Planetary Influences - April 2019

New Moon in Pisces - April 5

The Full Moon of March 2019, begins to wane and becomes a New Moon in the zodiac house of Pisces at 22 degrees on the 5 th of April where it joins the other luminary Sun. Pisces marks the end of the zodiac cycle and this New Moon helps us to finalize certain things in life that would be helpful in starting a new phase of our lives.

This New Moon at the start of April is a good time to get rid of things that are redundant in our lives and welcome a new chapter. Pisces where this New Moon occurs is ruled over by Jupiter that is in Sagittarius, its own house. This gives strength to Jupiter these days. It gets into the association of Saturn that is already in Sagittarius.

Then the New Moon starts to wax and Jupiter would help in this process. It balances our lives and aids in proper utilization of your resources during the ensuing days.


Jupiter Retrograde - (April 10 - August 11)

Jupiter goes retrograde at 0 degrees Sagittarius on April 10 th, 2019 . During this retrograde phase it enters the zodiac house of Scorpio and stays there till around November first week of 2019. Before the start of the retrograde that is between April 1 and 9 make decisions that are concerned with development and growth. Natives are advised to lay low for the retrograde period of Jupiter as delays and hindrances are predicted.

On April 22 nd , the retrograde Jupiter enters the zodiac house of Scorpio, and this brings about a sense of positive energy around. Actually this position of Jupiter comforts our souls. In the house of Scorpio, Jupiter would be free from the aspects of sAturn and the Moon’s nodes and this brings goodness .


Mercury Enters Pisces - April 11

Mercury had been retrograde in March and turned Direct on March 28 th in the house of Aquarius. During April, Mercury transits the house of Pisces on April 11 th . Mercury in Aquarius was in friendly territory, where Aquarius is ruled over by the planet Saturn. This helped us to innovate and create things without any limitations.

In the house of Pisces, which is ruled over by Jupiter, Mercury gets sniffed of its energy and strength as it gets lost in the vast expanse of its ruler Jupiter’s territory. Mercury’s interest in details gets diluted now during this period. Mercury stays in Pisces till May 3 rd .

Venus would be joining Mercury in the house of Pisces on April 15 th . Venus is exalted in Pisces and this improves the debilitated effect of Mercury to a certain extent.

April is a good period to analyse the larger picture at stake. Things would seem quite tricky till Mercury in the shadow period of retrograde reaches the house of Aries in May. Some inspiration would be got on the go though.


Sun Transits Aries - (April 14 - May 14)

As the planets Mercury and Venus enter the zodiac house of Pisces, the Sun enters the house of Aries, the ruler being the fiery planet of Mars. The Sun is said to be exalted in the house of Aries. And as the Sun transits through the house of Aries, it does not get any malefic influences too, and hence this period brings about clarity and courage for us. It also supports us in initiating new projects or ventures.

The Sun in Aries brings a stable atmosphere around. However, the Sun is aspected by the Retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius and this might bring about mixed results at times. As the Sun loiters in Aries during the second half of April, we better align our action plans with our desires and motives. Health needs utmost care this period and discipline is called for as tough times are forecast during the second half of April.


Venus Enters Pisces - April 15

Venus in Aquarius during the start of April transits to the house of Pisces on April 15th. Here Venus is said to be exalted. The Venus-Mercury combination at Pisces is quite favorable as the combination is energetic in nature. Venus gives the inspiration while Mercury helps us to work better in a clearer atmosphere.

Venus stays in the zodiac house of Pisces till May 10th.The Exaltation of both Venus in Pisces and Sun in Aries brings about harmony in our relationships. The Sun represents the self while the Venus stands for our relationship with ours. Their exaltation together at the same time is a sight to behold. They bring about a good balance between the personal and inter-personal relationships for the period.


Full Moon in Libra - April 19

The waxing Moon reaches its fullness on April 19th at 5 degrees Libra. The Sun is exalted at 5 degrees in the zodiac house of Aries. Both the luminaries are in their full strength now, which gives clarity around and helps us to forge ahead without hindrances.

During this full Moon, Mars is in Taurus, the house of Venus. While Venus is the ruler of Libra where the present full Moon occurs. This implies that the energy or power of Mars is channelled through the creative pursuit of Venus and hence this period enhances our creativity.

As Mercury and Venus stay posited in the house of Pisces when this full Moon occurs, things around seem quite positive. They help the Sun to move forward with strength and fire. Certain shifts can be noticed in our very foundations around this time of the year.


Jupiter enters Scorpio - April 22

Jupiter had entered Sagittarius from the zodiac house of Scorpio on March 29 th . Then it goes retrograde on April 10 th , goes back to Scorpio and then re-enters Scorpio on April 22 nd . Jupiter would be in the house of Scorpio till the first week of November 2019.

This position of Jupiter in Scorpio is quite a good position when the future course of actions are considered. When Jupiter joins the Saturn and Ketu combination in May, periods of instability are forecast.

The rulers of Scorpio are Mars and Ketu, the Moon’s south node. Sagittarius is ruled over by Jupiter. Hence both Jupiter and Ketu are in an exchange of signs these days. And this continues till the start of November. This would be quite a favourable period for major changes and growth in our lives. There is much scope for garnering knowledge. A good time to remain calm and composed and assimilate the things happening around and learning life lessons through them.


Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius - (April 29 - September18)

On the 29 th of April, Saturn goes retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius at 27 degrees. Sagittarius is the house ruler of Jupiter. In Sagittarius, Saturn comes across Ketu, the Moon’s South node which is noted for hindrances and obstacles of sorts in our lives.

The retrograde Saturn continues this journey of reverse motion till the 18 th of September, 2019. Then it goes direct at 20 degrees Sagittarius. The retrograde period of Saturn is a tough period when we could feel pressure around. Difficult paths are forecast ahead, and natives are asked to buckle up. Make this ensuing discomfort the thrill of your life by taking it in a positive spirit.

Unexpected events are forecast, but it prepares us with patience and makes us stronger with time. Jupiter and Ketu are in an exchange of signs during this period. Use this period for spiritual and academic pursuits and charitable deeds. Take responsibility for the things that happen around you, rather than being aloof for the period.


Planetary Influences - April 2019