Mercury Retrograde in Leo - July 2019

The second phase of Mercury retrograde in 2019 takes place in July. The following is the sequence of events that Mercury follows before and after the retrograde phase.

• June 4 : Mercury enters the zodiac sign of Cancer

• June 23 : Mercury begins to slowdown

• July 7: Mercury goes retrograde at 4°

Leo 28’ at 11:14 pm Universal Time, 7:14 pm EDT and 4:14 pm PDT.

• July 21: Mercury conjunct the Sun (0 deg)

• July 31 : Mercury goes direct at 23° Cancer 57’ on August 1, 2019 at 3:58 am Universal Time, and on July 31, 11:58 pm EDT and 7:58 pm PDT.

• August 9 : Mercury speeds up

• August 11: Mercury leaves the zodiac sign of Cancer

Mercury Retrograde - July 2019

July 2019 Mercury Retrograde in Leo

Generally Mercury retrograde in Leo affects Rulers across nations, presidents, prime ministers, big companies and men of authority.

This Retrograde phase begins in the watery sign of Cancer and hence people at large who are under the control of authority or rulership get affected and their response matters a lot.

Effects of Mercury retrograde in July 2019

During this period, Mercury will be conjunct with Venus, Sun, Rahu (Moon’s North Node), Mars and directly aspected by Saturn and Ketu (Moon’s South Node).

This will have direct impact on people born in Ascendants and Moon signs of Gemini, Cancer and Sagittarius.

Too many planets influencing Gemini and Sagittarius, will leave them totally disturbed during the Mercury retrograde phase.

During this time, Mercury is also combust due to its close proximity with Sun between 14th and 29th of July 2019. Put logic aside and listen to your heart for a while.

Venus also being Combust can disturb your relationship with the opposite gender.

Mercury Retrograde in Leo

The second period of Mercury retrograde motion in 2019 happens in the zodiac sign of Cancer and Leo. Mercury will be retrograde in Leo, where the Sun and the North Node also resides. This asks us to stop pursuing our routine tasks and focus more on our personality, character and the way we present ourselves to others around.

During this Mercury retrograde phase stay away from acquiring tools, valuable and appliances as they might break down or would be of no use. Be prepared to handle failures of sorts in business, career, communication, transport, contracts and the like. Promises done during this time are usually not met, hence be cautious. Obstacles, delays and hindrances of sorts loom around.

Between July 7 and 31, Mercury retrograde will throw everything out in the air. Particularly Cancer and Leo natives would feel the intense nature of Mercury. They get distracted, slowed down and become less efficient during these days despite the Leo being fiery and the Cancer being very caring.

What does it mean to have Mercury Retrograde in Leo?

When Mercury retrograde happens in the fiery sign of Leo, it stimulates a passionate flow of emotions around. Emotions take the centre stage rather than actions now. Some natives would not like to hog the limelight this period. However you would have a strong sense of self-will and cannot be submissive, you would be more aggressive now.

But then do note that your aggressive nature would meet head-on with similar fiery natured individuals. Your influential nature would be put to test. Rather than venting out your highly-charged energy, you better remain silent and channel you energy for constructive purposes. A good mode would be through artistic pursuits. Be cautious with your financials though for the period.

Word of Advise

If you were born during a Mercury retrograde, then it’s business as usual. If not, try to avoid anything permanent. Stay flexible, detached to outcome, and choose curiosity over certainty every time.

2019 July Mercury Retrograde Effects On The Sun Signs

Gemini and Virgo natives who are ruled by Mercury are more sensitive to Mercury retrograde in general when compared to the rest of the zodiac signs. Also those who have more planets in these two signs stand to get influenced a lot. Also where Gemini and Virgo stand in your natal chart speaks a lot on the effects. Here are the effects of the Mercury retrograde which takes place in July 2019 on the different sun signs or Ascendants.


Mercury is ruler of the of the 3rd and 6th houses of Aries natives. Hence Mercury retrograde stands to affect your relationship and communication with siblings and your health in general.

And this particular Mercury retrograde of July 2019 happens in your 5th house of Leo. The 5th house rules over children, luck and love relationships. This would be a good time for some introspection regarding your love affairs, but do not jump to conclusions or take hasty decisions. Avoid rifts and arguments with partner or spouse these days. Also stay away from speculative deals as they might bring about losses. Communications with children needs a re-think for now. Do not act without thinking over twice.


Mercury rules over your 2nd house of finances and 5th house of children and luck. Hence all mercury retrogrades would be affecting these areas of your life.

And this Mercury retrograde occurs in your 4th house of mother, maternal relationships and domestic welfare. These areas get affected the most during July 2019 as Mercury turns retrograde. Issues related to family and home meet with delays and hindrances. Do not take up home renovations or repairs for now as they might prove a waste of finances later on or might turn a double job. Domestic welfare and happiness stand to get affected. Also land deals meet with impediments. Wait for Mercury to go retrograde to pursue these areas.


Mercury is your ruler and hence it affects the way you present yourself to the world outside, particularly when it goes retrograde. This Mercury retrograde of July 2019 happens in your third house. This is your area of siblings and communication with family members in general.

All sorts of communications get affected during this phase of Mercury retrograde. Try to mend relationship with a sibling that has been running into rough weather of late. Stay away from gossips of sorts. Do double-check your work plans before venturing out. A better advice is to stay put with all your communication essentials till Mercury goes direct in August.


Mercury rules your 3rd house of Virgo and 12th house of Gemini. Areas ruled by these houses get affected when Mercury goes retrograde thrice every year. Communications on the whole get affected a lot during these times for Cancer folks.

