Planetary Influences - August 2019

Mars Transits Leo - (August 8 - September 24)

Mars has been transiting the zodiac house of Cancer for quite sometime now. It was its sign of debilitation and this would have stalled your plans to move ahead in life. You would have encountered delays and hindrances of sorts that brought about a sense of impatience in you. Now on the 8th of August, Mars would be transiting to the zodiac house of Leo being ruled over by the Sun.

For Mars, Leo is a very powerful position. It stays in the house of Leo till the 24th of September. During this time, the Sun would be in Leo and Saturn and Jupiter would be direct in motion. This brings about some transparency around, we would be guided as to how to use our resources effectively in order to move forward or ahead.

The Sun is a natural friend of Mars and Mars would be quite comfortable in Leo. Mars in Leo would give you the power to focus and the energy to keep you going. There would not be much resistance for Mars here. Also Mars would be aspecting its own house of Scorpio with Jupiter therein. This would give us the courage to face the challenges and changes ahead in our lives.

Jupiter Direct in Scorpio - August 11

Jupiter has been retrograding in Scorpio from April 10, 2019. It goes direct at 21 degrees Scorpio on the 11th of August. When Jupiter was retrograde, there would have been a stagnation in our growth and expansion and now after a lull of about four months time, we would be ready for action in a positive sense. Also our financial standing and academic pursuits would be back on track.

Scorpio is a watery sign that is ruled by Mars, a fiery planet. Scorpio is already loaded with the energy of last month eclipses and Jupiter in Scorpio helps us to understand our inner self in a better light. Though Scorpio is a complex environment for many planets, Jupiter thrives well here. Jupiter is direct in the house of Scorpio till the 4th of November 2019 when it moves over to the zodiac house of Sagittarius. Then we would be blessed with myriad opportunities to progress in life.

Jupiter transit effects in 2019

Sun and Venus Conjoin in Cancer - August 14

Venus enters the zodiac house of Cancer on the 14th of August where it meets the Sun posited therein. It gets combust at 28 degrees Cancer with the Sun. Here expect a clash between your individual self ruled by the Sun and relationships ruled over by the planet Venus. The Sun is quite calm and composed when in Cancer.

The Sun-Venus conjunction (0 deg) brings about a make or break situation as far as relationships are concerned for some individuals out there. This Sun-Venus combination reveals the troubles we have in relationships and partnerships. This is a time that asks us to compromise and yet be strong in our ties. For the rest of August, Venus remains combust till around the middle part of September when the Sun and Venus transit to the adjoining house of Leo.

Full Moon in Capricorn - August 15

The Full Moon for the month of August 2019 occurs on the 15th, where the Sun rises in Cancer at 29 degrees and the Moon gets full at 29 degrees Capricorn opposing each other. This full Moon proposes some calm moments after the past month of eclipse energies around.

Add to this full Moon is Jupiter turning direct where we would see new hopes ahead. This would be an apt time to lay foundation for some of our ideas and ambitions. However do note that Saturn might hinder and impede your aspirations, where patience is much appreciated.

This full Moon asks us to lay low and listen to our inner voice before forging ahead.

Venus Transits Leo - (August 16 - September 9)

Venus in Cancer, the abode of the Moon transits to the house of Leo ruled over by the Sun on the 16thof August. It stays here till the 9th of September when it transits to the house of Virgo where it is debilitated. And the Sun is already posited in Leo, its own house. Venus in Leo with Sun indicates that we need to make certain sacrifices in order to satisfy certain power and leadership.

Mercury would also be joining Venus around the last part of August. However the power and aggressiveness of the Sun and Mars together in Leo prevails around this time of the month. Despite the diplomatic efforts put forward by the loving Venus and the communicative Mercury around. The period predicts some flare-ups and conflicts in the vicinity, however we are advised to remain cool and chill despite the harsh hot weather around.

Sun Transits Leo - (August 17 - September 16)

The luminary Sun transits to its own house of Leo on the 17th of August and stays put here till the 16th of September when it moves over to the zodiac house of Virgo. This brings one’s individuality to the fore. Personal issues are to be taken up and this is not a time for relationships and partnership dealings.

The Mars-Sun duo is a potent combination for those who have better planetary placements in Leo or its opposite house of Aquarius. This gives power to natives and opens up hitherto closed channels of forward movement. Though Saturn may play some spoil-sport with our plans, a steady and slow stable path is forecast for the days ahead. New avenues open up much to your surprise these days.

Mercury Transits Leo August 26 - September 10

Mercury also enters the zodiac house of Leo where Mars and Sun are already posited in. It moves past quickly to get into its own sign of Virgo on the 10th of September. And on the 3rd of September, Mercury gets into an exact combustion with the Sun.

A host of planets namely, Mercury, Mars and Venus – the inner planets are in the vicinity of the powerful Sun which focuses all our attention towards areas ruled over by the Sun. If your cause is genuine, then the going would be great. If however you are taken in a different path much to your chagrin, then trouble lurks around.

Mercury under the influence of the luminary Sun asks us to be lay low and stay quiet for the time period. Particularly communications might take a huge beating these days. Focus on your goals, put all your energy into your aspirations and communicate effectively, in order to cross the rough seas.

New Moon in Leo - August 30

On the 30th of August, the Sun and the Moon join together at 12 degrees in Leo. This forms the New Moon for August. This is a day when we are advised to stick to doing minor works, get into light atmosphere and impart on self-worth measures. A good time to look ahead for the waxing period of the Moon in a positive sense.

The New Moon is happening in the house of Leo, which is ruled over by the next luminary, namely, the Sun. Hence this would be a time to look upon our roots, check our foundations in life and look out to see what is blocking our forward movement.

An apt period to forgive and forget the misdeeds done to us, get rid of grudges that we have been holding for long now and remove our selfish motives. This would help us to evolve into beautiful natives in the days to come.