Planetary Influences - July 2019

New Moon- Total Solar Eclipse in Gemini -July 2

As July 2019 starts, the Moon's nodes namely, Rahu and Ketu are in the houses of Gemini and Sagittarius bringing in strong opposition. Saturn in conjunction (0 deg) with Ketu guides us to prune unwanted things in life and Rahu instils a liking for new things.

On July 2nd, the luminaries Sun and Moon join together at 17 degrees forming the first New Moon on the month in the house of Gemini. The conditions are just right enough to form a Solar Eclipse which is total as well. And this eclipse would be visible in South America only.

The ruler of Gemini is Mercury which is now in the zodiac house of Cancer. And Sun, Venus and Rahu happen to be in Gemini. This indicates an exchange of signs between the planets Moon and Mercury. This calms us down despite the hardships brought about by the Solar eclipse.

This New Moon would try to hide the enormous brightness of the Sun under its image, which is not likely to happen. This might cause illusions and a sense of searching in us, be cautious. However the bright star Venus around would throw some light for now.

Presently Saturn and Ketu are in conjunction (0 deg) in Sagittarius , the house of Jupiter. Jupiter in turn is retrograding in Scorpio, the home of Ketu. There is an exchange of signs here as well but this causes a demanding atmosphere around. The eclipse time can be best used to take some rest as things around would not have that much clarity at present. Be patient and lay low, till the eclipse energy gets dissipated.

What are the zodiac signs affected by the solar eclipse of July 2?

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer -(July 7-31)

Mercury goes retrograde in the zodiac house of Cancer at 11 degrees on July 7th, a Sunday. During this Mercury would be in conjunction (0 deg) with Mars as well. This is a time when we ought to slow down and avoid starting new ventures as we are always told to when Mercury goes retrograde.

Mercury in Cancer, the house of Moon is not quite a good house for it to perform well. Mercury is concerned with mental analysis and communication while Cancer is a sign that is all about emotions and caring. Hence Mercury feels quite lost in this sign, a watery house.

And Mercury retrograding in a watery sign, just splashes water around doing nothing. We would be left in poodles only. Mercury finally goes direct on the last day of July at 30 degrees Gemini.

How does this Mercury Retrograde affect me?

Full Moon- Partial Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius- July 16

The full Moon of July is a partial lunar eclipse where the Moon in Sagittarius opposes the Sun n Gemini. This partial lunar eclipse is visible in the whole world but for North America. Though this luminary opposition (180 deg) takes place every month, the opposition is so tight that a lunar eclipse is formed now. The Sun is at 30 degrees Gemini and Moon at 20 degrees Sagittarius.

Being at the fag end of a sign and with the eclipse around, this time would be quite unstable and limited, be wary of what's going around. This is a time when you should be prepared to welcome the unwanted events and circumstances in life. The eclipse however indicates the dawn of certain things for us. It might be a new job, a new relationship, a new birth, a new financial move, etc.

Will this Lunar eclipse affect me?

Sun Transits Cancer -(July 16 - August 17)

The Sun transiting the zodiac house of Gemini as July starts would be transiting to the house of Cancer on the 16th of July, after the lunar eclipse. There it would join Mars and Mercury. With this transition the Sun comes out of the opposition (180 deg) to Saturn defusing tension around.

Cancer already has the retrograding Mercury and the debilitated Mars posited there in. Mars and Mercury come into close proximity to the Sun resulting in combustion as well this period.

However, the Sun placed in Cancer, the house of Moon is quite a good position for it. Here the Sun advises us to look after our personal self and to move ahead in an honest path.

Venus Transits Cancer -(July 23 - August 16)

Venus transiting the zodiac house of Gemini from the end of June transits to the house of Caner on the 23rd just following the Sun. Here Venus would get into combustion with the Sun but later on in August. Venus with Sun in Cancer brings about things that are quite happy and easy-going. But then the Mercury-retrograde and the eclipse energy around might stress you much these days. Venus in Cancer helps you to rejuvenate your mind and body.

In Cancer, Venus gets into the company of Mercury and Mars as well. Your 4th house of home and its environment might be stirred a bit by these planetary transits. This is a time when we would be provoked towards retaliation to some past events. However do not yield, hold onto your ground.

New Moon in - Cancer July 31

We are in for a second New Moon in July that happens when the luminaries Sun and Moon conjoin in the zodiac house of Cancer at 15 degrees on the 31st of July. Thus Cancer not only hosts the new Moon but also the Sun, Mars and Venus. The zodiac sign of Cancer and in turn the New Moon also receives the benefic aspects of the retrograding Jupiter from Scorpio.

The Moon swiftly transits to the house of Leo as August dawns. But then the now Direct Mercury retrograde returns to Cancer and would bring about a reorganisation of things after what had happened recently in the house of Cancer.

This New Moon asks us to prepare for something new ahead of us, but is yet out of sight now. Be patient, have faith and keep going, victory is yours for the asking in the days to come.

Mercury Direct in Gemini - July 31

Towards the fag end of the day of July 31st after the New Moon, Mercury goes direct from its retrograde motion into the house of Gemini. Now we would be able to move in a positive direction without any hindrances. Go slow and charge your batteries. The coming months are likely to host some big transits that would change our lives in a more assertive way.

How to survive the shadow period of Mercury retrograde.