Planetary Influences - June 2019

Mercury Transits Gemini - (June 1 - 20)

On June 1st, Mercury travelling in the zodiac house of Taurus transits to its home base of Gemini. This brings about a cheerful and strong environment around with Mars and Rahu (Moon’s North Node) already in Gemini. This combination is in exact opposition (180 deg) to the conjunction of Saturn and Ketu or the Moon’s South Node in Sagittarius.

The combination of Mars, Mercury and the North Node in Gemini favors the sprouting of great ideas. This energy-packed period can be used to do great things. However caution is to be exercised as mistakes are more likely in this time. Be realistic with your goals and stay within your realms or means for now.

New Moon in Taurus - June 3

On June 3rd, the luminaries -Sun and the Moon join together at 19 degrees in the zodiac sign of Taurus forming the New Moon for the month of June. The ruler of Taurus namely, Venus is in Aries now and would be transiting to its sign of Taurus the next day on June 4th. The New Moon is a time which exposes our limitations, makes us insecure as we enter new environment.

Taurus is a fixed sign, indicates stability and this period helps us to stay grounded. We would be urged to get a secure spot for ourselves. The New Moon calls for better personal commitments as well.

Venus Transits Taurus – (June 4 – 28)

Venus in Aries transits to its own sign of Taurus on June 4th and stays here till June 28th, after which it transits to the neighbouring house of Gemini. Venus in its own house helps us to find comfort among challenging situations around.

In the house of Taurus, Venus would be joining with the Sun which stays here till the 15th of June. This is a tough time with the Sun ruling the roost, but as Venus and Sun are not so nearby, an exact combustion does not take place. The situation around advises us to stick to our foundations, have a healthy personal life and relationships and channel our energies towards creative pursuits rather than scorching under the bright Sun.

Sun Transits Gemini – (June 15 – July 16)

The Sun in Taurus, transits to the house of Gemini on June 15th and stays there for about a month’s time till the middle of July. Gemini is ruled over by Mercury. The Sun in Gemini gets ready for the eclipses due in July.

The Sun in Gemini is a good placement. This time can be best utilized to learn and get clarity about the situations around and how we are going to handle them. The Sun helps us to take wise decisions. But when the eclipses set in, our decisive knowledge weakens. Hence this would be a good time for make certain long-term decisions.

Full Moon in Sagittarius - June 17

The New Moon of June 3rd starts to wax and gets full at 2 degrees in the zodiac house of Sagittarius. Here the Moon is in the company of Saturn and Ketu, the Moon’s South node. The Moon is opposition (180 deg) to the Sun in Gemini where it has the company of Mercury, Mars, and Rahu or the Moon’s North Node.

We are close to two eclipses around in July- a Total solar eclipse on July 2nd and a Partial lunar eclipse on July 16th. The Full Moon makes us very emotional and sensitive for the period. The Saturn - Ketu duo combination might cause hurts, and moments of disappointments at times, be careful.

With the ruler of Sagittarius namely, Jupiter retrograding now, with Saturn also in retrograde motion and with the opposition of the luminaries – the Sun and the Moon, there might be an emotional imbalance around. Chaos rules around you, do not act hastily, instead remain calm and composed.

Mercury Transits Cancer – (June 20 – August 25)

Mercury in its own of Gemini from the start of the month moves over to the neighbouring house of Cancer on the 20th of June and stays there for a period of more than two months, thanks to a retrograde motion in the sign. Mercury would be retrograding from the 7th of July to the 31st, however we would feel the shadow period, well in advance, somewhere during the late days of June.

There would be much fire around with lots of planets posited in the houses of Sagittarius and Gemini. This would be well-balanced by Mercury in the watery sign of Cancer. It cools down things. Then there would be stability around, patience and firmness are advised on our part. Do not be bogged down by frustrations of sorts.

Mars Transits Cancer – (June 22 – August 8)

Mars in the house of Taurus transits to the zodiac house of Cancer on the 22nd of June. Here it gets across Mercury which goes retrograde next month. In Cancer, Mars has some troubles displaying his full potential due to the influence of the emotional Moon, its Lord. The fiery planet of Mars in a watery sign is a good thing for now.

This is not the time to start long term projects, instead focus on small matters like repairing your house, and mending your physical and spiritual side for now. A good time to tear down bad parts in these areas. Mars and Mercury in Cancer are aspected by the retrograde Jupiter which calls us to slow down a bit in our quick pace as the month progresses.

Venus Transits Gemini – (June 28 – July 23)

Venus transited to the zodiac house of Taurus, its own home during the start of June. Then as the month starts to end, it transits to Gemini on the 28th. By this time, Mercury and Mars have already moves out of Gemini. Venus joins the Sun and Rahu in Gemini.

During the eclipse period of July, Venus stays in Gemini. Venus is a friend of Mercury, the ruler of Gemini. But then the eclipse activity around will make Venus very diminutive in stature . Now is not the time to concentrate on relationships, love affairs and creative pursuits which are all ruled by Venus. Long term relationship decisions need to be taken only after the eclipse effects settle down, probably somewhere in August 2019.