Planetary Influences - September 2019

Venus Transits Virgo - (September 9 - October 3)

After the middle of August, Venus rises and sets only after the Sun has set and hence can be seen in the evening sky. Till September, Venus would not be much visible thanks to its closeness to the Sun. Venus continues its close movement with the Sun, Mars and Mercury in the house of Virgo all this September.

Venus in Leo transits to the zodiac house of Virgo on the 9th of September. It is said to be debilitated in Virgo. Venus in Virgo however favors social and diplomatic moves. This debilitated position of Venus can be better used as a perspective period and growth towards the right direction.

The ruler of Virgo is Mercury which is a friend of Virgo and is currently exalted in Leo. It would join Venus on the 10th of September and this would bolster your run for social justice and enhances diplomatic relationship.

Mercury Transits Virgo - ( September 10 - 29)

Following Venus, Mercury in Leo enters the zodiac house of Virgo on the 10th of September where it gets exalted. Then on the 11th of September there would be a conjunction (0 deg) of Venus and Mercury. Here there would be a scramble for position between the duo, however the conjunction lasts only till the 15th.

The combination of an exalted Mercury and an exalted Venus in the house of Virgo could be quite potent. Saturn would be aspecting this duo from Sagittarius and this brings about some discipline and stability in our lives.

Full Moon in Aquarius - September 13

As September starts the new Moon of August last starts to wax and gets full on the 13th in the zodiac house of Aquarius. This is a time when we ought to be cautious of our steps and still look out for positive opportunities coming our way. Some sort of instability would be felt around. This full moon occurs at 27 degrees of Aquarius on a Friday.

The site of the full Moon namely Aquarius would be aspected by Saturn ruling pressure and Rahu or the Moon’s node taking care of innovation. With emotions at a high during the full Moon, some of you might lose your mind and some might have a great positive move.

The full Moon would be aspected by the Sun and Mars from the zodiac house of Leo. This gives some voice to the truth around and questions what you want of life as an individual. The planets Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter are all in play during the full Moon and this helps us to grow and expand. This is also a time when potential hindrances around would be exposed and rooted out for our good cause.

Sun Transits Virgo - (September 17 - October 17)

The Sun transiting its home town of Leo moves over to the house of Virgo on the 17th of September. The ruler of Virgo is Mercury. The Sun in Virgo brings about a sense of contentment around. Also there would be an emphasis towards our physical and mental health. The Sun through the house of Virgo guides us towards gleaning relationships in our lives. Only the good things stay around be it material too.

And the Sun in Virgo gets aspected by Saturn this time around. This aspect removes illusions, brings the truth to the fore and cleanses our thoughts and actions. Many of the inner planets are harbouring in Virgo, and hence this would be an ideal time to cleanse our physical selves and the space among us. This placement of the Sun also helps us to spend more time in association with nature.

Saturn goes Direct - September 18

Saturn went retrograde on the 19th of April, 2019 at 27 degrees Sagittarius. This retrograde motion of Saturn broke certain deep bonds around and cleansed our vicinity. Now on the 18th of September, Saturn will go direct at 20 degrees Sagittarius. Then we would be able to break all barriers, all hindrances vanish and we would be able to forge ahead in style. Saturn in Sagittarius would move over to the adjacent house of Capricorn in January 2020 only. The last time Saturn spent time in Sagittarius, the house of Jupiter was around October 2017, look for clues from that time. With this transit, Saturn affects the areas covered by Sagittarius in our horoscope.

With Saturn going direct, things that took a hard beating during the retrograde phase now seem to be quite back on track. A good time to lean some important life lessons. And join the bandwagon of life once again.

Mars Transits Virgo - ( September 24 - November 10)

Mars transiting the house of Leo, moves over to the adjacent house of Virgo on the 24th of September where it joins Mercury, Sun and Venus already posited therein. Saturn would be aspecting the house of Virgo from Sagittarius and Mars would be aspecting Saturn in Sagittarius from Virgo and this causes some intense moments around.

Mars in Virgo connects us to the ground, it readies our resources to plunge into action, now that Jupiter and Saturn are direct. Mars in Virgo brings about practicality and a forward movement. Saturn aspecting Mars puts us to action but with a sense of caution. However the root cause or foundation might shake at times.

Virgo is ruled over by Mercury. Mars in the house of Virgo calls for a revamp of our dietary habits, connecting with nature, health treatments and the like. And Mars makes sure that you stick to your habits and focus.

New Moon in Virgo - September 28

The New Moon for September occurs on the 28th when the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon join together at 12 degrees of Virgo. Thus Moon joins the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars already placed in the house of Virgo.

The New Moon represents the start of new things in life, and new beginnings. It asks us to rest, relax and connect with nature for quite sometime. The Exalted Mercury in Virgo along with Moon kindles our inner engines to start afresh, in case we have been switched off for sometime now.

Though the other planetary positions keep out hand tied, this New Moon helps us to find out what is possible or what is worth doing in the present scenario.

Mercury Transits Libra - (September 29 – October 24)

Mercury transiting through Virgo with a host of planets exits the same and enters the house of Libra on the 29th of September. Once here, there would be an exchange of signs between Venus and Mercury. This brings about some high energy around and would favour social and communication themes.

Mercury in Libra, a movable sign indicates certain beginnings and actions. Also the planets in Libra, get out of the harsh aspect of Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn aspecting a host of planets in Virgo would have delayed and hindered many of our endeavours for quite sometime now and now a sense of relief prevails around.