Planetary Influences - November 2019

Jupiter Enters Sagittarius - November 4

Jupiter which has been transiting the zodiac sign of Scorpio from October 11, 2018 enters its own house of Sagittarius on the 4th of November. That is, it transits from a watery sign to a fiery sign and this calls for much effort to overcome difficult situations around us. On the 29th of March 2019, Jupiter entered Sagittarius from Scorpio. Then it went retrograde and re-entered the house of Scorpio once again on the 23rd of April and has been stay put there for the past 6 months or so. It went direct on the 18th of August.

Jupiter in Scorpio was perhaps a tough placement for many of us. There was chaos and difficulties around. However now with Jupiter entering its own home town there would be stability and a good atmosphere fro growth and development.

In Sagittarius, Venus joins Jupiter and an exact conjunction (0 deg) is due on the 24th of November. Jupiter would be exiting Sagittarius to Capricorn for a retrograde motion in March 2020. The next major transit of Jupiter to Capricorn takes place on the 19th of November 2020.

Another point to note over this transit of Jupiter is that it moves rather quickly after the transit. It would be loaded with much energy that make us quite impulsive, hence be cautious. Areas ruled by Jupiter like children, finances and education should be dealt with cautiously. A sense of insecurity and instability follows despite Jupiter in its own house till January 2020, when Saturn moves out of Sagittarius.

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Retrograde Mercury Enters Libra - November 7

Mercury goes into retrograde motion on the 31st of October in the zodiac sign of Scorpio at 4 degrees. It enters the sign of Libra on the 7th of November. Then on the 11th of November there would be an exact conjunction (0 deg) of the retrograde Mercury with the Sun which is presently in the zodiac sign of Libra. As Mercury gets combust, there would be some troubles with communications being ruled over by Mercury. However around the 18th of November there would be much space between the Sun and Mercury and hence it gets out of combustion. Then we would be able to exercise our analytical and communicative skills in a more better way.

In Libra, Mercury has the company of Mars as well. Mars and Mercury together in Libra gives a good fillip to our creative pursuits. Mercury would be retrograding for the first three weeks of November. This is a time when natives are asked to remain patient. A good time to slow down on your endeavours and double check your moves. Your energy levels vary and you would be quite frenetic occasionally. Do some reworks or repairs for the period.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio - November 2019

Mars Transits Libra - (November 10 - December 25)

Mars in Virgo enters the sign of Libra on the 10th of November. In Virgo, Mars was under the aspect of Saturn creating a tense atmosphere around. In Libra, Mars has the company of Mercury as well that makes the period quite productive enough. As Mars transits Libra, there would be an exchange of signs with Venus which is currently transiting the zodiac house of Scorpio that belongs to Mars.

As Mars spends the last ten days of November with Mercury that had turned direct by then, there would be much energy levels on the table. Your current ventures would get a good boost for now thanks to these planetary placements. Mars in Libra, makes this an ideal time for socialising. Use this placement for networking with people around.

Full Moon in Aries - November 12

The Full Moon for November occurs on the 12th of November at 26 degrees Aries when the Sun is positioned in the opposite sign of Libra where it is in the company of Mars and Mercury. This Full Moon takes place when Mars and Venus are in an exchange of signs. Hence this would be a good time to strengthen relationships and to hone up your creative skills and pursuits.

The full Moon is a great time for a perspective approach to our lives. As the Moon is devoid of any planets around, this would be a period of good inspiration. You can calmly reflect on your inner self, examine your current course of action and then move forward with renewed energy.

Sun Transits Scorpio - (November 16 - December 16)

The Sun transits from the zodiac sign of Libra into Mars’s house of Scorpio on the 16th of November. This brings about truth or honesty to the fore. A sense of clarity prevails around. With this transit, the Sun has also come out of the aspect of Rahu, or the Moon’s North Node.

The Sun is jammed between Mars in Libra and Ketu or the Moon’s South Node in Sagittarius. Hence this would be an ideal period for some reflection of your life. You can plan to make amends with some of your lifestyle issues, health regiments or career woes so that it is fruitful for you in the long run ahead.

The Sun transiting Scorpio would be an ideal time for some meditations, cleaning on a physical or mental level, getting rid of some bad habits and the like.

Mercury Goes Direct - November 20

The retrograding Mercury in Libra stops for a while and resumes its direct motion on the 20th of November at 18 degrees Libra. However the shadow period of Mercury retrograde lasts for about a week’s time. Hence wait for this time to end, before you venture with your routine works.

The next retrograde phase of Mercury is due in February 2020 only. Till then we don’t see any other planet retrograding around . Hence use this period to make changes with your communications and professional works. Till the next retrograde period, Mercury would be traversing about half a dozen houses and would be meeting Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon and Sun en-route.

Jupiter which recently turned direct is already travelling in a high speed and now Mercury also joins the bandwagon. Hence natives are advised not to blindly rush in, rather slow down and be cautious. This would be a good time to focus on the intricacies of relationships, socialising and academic pursuits.

Venus Transits Sagittarius - ( November 21 - December 15)

Venus, which is now visible in the western sky as the evening star, transits from the zodiac house of Scorpio to Sagittarius on the 21st of November. Sagittarius, being a fiery sign is the home of Jupiter, and Venus is not generally comfortable in Sagittarius.

Venus stands for relationships and with Jupiter in its own house, any sort of dishonesty would be dealt with severely. This is a time for truth and joy and contentment in life. Jupiter and Venus together indicate a sense of positive energy around which foretells love and creativity. This placement of Venus also assures growth in different areas of your life. It wipes off the negative energy brought about by Saturn.

In Sagittarius, Venus has a series of conjunctions to follow. It gets in conjunction (0 deg) with Jupiter on the 24th of November at 5 degrees Sagittarius. Then it gets into conjunction with Saturn in December. Venus in Sagittarius is time for some spring cleaning, refreshing relationships and new learning.

New Moon in Scorpio - November 26

The luminaries Sun and the Moon conjoin on the 26th of November at 10 degrees of Scorpio forming the New Moon for November 2019. This is quite a vulnerable period as always it is during New Moon days. Hence this would be an apt time for some rest and rejuvenation.

Scorpio is the dominion of Saturn and the combination of Moon and Sun here is quite troublesome as Moon is debilitated in Scorpio. However Moon would be influenced by Saturn, the Sun and Mars and they aid Moon in a positive sense. This New Moon would be a time when we are asked to pause for some time, as some major transformations are on the way. Complete detachment from relationships are not advised and also natives are advised to handle their finances cautiously. A balanced approach to life would be much appreciated till the start of the new year.