Planetary Influences - May 2019

Mercury Transits Aries - (May 3 - 18)

Mercury enters the zodiac house of Aries on May 3rd and stays there till May 18th . Before this Mercury had spent a considerable time in the house of Pisces with its retrograde phase. It was debilitated in Pisces, however the effect was minimized by its association with Venus therein.

Aries is a neutral base for Mercury and hence there would be no major malefic or benefic effects. So, for the first half of May, Mercury helps us to continue our projects and would improve our communications and data analysis for now.

As May starts, the planets Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon's nodes ask us for a change and bring about deep themes around. However Mars, Mercury and Venus are well-placed and help us to continue with our routine works unhindered.

New Moon in Aries - May 4

On May 4th, the Moon moves over to the house of Aries where it joins the Exalted Sun at 21 degrees forming the New Moon for the month of May. The Sun in Aries implies a fiery planet in a fiery territory.

Around this time, Venus is well placed in the house of Pisces and aids the Sun, Moon and Mercury loitering in the zodiac house of Aries. Mars is also favorably placed in the neighbouring house of Taurus, aiding these planets.

The energy of a New Moon is that it supports the birth or start of anything new in life. And Aries which happens to be the first sign of the zodiac cycle also implies the driving force. Hence this New Moon helps us to choose a new path or start a new project to our heart's desire.

Later on, on the 7th of May, both the luminaries Sun and Moon are exalted in the houses of Aries and Moon respectively. These houses are ruled over by the masculine Mars and the feminine Venus. This is an auspicious day under Indian astrology and is great to start new ventures. This is termed as "Akshaya Tritya".

Mars Transits Gemini - ( May 6 - June 22)

On May 6th, Mars enters the zodiac house of Gemini where it joins Mercury. Though Mars and Mercury are not really friends they get along easily where a co-ordination between communication and calculation is needed.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and this gives an enthusiasm to Mars which is already loaded with much power to achieve great things in life. This combination helps us to move ahead when the going gets tough.

In Gemini, Mars also gets in contact with Rahu or the Moon's North Node. During this time natives would be forced towards a compulsive behavior. Mercury in Gemini denotes a youthful energy that is full of enthusiasm. However Mars in Gemini asks us to be quite conscious as it is full of energy. Mars also has an impulsive power which might waste energy, hence be cautious.

Mars and the Moonā€™s node together in the house of Gemini might bring about some geological or seismic activity around, be cautious.

Venus Transits Aries - (May 10 - June 3)

As the month of May starts, Venus would be in the final degrees of Pisces, here it is said to be exalted. It reaches its exact exaltation at 27 degrees in Pisces on May 7th, which happens to be Akshaya Triteeya, an auspicious day. Then on May 10th, Venus enters the zodiac house of Aries to join the Sun and Mercury already posited therein. Here Venus would be aspected positively by the retrograde Jupiter as well.

Venus has a cool composure while Aries is a fiery sign. Hence natives are advised to use this period to stay hydrated and connect with nature and water in one way or the other. Also a good time to maintain a calm and cool demeanor and avoid hot talks and situations, thus bringing about peace and warmth around. Venus also brings about some diplomacy in the ventures that we are currently into aided by the energy of Mars and the tactics of Mercury.

Sun Transits Taurus - (May 15 - June 15)

The Sun transits through Aries for the first half of May. This brings about some clarity and purpose in our lives. Then on May 15th, it moves over to the zodiac house of Taurus. This brings about a soft stand on our part, as earlier the Sun in the fiery sign of Aries made us a bit hot in general. However the fiery nature would prevail around as Venus, the lord of Taurus is posited still in Aries.

The Sun in Taurus would be aspected by the retrograde Jupiter from the sign of Scorpio. The watery signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces would get the positive effects of Jupiter till the start of November 2019.

The Sun in Taurus signals growth and building. It brings about our creative energy to the fore. The Sun is in the house of Venus and this asks us to strike a balance between our relationships and the universe at large. Sensual pleasure abounds when the Sun is in Taurus. The Sun also helps us to enjoy the good things in life and to move with a steady pace through our transient lives.

Mercury Transits Taurus - ( May 18 - June 1)

Mercury in Aries, transits to the zodiac sign of Taurus on the 18th of May. Here it joins the Sun where they conjoin exactly on May 21, making it combust.

Usually when planets enter the vicinity of the Sun, their energy levels get minimized, however as Mercury is used to being near the Sun the effects would be quite less intense, but then beware of communication hazards en-route.

Mercury in Taurus would be opposed by the retrograde Jupiter from Scorpio. This would be a good time to pursue academics that have been long put in the back burner. Also get in touch with your teachers or elders who have been instrumental for your growth.

Mercury usually forces us to overdo things, however its position in Taurus helps us to stay grounded for the period. Enjoy and connect with nature too as Taurus happens to be an earthy sign.

Full Moon in Scorpio - May 18

The waxing Moon gets full on May 18th which is a Saturday at 4 degrees Scorpio. It would be in direct opposition (180 deg) to the Sun at 4 degrees Taurus.

Usually Full Moons are stronger in energy, however this full Moon is debilitated in its current position. However this is not to be dreaded though. This can be used as an opportunity for growth.

The Moon in Scorpio gets the company of the retrograde Jupiter therein and together they oppose the Sun and Mercury in the house of Taurus. Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs and bring about stability around. This Full Moon would expose our inner strength and faith that keeps us going despite odds around.

Moon Conjoins Saturn - May 22

The waning Moon of May moves out of Scorpio into the zodiac house of Sagittarius on the 22nd of May wherein it joins Saturn. And this happens at 26 degrees Sagittarius. Jupiter has exited its own sign of Sagittarius and entered Scorpio owing to its retrograde motion and hence Saturn would be alone in Sagittarius.

Hence every month for two days, the Moon passes through Saturn when we ought to find a quiet time for peace and retrospection. A good time to make our mind and soul to accept the transformations taking around us.

The Moon would have entered Sagittarius on May 20 and then on the 23rd it transits to the zodiac sign of Capricorn.