of life lessons are to be learnt and you get stronger by the days. This season is a good time to start something new that had been on your mind for quite a long time now.


Scorpio guys might feel the pinch of this Mars retrograde in their workplace. There might be rifts with authorities and peers this season. You might find it quite difficult to accept any changes that come your way now. Frustrations, worries and anxieties bother your spirits. Health might also take a beating, lay low, for the next two months.


An old flame or an Ex might bounce back into your life now as Mars goes retrograde. Be cautious, do not yield to the temptations. Some of life's romantic and sensuous moments are now in store, be careful though. There might be some domestic upheavals during the period, wait for Mars to go direct when things get sorted out amicably.


This Mars retrograde in the zodiac house of Aries, being its own sign, would give you quite a hard time in life. Your energy levels would be intense and there might be no break from work for now. There would be troubles galore in both personal and professional areas. Take life in its stride, handle problems one at a time. Of course, this season makes you more rigid and grounded.


The communicative vibes of Aquarius would be thrown out to the winds when Mars goes retrograde this 2020 in its own house of Aries. Domestic misunderstandings abound now. This is a good time to pursue some academic works that have been long in the back burner. You can rev up your communication skills too..


During the Mars retrograde phase of 2020, Pisces natives would feel a financial pinch on their ambitions. Be cautious of your financial moves, this is not a time splurge, instead save some for the rainy days ahead. Also health needs utmost care for now. This is indeed a good time to start something new, pursue a new hobby, attend the new course you always yearned, or just start a new family..