The Mercury retrograde of July 2019 takes place in your 2nd house of finances. Hence finances get affected around this time. Financial hitches of sorts arise. This would be a good time to avoid initiating any new financial ventures. Take time to re-budget your finances. Do not go in for loans or similar pursuits. All decisions regarding money need to be put off till Mercury goes direct. A good time to re-think or re-schedule your financial moves for the period ahead.


Mercury rules over your 2nd house of Virgo and your 11th house of Gemini. Areas ruled over by their houses get affected when Mercury goes retrograde. In general your finances and gains in life are controlled and ruled over by Mercury and are in for trouble when it turns retrograde.

The second phase of Mercury retrograde in July 2019 occurs in your first house. This indicates that natives should take care of their personality and their body language. Others around might complain that you are not reaching up to them. Never mind, do retract to yourself for the period as troubles lurk around. Once Mercury turns direct this situation would vanish hence remain status quo. Do not take hasty decisions. Lay low, things turn alright as August 2019 sets in.


Mercury is your house ruler and it rules over your 10th house as well. During all Mercury retrograde phases areas ruled over by these houses take a terrible beating. Your personality, the way you communicate with others around and your career pursuits meet with impediments then.

The Mercury retrograde of July 2019 occurs in your 12th house. This would affect the private life of Virgo natives in general. Your intuition might deceive you. You would be taking all the wrong decisions in life now. Do not judge others, instead keep an eye over false accusations and frauds around. You might reveal some secrets that ought not to be let out for now. This time can be best utilized to keep your mouth shout, re-examine the issues haunting you rather than communicating. Once Mercury turns direct things shall fall into the right track.


For Libra natives, Mercury is the ruler of the 9th and 12th houses. Hence areas ruled over by these houses get affected when Mercury goes retrograde. All sorts of communications, educational pursuits and travel stand to get affected during this time.

This Mercury retrograde of July 2019 happens in your 11th house. This is your area of friendship, hence there would be troubles in the relationship and communication with friends in general. Especially your social life stands to get affected. Some old friends might contact you or come into your fold these days. Do embrace them, there would be no harm. Clear the air around, mend fences, do not talk much, lay low. Your friendship would bloom once again when Mercury turns direct in August 2019.


Mercury is the ruler of the 8th and 11th houses for Scorpio guys. When Mercury goes retrograde , areas ruled over by these houses are affected a lot. Particularly your communication with others and your financial moves might meet with impediments. Friends would be a source of trouble for some.

Your 10th house of Leo happens to be the zodiac house where the second phase of Mercury retrograde in July 2019 occurs. The 10th house stands for career pursuits and this area would be drastically affected for Scorpio natives. Communication with higher-ups and peers would land you in trouble. You would be misunderstood a lot. Postpone major career decisions for now. You would be thinking of relocation or making a job switch, however this is not the apt time for this. Promotions and pay hikes elude you. Major career-related moves can be taken up once Mercury turns direct in its movement around the Sun.


Mercury rules the 7th and the 10th houses of the zodiac cycle for Sagittarius natives. Mercury rules over your communications in general as well. When Mercury goes retrograde your marital relations and your career path get affected a lot.

The Mercury retrograde of July 2019 happens in your 9th house. This affects your travel and higher educational pursuits in general. If you are to travel, be prepared for delays and hindrances of sorts. Double-check you travel plans. You might miss a flight or a train, stay poised. Your plans may go hay-wire. Communication with higher ups in career misfire and might land you in trouble. Hence be cautious with your communications for now and wait for Mercury to go direct. Then things would fall in their respective places.


For Capricorn natives, Mercury rules over the 6th and the 9th houses of the zodiac cycle. Hence when it goes retrograde, areas ruled over by these houses get affected a lot. Especially communications related to travel, legal matters, higher education and career take a beating.

The Mercury retrograde of July 2019 occurs in the 8th house for Sagittarius natives. This is your house of finances and hence troubles abound in this area. Care should be taken over your financial moves, do not take any major initiatives for now. Beware of loans, losses and debts. Romance, sexuality and relationship with partner are in for some misunderstanding these days. Stay calm but steady. Re-budget your finances. Re-examine your life purposes and avoid communicating with partner, spouse, lover or higher-ups till Mercury goes direct. Then the time would be ripe for you to have a word with them. Things will yield fruits too.


For Aquarius natives, Mercury is the ruler of the 5th and the 8th houses. Hence when Mercury goes retrograde these areas would be affected the most. Particularly communications related to love and finance stand to go out of bounds. Stay away from speculative deals as well as they might make you bankrupt.

In July 2019, Mercury begins its second phase of retrograde in the house of Leo, which is your 7th house. The 7th house rules over marital relationships and partnership deals. Troubles abound in these areas. You would find it hard to send your word across. Misunderstanding of sorts arise. For some of you folks, an old partner might come back to the scene. Do not over-react, instead stay cool and composed. Do not get into any sort of partnership deals for now, nor sign any contracts. It would be wise if you could avoid any major marital or career based decisions till August 2019 when Mercury turns direct.


Mercury rules over your 4th and 7th houses of the zodiac chart. Hence the areas ruled over by these stand to get affected when Mercury turns retrograde. In general communication with partner or lover and issues related to home and family get affected.

The Mercury retrograde of July 2019 takes place in your 6th house. The 6th house rules over our health matters. Hence your general would be affected. Also relationship with co-workers stands offended for now. There would be troubles in your work place. Check your moves. Also stick to your health routines even if they meet dead ends. Do not be hasty in taking drastic health moves, instead stay focused, stick to routine and take charge of changes when Mercury turns direct in August 2019.

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