Planetary Influences - January 2019

Venus Enters Scorpio - January 1

Venus in the home town of Libra moves over to the zodiac house of Scorpio on January 1, 2019. Venus stayed quite comfortable in its own house of Libra and now would be moving over to a challenging position in Scorpio where it joins Jupiter. Venus is the planet of connections, relationships and creativity.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars which is quite intense and challenging and hence this might bring about some disturbances for the lovely and diplomatic Venus. On the 29th of January, Venus would be moving to the house of Sagittarius leaving the company of Jupiter and getting into the acquaintance of Saturn.

January 2019 would be an ideal time to delve deeply into our subconscious states. A good time to break the ice in relationships and look out for creative ventures which would be much rewarding. Much learning is on the cards as Venus gets into the association of the great Guru or teacher, namely Jupiter. However be prepared for some discomforts and sufferings en-route.


New Moon - Partial Solar Eclipse in - Sagittarius - January 5/6

The first New Moon of the year 2019 would be a partial solar eclipse that happens on the evening of 5th January. This would be a great event to behold in the 2019 skies. The luminaries Sun and Moon join at 22 degrees Sagittarius for the eclipse to occur. And it would be visible in eastern Asia. The maximum eclipse occurs at around 1:30 am GMT on the 6th of January. In India, the eclipse happens around 7:00 am on the 6th of January.

The eclipse occurs in the zodiac sign Sagittarius ruled over by Jupiter or Guru. Hence this guides us to seek knowledge and deeper understanding of our existence. However our pursuits might be shadowed by the Solar eclipse through the month of January. Saturn’s presence in the eclipse area also tends to hinder our pursuits in life for quite sometime.


Sun Enters Capricorn - January 14

The Sun in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius moves over to the house of Capricorn on the 14th of January. Capricorn is ruled over by the planet Saturn which asks for some caution on our part during this season. It is quite a compromising position for the Sun as it usually does not have cordial relationship with Saturn. Saturn tends to hinder the light flow of Sun. So be prepared for some judgement mistakes and hesitations around.

However this time period can be best used to tap our inner potential and intuition. Look for guidance from around. Lay low and take a humble stand when the environment around is quite confusing and misleading for now.


Mercury Enters Capricorn - January 20

Mercury follows the Sun to enter into the zodiac house of Capricorn on the 20th of January 2019. The combustion of Mercury occurs on the 31st of January. Mercury seems to stay good in Capricorn as its ruler Saturn is its natural friend. Mercury rules over communications and is said to be quite speedy. However the terrain of Capricorn is quite rocky and hence it is best advised to slow down a bit to avoid troubles and mistakes in life, especially for the period ahead.

Mercury traversing the rocky terrain of Capricorn, the home of the mountain goat can be best compared to its retrograde phase. Then it would be a good time to review, revise and re-strategize your plans in life. Use the ensuing obstacles as a learning lesson. Mercury would be entering the next zodiac house of Aquarius during the first week of February.


Full Moon - Total Lunar Eclipse in - Cancer January 20 - 21

During January 20-21 the Moon would be at 7 degrees Cancer and in direct opposition to the Sun at 7 degrees Capricorn forming the first full Moon of the year 2019. This also forms the second eclipse of 2019 which happens to be a Total lunar Eclipse.

The lunar eclipse would be total and would be visible over the whole of North and South America. The Moon posited in its own house of Cancer is quite potent during this eclipse season. The eclipses usually make us blind to the world around us. Hence it is best advised to avoid doing important things for now. This lunar eclipse changes the way we perceive and process information and emotions. Some spiritual inclination can be pursued. Expect certain foundations to be shaken during the month of January thanks to the eclipse pair that occurs during the season.


Venus Enters Sagittarius - January 29

Venus which moved over to Scorpio on the 1st of January hops onto the house of Sagittarius on the 29th. Venus would be spending the most of January with Jupiter in Scorpio which calls for some intense self-exploration for the time being. Between January 21 and 23, Venus would be passing Jupiter in Scorpio, coming into close proximity. Here the two planets would be struggling to express their individual natures.

Venus moving past the Scorpio-Sagittarius border is quite significant. This marks major changes in relationships and creativity. Also a good time for some diplomatic and political moves if the other planetary conditions are favourable. In Sagittarius, Venus would be meeting up with Saturn during the month of February.


Mars in Pisces

Mars which entered the zodiac house of Pisces on the 23rd of December, 2018 continues here till February 5th, 2019. Here Mars and Jupiter are in an exchange of houses. Pisces is a watery sign and Mars is a fiery planet and this makes up a potent combination.

Though Mars is a malefic planet, in the company of Jupiter, it behaves well. It gets some wisdom thanks to its association with the house of Jupiter. Much enriching is on the cards. For the whole of January both Mars and Jupiter are in great strength and have no negative influences on them. Enjoy this period.


Planetary Influences - January 2019