Planetary Influences - October 2020

Full Moon in Pisces- October 1

The waxing Moon of September 2020 grows full on the 1st of October in the zodiac house of Pisces which happens to be the abode of Jupiter or Guru. As the Moon gets full, the Sun would be at 15 degrees Virgo in direct opposition.

During this full Moon, the planets Ketu, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are in their own houses, the Moon is in dignity in Pisces and Rahu and Mercury are also in friendly signs. This would bring some hope and happiness in our lives.

The ruler of Pisces, namely Jupiter has recently gone direct and this urges us to explore the possibility of a stable atmosphere around as a new Moon cycle starts. The light of the Full Moon can be utilized for some positive actions. There would be a better perspective of our future for now.


Retrograde Mars enters Pisces- October 4

Mars would be retrograding from the 10th of September to the 14th of November. During this period it would be in its own sign of Aries and then would return back to Pisces, the house of Jupiter. This transit of Mars indicates great strength as it implies the move from the start of the zodiac to the end of the zodiac cycle. Mars would go direct on the 23rd of December, 2020.

Mars, the fiery planet stands for aggression , courage and a decisive stand. However when it retrogrades it brings about a sense of indecision and doubt around. Retrograde Mars in the house of Pisces would be aspected by Sun from Virgo and Saturn from the house of Capricorn. This might make you think that you are going in circles. Mars would be transiting through Pisces till the 14th of November. This would be a time that shifts our old thoughts and action plans as to how we deal with our resources.


Mercury Retrograde in Libra-( October 14 – November 3)

Mercury would go retrograde on the 14th of October and this happens to be the third and final retrograde phase for the year 2020. The first one occurred between February and March, the second phase between June and July and this retrograde phase would go on till the 3rd of November. This phase is anticipated to restore lost communications and relationships.

Do note that the US Presidential elections are scheduled for the 3rd of November, just when Mercury would be winding up its retrograde motion. Hence this would a serious thing to watch out for and is likely to bring about some major upheaval in world political circles.

Mercury is all about communicating and learning. As it retrogrades you would see some slackened performance in these areas. Any impulsive act would result in vain. Watch out as Mercury retrogrades in Libra, the house that rules over political circles. During this retrograde phase, Libra would be aspected by Mars from Pisces and Saturn from Capricorn. Any sort of misinformation around this time is surely possible. There might be some impulsive acts on our part which ought to be curbed. Though the truth would be hidden for now, Jupiter would bring it to the fore once Mercury goes direct.


New Moon in Virgo- October 16

The Full Moon of October 1st in the zodiac house of Pisces starts to wane and gets New on the 16th of October in the house of Virgo. A few days before, on the 13th it would be joining Venus in the eastern sky. Both the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon would be joining together in the last degree of Virgo on the 16th.

The New Moon in the house of Virgo indicates that we ought to make some corrections with the way we handle our finances, health and academic pursuits. The house Lord of Virgo, namely Mercury would be currently retrograde and this would ask for some editing in our moves. Some of your discarded ideas would get a new revamp now during this New Moon time.

One thing to notice here is that this New Moon occurs on the border between Virgo and Libra. This reminds us of the instability of our lives here on planet earth. Some betterment can be expected around this New Moon as Mercury, the Lord of Virgo is in Libra and Venus is posited in the house of Leo. As these are the neighbouring houses of Virgo, creative energy would be brought to the fore and would be reset for the aspiring ones.


Sun in Libra –(October 16 – November 15)

The Sun in Virgo as the month of October starts, transits to the adjacent house of Libra on the 16th of October. Here the Sun is said to be debilitated. On this day, the Moon would also be in Libra around the sunset time. The Sun would be in Libra, the airy sign ruled over by Venus till the middle of November.

In addition to be debilitated, the Sun in Libra would be aspected by the malefic planets of Mars and Saturn. Though the Sun represents our individual identity, it being in the house of Venus asks for a societal commitment on our part during this stint.

An important point to note here is that the US elections are due just when the Sun is in debilitation. During this time, retrograde Mars in Pisces would be draining our energy and bringing in confusion of sorts. Saturn would also be aspecting the Sun and asking it to look at the larger picture of the society rather than resorting to individual likes.

While the Sun is in Libra, Venus the ruler of Libra would be in the house of Sun, namely, Leo. This is called an exchange of signs and it would boost both the planets’ energy levels. This would be a good time to spend with friends and pursue your creative skills when our morale would be high.


Venus Transits Virgo-( October 23 – November 15)

Venus in Leo transits to the adjacent house of Virgo on the 23rd of October. In Virgo, Venus is said to be debilitated. However its stint in Virgo would be very short and it exits on the 15th of November.

Virgo is the abode of Mercury which is under retrograde motion now in the neighbouring house of Libra. This is a time for some major decision making tasks, negotiations and political revamps. And Rahu’s aspect on Venus in Virgo would bring about some unpredictable behaviour in us.

Venus in Virgo would also be aspected by Mars in Pisces and this happens to be a direct opposition. This aspect is a hard one between the planets of love and marriage and is sure to bring about some fierce fights in our personal relationships. Add to this Mars being retrograde would mean still intense power struggles.


Full Moon in Aries- October 31

This is the second full Moon in October 2020 and is termed as a Blue Moon. This also happens to be Halloween’s day. The Sun would be in Libra at 15 degrees and the Moon would be in opposition at 15 degrees of Aries. They are posited respectively in the houses of Venus and Mars while these two planets are themselves in direct opposition during the period.

Do note that during this full Moon, the Sun is debilitated in Libra, Venus is debilitated in Virgo, and Mercury is retrograding. Be prepared for some powerful moments around. However around this time all the planets are scarcely distributed across the zodiac circle without any major associations. This points to a time for a better perspective of our future and a good time to plan for the same without any hindrances and inhibitions.


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