Planetary Influences - February 2019

Planetary Positions February 2019

January 2019 was quite hectic in an astrological perspective where we witnessed two eclipses. Now as February starts the inner planets start to move away from the houses of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Venus comes out of its conjunction with Jupiter around the end of January on the 30th. However it would continue to rise in the east before the Sun. Venus in Sagittarius makes sure that our relationships are intact. It also gives us the energy and boost to tackle problems at hand during the course of the month.

Jupiter or Guru continues its transit through the house of Scorpio till the end of March 2019. It is well-placed in Scorpio. All through February, Jupiter helps us to garner knowledge and locate places for long-term growth and development.

Rahu and Ketu , the Moon’s North node and South node respectively continue their transits in the houses of Cancer and Capricorn all through this February. Rahu in Cancer would inspire us and give us motherly comfort as well.

Saturn or Shani continues in Sagittarius and starts the month of February at 20 degrees, and waits for the retrograde motion that occurs around the last of April, 2019. Sagittarius is ruled over by Jupiter and hence this would be a good time to look or care about our personal bodies. Saturn would be joined by Venus for most part of February. This would give a diplomatic approach where usually Saturn is known for hindrances and delays of sorts.

New Moon in Capricorn - February 4

The waning Moon leaves the house of Sagittarius where it was with the Saturn- Venus combination and forms the New Moon of the month of February at 22 degrees Capricorn on 4th, February where it joins the other luminary Sun. This Sun-Moon combination is out of range to form another eclipse for the next couple of months’ time.

Mercury is also in the house of Capricorn around this time giving company to the Sun-Moon Duo. Usually a New Moon is a time when our physical and mental energy levels are at their lowest. Hence this would be a good time for rest and recuperation. However Mercury in association with the New Moon might hinder us settling down.

The New Moon occurs in the house of Capricorn and its ruler is Saturn. Saturn is in a neutral position for the time being and is in association with its friend Venus. And they are about 12 houses or signs away from the New Moon. So, it is best advised to follow the flow and let things take their own time to take shape.


Mars Enters Aries - February 5

During January 2019, there was an exchange of houses between Jupiter in Scorpio and Mars in Pisces. Pisces being a watery sign was a stabilizing position for Mars. Now on the 5th of February, 2019, Mars moves over to its home base of Aries. It stays put in Aries till around March 21st. With this Mars stands to aspect Jupiter. Mars in Aries forecasts much productivity on our part, however be ware of the intense energy, force and aggression around.

Mars would be affecting/aspecting the houses of Cancer, Libra and Scorpio from Aries. Particularly the aspect on Rahu or the Moon’s North Node in Cancer would make us lose focus and make mistakes, hence be cautious.

Mars in Aries is quite a strong position with much energy which can be positively utilized for planning and building our lives. But then natives are advised to avoid temper-tantrums and utilize the energy in a more positive sense.


Mercury Transits Aquarius - ( February 6 - 24)

Mercury in Capricorn transits to the zodiac house of Aquarius on the 6th of February and stays there till the 24th of the month. Then it moves over to Pisces to begin the first retrograde cycle for the year 2019.

Mercury in Aquarius is in friendly territory of Saturn and hence our projects and communications are in line. Mercury is usually quite impulsive, howeever it is kept under check by the ruler of Aquarius, namely Saturn during this period. This isnot a period for uhrrying up things.

Rahu or the Moon's North node, another ruler of Aquarius is curently in Cancer. As Rahu is active for some time now, Mercury in combination might bring about some big plans around, but then caution and patience are asked for the whole of February, 2019.


Sun Enters Aquarius - February 12

The Sun transiting Capricorn during January 2019 transits to Aquarius on the 12th of February which happens to be a Wednesday. Thus Sun enters the house of Saturn and is also aspected by Saturn. Here the Sun has to be under the pressure of Saturn for a while. This makes the Sun a bit cold for quite sometime and we might feel less inspired for the time being.

During this time, we can use the energy of Rahu or the Moon's North node currently transiting the house of Cancer. This would be a good time for an inner search and make the necessary adjustments in life. This is also an apt time, to get out of the beaten track and explore new pastures.


Full Moon in Leo- February 19

The waxing Moon becomes full in the house of Leo at 7 degrees where it opposes the Sun in 7 degrees Aquarius on the 19th of February. Here Moon is also aspected by the friendly Mercury and devoid of the malefic aspects of Saturn and Mars. Hence this would be a time for peace, the energy can be put to positive use.

Moon is posited in Leo, which happens to be the home town of Sun. Hence this Full Moon can be a stable time after the harsh eclipse energy we had in January 2019. During the day our forefathers can be remembered and we are also advised o take holy dips if possible.


Venus Enters Capricorn - February 24

Venus in Sagittarius moves over to Capricorn on the 24th of February. It stays there till the 21st of March, 2019. Generally, Capricorn is termed as a rough and cold terrain, but Venus softens and soothes this harsh environment around. In Capricorn, Venus meets Ketu or the Moon’s South Node in Capricorn. This would be a good time to clean things up and prepare for a smooth passage of things around.

Venus in Capricorn gives us the much needed compassion for rejuvenation of relationships and repair of things. Ongoing projects can be continued but can be tweaked a bit for harsh challenges ahead.


Mercury Enters Pisces - February 24

As Venus moves to Aquarius, Mercury its friend moves over to the watery sign of Pisces. Here Mercury is said to be debilitated and aspects Jupiter or Guru posited in the house of Scorpio. Mercury in Pisces would be retrograding between March 5th and 28th when Mercury would be returning back to Aquarius once again.

Mercury entering Pisces would also be aspecting Rahu or the Moon’s North node and this calls us to resort to purification of sorts around. Mercury in Pisces helps us to delve into the arena of knowledge with an analytical bend. With Mercury in Pisces aspecting Jupiter this would also mean growth in the learning process.

Mercury in Pisces would be the best time to absob or put to practice the past lessons learnt. Use this energy of Mercury wisely and plan for the retrograde period that comes around in the next 10 days time when things go haywire as always with Mercury retrograding.


Planetary Influences - February 2019