Planetary Influences - September 2020

Venus Transits Cancer-( August 31 – September 27)

Venus is the ruler of our social life, relationships and our creative pursuits. Venus in Gemini transits to the adjacent house of Cancer on the 31 st of August. Venus in Cancer would be opposing Saturn or Sani which is currently retrograding in its own house of Capricorn.

This would bring your relationships back to the focus, however growth in this area would be limited. Saturn and Venus are more concerned about collective relationships rather than personal ones. Hence some compromise ought to be made here now.

Venus denotes love and compassion when there is sorrow around. Moon is the ruler of Cancer and is another emotional planet. This gives the gist that compassion and emotions are of most importance in the present day troubles. It guides us towards being concerned about the sufferings around in view of the pandemic. Around this time, Mercury would be transiting the house of Virgo, its own house and this duo would motivate us in our charity and social works.


Full Moon in Aquarius- September 1

The full Moon for September occurs on the 1 st at the zodiac house of Aquarius at 17 degrees. Around this time, the other luminary Sun is posited in 17 degrees Leo. Saturn is the house ruler of Aquarius.

This full Moon increases our anxiety and our need for a great change around. Also lots of delays and hindrances hang around. Hence be cautious, weigh the pros and cons before venturing into something that has risk attached to it.

This full Moon with Mercury and Venus having transited to their positions just a day or so emphasizes some sort of healing around. Add to this the major planets Saturn and Jupiter going direct around the end of September forebodes some major medical breakthrough that is about to help us in tackling with the present day pandemic.


Mercury Transits Virgo –(September 1 – September 21)

Mercury enters its own house of Virgo on the first day of September. Around this time, a couple of planets, namely Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are placed in their own signs. This is something positive and when Moon transits its house of Cancer through the whole of September look for things that add to our strength.

Mercury through its own house signifies much energy, you would have the ability to harvest your past efforts now. Communication would be at its best and you would make a great organiser these days.


Mars Retrograde in Aries-Pisces-( September 10 – November 14)

Mars in its own house of Aries goes retrograde on the 10 th of September. It would be retrograding here till the 4 th of October and then moves to the house of Pisces where it would be retrograde till the 14 th of November when it goes direct.

Retrograde Mars in Aries would be aspected by the benefic Jupiter which helps in better expressing the fiery nature of Mars. Generally Mars in Aries denotes force and an assertive energy. With the retrograde motion there might be some hesitation or caution in our moves.

Mars in Aries has no negative malefic influences around till it enters the house of Pisces. Then it would get the aspects of Saturn which might delay and hinder our forward plans for quite sometime till it gets direct.


Jupiter Direct in Sagittarius - September 13

The retrograde Jupiter goes direct on the 13 th of September, in its own house of Sagittarius. It goes direct at 24 degrees in Sagittarius. This transit of Jupiter through the final degrees of Sagittarius now is a reflection of the same when Jupiter travelled during mid February and mid March of 2020. Hence you can look for clues form that period. Do note that this was the time when the Corona Virus was found out and it was spreading out across the globe like wildfire.

However during this transit, Jupiter would be devoid of obstructive forces around. This direct motion of Jupiter is a benefic position and it helps in expanding our wisdom and knowledge base. The signs of Aries and Leo, the other fiery signs also stand to get benefited by this change of motion of Jupiter. Everything that is honest, and straightforward is supported for now. A good time for your academic pursuits and starting of new ventures as well.


Sun Transits Virgo-( September 16 – October 16)

The luminary Sun in Leo transits to the neighbouring house of Virgo on the 16 th of September and stays there for about a month’s time till the 16 th of October. This entry of Sun into Virgo also marks the start of the Autumn season that starts on the 22 nd of September.

The house ruler of Virgo is Mercury and Virgo is an earthy sign which connects to the ground. This allows us to be a bit grounded, multitasking comes naturally now, and our communications and planning are greatly enhanced as the Sun stays in Virgo. Around this time our spiritual and mental health would be just good.

The Sun with the added energy of Mercury supports some of our health and education related pursuits. We would be quite enthusiastic in this time period when the period can be best utilized to make some major lifestyle changes and a change of habit, of course.


New Moon in Virgo- September 17

As the Sun has entered the house of Virgo, the Moon also enters the same house on the 17 th of September where they meet at 1 degree of Virgo.

It is said that when the conjunction of planets takes place at the juncture of two signs a sense of instability would be found around. A good reflection of the present day troubled time we are through , thanks to the corona virus doing its rounds.

The luminaries in conjunction in the earthy sign of Virgo marks the harvest season, when the fruits of the lobor of the previous seasons would be harvested and enjoyed.

Usually New Moons drain the energy, hence it would be a good time to rest for a while, reflect on our standing and find out where we are vulnerable or which areas of our life need a revamp.


Mercury Transits Libra-( September 22 – November 27)

Mercury in its own sign of Virgo transits to the house of Libra on the 22 nd of September just when the Autumn season starts. Mercury would be spending time till the 27 th of November in Libra. Mercury would be increasing it speed of rotation preparing for a retrograde season that starts around the middle of October. Mercury would be retrograding between the 14 th of October and the 3 rd of November, and this happens to be the last phase of retrograde in year 2020.

Mercury rules over communications, analysis, learning and the way we connect with people. While in Libra, Mercury would be aspected by its friend Saturn from Capricorn. This helps to bring a good balance in our works where Mercury pushes us towards a more enthusiastic approach while Saturn tends to slow us down and brings the practical restrictions to focus.


Saturn Resumes Direct Motion in Capricorn - September 29

Retrograding Saturn in its own house of Capricorn goes direct on the 29 th of September at 2 degrees. This brings about some stability around with we having experienced some tough times till date. Saturn would continue to aspect Pisces, Cancer and Libra by its aspects. Though things might seem to slog down, there would be a constant pace when our target can be reached but after some delays and hindrances.

The direct motion of Saturn helps us to lay some strong foundations for some of our plans that had become quite obsolete in the past days thanks to Saturn being retrograde. This is a good time for introspection, a better perspective of our future would be in sight, just pace ahead with the resources you have at hand rather than worrying about the bird in the bush.


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