Planetary Influences - August 2020

Jupiter and Saturn in Retrograde

Saturn went retrograde on the 25th of January 2020 in its own house of Capricorn and is retrograde for the whole of August 2020. Saturn oscillates between direct and retrograde motions till the start of year 2023 when it enters the adjacent house of Aquarius.

Presently Jupiter is in retrograde motion in Sagittarius. For about four months between the middle of May and the middle of September both Jupiter and Saturn are in retrograde.

Retrograde Jupiter usually implies a restriction on the process of growth or development. Saturn retrograding on the other hand indicates an impulsive and reckless quick change. And these effects are manifested mostly in the house of Capricorn now. With both Jupiter and Saturn retrograding in their own signs, we would be drawn back to situations once again we thought had ended or closed. Such a situation happens till the middle of September when Jupiter goes direct and the end of September when Saturn goes direct.

Might we need to get a clue that we would be going in circles and would not be able to come out of the current Corona Virus scare till around that period?? Perhaps a vaccine is in the offing?


Venus Transits Gemini –(August 1 – 31)

Venus in Taurus, transits to the house of Gemini on the 1st of August when it gets into the company of Rahu or the Moon’s North Node there. This is a friendly environment for Venus and with Venus in the house of Mercury , the planet of connection and communication would be just great.

Our creative pursuits would be greatly enhanced as well around this time. However, the opposition of Jupiter, the great teacher from its own house of Sagittarius and being retrograde might throw a spanner in our works. A sort of friction would be found around as Venus and Jupiter are not usually on friendly terms with each other. A sense of despair or lack of hope might follow. The exact opposition of Venus and Jupiter occurs on the 25th of August.

Jupiter in Sagittarius urges us to turn towards our inner self to know life’s truths while Gemini with Venus prompts us to turn to others around. A good balance between the two would go a long way in sailing through the new normal we are into now.


Mercury Transits Cancer –(August 1 – 16)

As the month of August starts, Mercury moves from its house of Gemini to the adjacent house of Cancer. On entering Cancer, Mercury comes into the direct opposition of Saturn retrograding in its own house of Capricorn.

Saturn tends to detach and restrict the communication lines brought open by Mercury. Saturn has the tendency to hold back anything while Mercury makes us open about our learning process. There would be some clashes between these two ideals.

The opposition of Mercury and Saturn would ask for some quick decisions regarding our emotions. There would also be situations when our comfort zones would be tested. Add to this the retrograde motion of Saturn that would bring some past issues to the fore.


Full Moon in Capricorn- August 3

The waxing Moon of August gets full at 18 degrees Capricorn on the 3rd of August. Thus it enters the opposition of Mercury and Sun in Cancer.

Generally the power of the Moon would be great when it is full however its association with the retrograding Saturn would affect the same for now. Our emotions might be oppressed a bit around this day. There might be a loss of hope and positive vibes.

However Moon’s association with Saturn would bring practicality and reality to the fore. This full Moon also highlights the gains a few get thanks to the sacrifice made on a collective stage.


Mars Transits Aries –(August 16 – October 4)

Mars through Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac transits to its own house of Aries on the 16th of August. Mars is a planet of fiery energy and manly power. Mars also gives us the courage to tread through unchartered territory, might give a clue to the present status of the current global pandemic.

The transit of Mars through its own house though gives us the power, also has the energy to bring about greed and selfishness, hence we ought to be quite cautious about the same.

Mars in Aries helps us to find solution for long-pending problems, finding cures, starting new projects and the like. From Aries, Mars would be aspecting the signs of Cancer, Libra and Scorpio, the natives whom would feel the effects much pronounced. However a cautious approach to life would be better these days, as Mars usually drives us towards very impulsive and harsh decisions.


Sun Transits Leo-( August 16 – September 15)

The Sun in Cancer as August starts, transits to its own house of Leo on the 16th of August. The Sun in Leo, is full of strength and provides good light that supports truth and honesty. Nothing dark and treacherous can hide from the strong rays of the Sun these days.

Around this time, the other planets namely, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are also posited in their own signs. This is a very potent time for positive actions. Sun in the house of Leo also helps us to maintain the sense of self and our own inner needs rather than fending to the whims and fancies of others around.


Mercury Transits Leo-( August 16 – September 1)

Mercury in Cancer also enters the house of Leo followed by the Sun on the 16th of August as well, thus getting into combustion. However its stint in Leo is short-lived, as it transits to the adjacent house of Virgo on the first day of September.

With its transit to Leo, Mercury escapes the hard aspects of Saturn from Capricorn. This gives us the much needed energy to pursue our creative likes and move ahead. Mercury would also get some positive vibes from the retrograding Jupiter in Sagittarius. This favors better communication, finances and supports academic pursuits.


New Moon in Leo- August 18

The Full Moon from the start of August starts to wane and gets into conjunction (0 deg) with the Sun at 3 degrees Leo forming the New Moon for the month. And this occurs on the 18th of August.

New Moons usually exhaust our energy levels and this New Moon would weaken our emotional and mental functions. A good advise is to lay low and retrospect on the things to come.

Around the final days of August, the Moon gets debilitated by entering the zodiac house of Scorpio. It also gets into the company of the retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius and retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. Around these times we ought to be careful about our moves and resort to some self-help and personal grooming.


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