Planetary Influences - October 2019

Saturn-Mars Mutual Aspect - (September 25 - November 9)

Mars transited from the zodiac house of Leo into the earthy sign of Virgo as September ended. There it had the companionship of Mercury, Venus and the Sun. From Virgo, Mars would be aspecting the Saturn-Ketu combination in Sagittarius. This creates a tensed environment around for now.

In Virgo, Mars springs into action, however it would be obstructed or hindered by the aspect of Saturn from the house of Sagittarius. The situation would be calmed down a bit by Venus and Mercury already placed in Virgo. As October starts, both these planets would be transiting Virgo.

Though the Saturn-Mars aspect is always termed as one of aggression and collusion, it can be tuned in our favour. A strong foundation for some of our long-term plans can be put on now despite the hindrances around. Mars gives us the energy to forge ahead with aggression. But then Saturn asks us to learn from past mistakes and be slow in decision making. If Mars’ impatient nature and Saturn’s negative features or over-ridden then this aspect of Mars and Saturn can be quite a good one for the long term.

Venus Transits Libra - (October 3 - 27)

Venus in Virgo transits to its own house of Libra on the 3rd of October where it joins Mercury as well. This enhances our creative pursuits for now. Also it sets the stage for some major changes coming your way later on during the year. With Venus moving to Libra, it has escaped the aspect of Saturn from Sagittarius. This would improve your social life and brings about your artistic pursuits to the fore. Saturn would have hindered and deferred your plans in the field.

Venus which was a morning star during the start of the year, come under the combustion of the Sun during the summer months of 2019 when it got disappeared. Now from the 10th of October it would be visible in the evening sky, as it had escaped from the strong glares of the Sun. Your enthusiasm in creative productions would finally be seen in full strength these days as Venus loiters in its own house of Libra for almost the whole of October.

Full Moon in Pisces - October 13

The Moon in Sagittarius along with Saturn and Ketu as October 2019 starts would move to Capricorn on the 6th of October. This waxing Moon gets full on the 13th of October at 27 degrees Pisces which happens to be a Sunday. The ruler of Pisces, namely Jupiter would be aspecting Moon it is own house of Pisces and this is quite favourable and points to favourable trends ahead.

But do note that Sun and Mars in Virgo would be opposing the Moon in Pisces now. This brings about abundant resources or information into your hands. It is up to you to dissect the same and use it in a positive sense. Innumerable opportunities for creative expression, business growth and relationship issues are presented to you now.

Sun Transits Libra - ( October 17 - November 16)

The Sun in Virgo around the start of October would transit to the zodiac house of Libra on the 17th of October. This would be an airy sign. Here the luminary Sun is debilitated. From now on the days would become shorter than the nights. Already Libra has Mercury and Venus posited there in where your creative pursuits go on unhindered. As also your communications thanks to Mercury there.

Libra is a social sign, and the Sun’s transit through this house favors group events and not individual pursuits for the time. Also by moving into Libra, the Sun would have escaped the aspect of Saturn. The Sun in Libra favors working in a collective spirit and a diplomatic approach to life problems. Despite being debilitated, the Sun has some positive energy thanks to it coming away from the sight of Saturn.

Mercury Enters Scorpio - October 23

Mercury enters the zodiac house of Scorpio on the 23rd of October, where Scorpio is being ruled by Mars. Here Mercury gets the accent and traits of Mars. Also Mercury and Mars would be in an exchange of sign when Mercury goes back to Libra during its retrograde cycle in November. This period when the exchange of signs occurs would be a very productive period for the natives. By then Mars would also be in Libra too. In Scorpio, Mercury gets into the company of Jupiter which would be quite favourable.

Mercury is generally termed as a student and Jupiter as teacher. And this duo in the sign of Scorpio brings about some transformation and gains of knowledge. A good time to learn from our very own mistakes. The things we did during the tough times of our lives would be a great lesson to behold later on in future. And this lesson is better taught to us by none other than the Mercury-Jupiter duo.

Venus Transits Scorpio - (October 27 - November 20)

Venus in Libra moves into Scorpio on the 27th of October. Here it gets into the company of Mercury which is readying for a retrograde cycle, the last one due in year 2019. However Mercury would be soon leaving for Libra during the retrograde motion. Once in Scorpio, Venus is free from the hot rays of the Sun.

Venus rules over our social life and creative abilities. Its transit through Scorpio these days would be quite challenging. Venus in the vicinity of Mercury extols our creative energy and channels it into positive channels. A point to note here is that Jupiter is also currently through the sign of Scorpio and would soon be moving over to Sagittarius, its own home turf. The combination of Venus, Mercury and Jupiter together in Scorpio would give us the right source of knowledge or the right teachers to guide us. Your creative talents and skills would continue to grow, provided you give proper leverage for the same, sidelining personal and familial ties for quite some time now.

Venus in Scorpio, also guides us to prune our relationships, imbibing in new ties and letting go off of unwanted and toxic ones. The Sun is currently loitering in Venus' home of Libra and this lets us to find out how relationships affect our individual self at large.

New Moon in Libra - October 27

The Moon gets into conjunction with the other luminary, namely the Sun on the 27th of October at 11 degrees at Libra forming the New Moon for the month. This waning Moon would make us tired and worn out for the period. Add to this the Sun getting into debilitation at around 20 degrees of Libra. This would further cause some frustrations and a sense of being alone in the dark.

The ruler of Libra, Venus would be presently at Scorpio, further brining about changes and instability around. Usually New Moons bring about a shadowy period when we doubt ourselves and our roots. A time when mental stability is called for. Stay clam and balanced, and do note that this is just a passing cycle and things would soon be on track.

Mercury Retrograde - (October 31 - November 20)

The last cycle of Mercury retrograde for the year 2019 starts on the 31st of October when Mercury starts turning around at 4 degrees Scorpio. This retrograde motion of Mercury continues till it reaches Libra at 18 degrees on November 20th, when it gets back to its direct motion once again.

For Mercury, Libra is a good place to dwell. It spends almost the whole of November in Libra only. However, the retrograde energy of Mercury would be quite erratic, but if put to proper use can give good results. Stay away from making major changes in your routine, lay low and postpone major decisions for Mercury to turn direct.

Also during its retrograde movement, Mercury would be aspected by Rahu or the Moon's North node. This does not favor starting of any new projects for the time being.

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