Planetary Influences - December 2020

Venus Transits Scorpio –(December 10 – January 3)

Venus in Libra as December started moves over to the neighbouring house of Scorpio on the 10th of December and stays there till the 3rd of January 2021. Venus in Scorpio, the secretive sign seems to be a murky travel.

Venus rules over our relationships and creative pursuits. Scorpio is all about delving into the inner secrets of life. It is all about precisions and careful examination and being critical. Venus denotes a diplomatic trend and its position in Scorpio would be rather bizarre where some hard truths might be brought out to the fore.

Venus in Scorpio is a good time to pursue our creative ventures. Some of our deep inner desires can be done now. All ground work for future plans can be made. You would find better social connections. Also a time that helps you to listen to your own inner self.


New Moon- Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio- December 14

The luminaries Sun and Moon get into perfect conjunction (0 deg) on the 14th of December forming the New Moon for the Month. They join at 29 degrees Scorpio and this also marks the solar eclipse. This would be a total solar eclipse as this conjunction is so close to the Node at 26 degrees Scorpio. The solar eclipse is visible in most parts of South Africa and South America.

Generally, eclipses tend to trigger certain major personal and societal events. Do note that if there are planetary placements in your natal chart close to this eclipse degree then you are in for major upheaval in life.

But it is not that eclipses are always spooky and have a bad potent energy. It helps us to delve deeply into something that was hitherto hidden from light.

During this solar eclipse, the Moon ruling over emotions obscures the Sun which is all about individual and self and this occurs in the sign of Scorpio. This eclipses guides us towards leaving away greater achievements and lofty aims and instead focus on the inner roots or very foundations of our lives that need a major revamp in present situations .


Sun Transits Sagittarius-( December 15 – January 15)

Sun in Scorpio from mid- November transits to the house of Sagittarius on the 15th of December and would stay here till the 15th of January 2021. Once the Sun moves to the sign of Sagittarius, the winter solstice occurs on the 21st of December, being the shortest day of the year.

Transiting Sun in the house of Jupiter, has the company of Saturn. Hence its effect would be restricted and its light hindered to a certain extent. Sun in Sagittarius usually brings about the feeling that whatever earlier thought to be wrong was actually correct, hence this is a cautious time. The Sun in Sagittarius is a positive position. This would give us a better positive perspective of our life in the year ahead.


Mercury Transits Sagittarius –(December 16 – January 4)

With the Sun already having entered the zodiac house of Sagittarius, Mercury also enters the same house on the 16th of December and would be here till the 4th of January, 2021. On the 20th of December, Mercury gets into exact conjunction (0 deg) with the Sun and then zips ahead of the luminary.

Mercury in Sagittarius helps us to plan ahead for our future, improve our living situations and our learning modes. However there might be some restrictions, due to the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction (0 deg) shortly due in the house of Sagittarius. This might bring our plans to a standstill though. And might cause frustration with Mercury herein, however it is best advised to lay low around the conjunction and check if our roots are strong enough for the turmoils ahead.


Jupiter- Saturn Conjunction- December 21, 2020

On December 21, 2020, the outer planets Jupiter and Saturn get into exact conjunction (0 deg) at 6 degrees in the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter is said to be debilitated in Capricorn. Jupiter is all about positive energy, education, teaching and children. It is the ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces. Saturn denotes all types of pressures and hardships in life. It is the ruler of Capricorn, where this conjunction takes place. It restricts our pursuits and teaches patience and perseverance. As Jupiter is faster than Saturn in its orbit, this Saturn-Jupiter conjunction (0 deg) takes place once in 20 years.

This conjunction guides us to re-evaluate our plans for growth and future. Also the cycle of birth and death would be better understood by us these days.


Mars Transits Aries-( December 23 – February 21)

Mars transiting the house of Pisces transits to Aries on the 23rd of December, marking the beginning of yet another cycle in life. On either side of Aries are posited Mercury in the watery sign of Pisces and Ketu or the Moon’s South Node in Taurus.

This is the third time that Mars is transiting from Pisces to Aries during this season, thanks to its retrograde motion. Mars is all about power, aggressiveness and anger. There was a dispersal of power when Mars was posited in the house of Pisces. It was also restricted thanks to the aspect of Saturn from Capricorn.

In Aries, Mars being in its own homestead is all about courage , inspiration and the resolution. This indicates that closing of some old lifestyles and the starting of new ones. In Aries, Mars gets all the freedom it wants thanks to no major planetary aspects, however there might be some fetters thanks to the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn around.


Full Moon in Gemini- December 29

The New Moon of December 14th, continues to wax and gets full on the 29th of December, just as the year is about to end. This occurs in the zodiac house of Gemini where the Moon would be in opposition to Mercury the ruler of Gemini and the Sun in Sagittarius.

The New Moon is a good time to focus on the New Year ahead and start to organise things around. There are no negative energies around. The Sun would be at 15 degrees Sagittarius and the Moon at Gemini 15 degrees forming an opposition (180 deg).

This full Moon is a great time to clean our personal and professional lives and to make amends to our paths. Lay low and approach life with patience and caution though. A great year lies ahead.

Hope the planetary influences for the ensuing year would be just great for our health and well being.