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Mundane Astrology

Mundane astrology extends beyond individual horoscopes, focusing on the broader scope of global and societal events.

The Astrology of the Corona Virus - The widespread infection brought about by the deadly Corona Virus can be best attributed to the current Uranus in Taurus position.

Violence Astrology - Mars, in astrology is responsible for jealousy, anger, lust and aggression and violence.

Mundane Astrology - Mundane Astrology interprets charts of countries in terms of global trends and events.

Astro-meterorology - Astro-meteorology studies how the planets, zodiac signs, magnetic angles, and the angularity that the planets make with each other affect the environmental conditions of the Earth.

Astrology behind Disasters - The 8.9 earthquake near Indonesia Aceh region on December 26, 2004 7:59 am at 3N16 95E47 is a great calamity that needs clear interpretation based on astrology.

Royal Baby Horoscope - The British Royal baby now named as Prince George was born on July 22, 2013, 04:24 local time at Paddington, London after much hype created by the media. He was born with Scorpio as his Ascendant sign, his Sun is in Cancer and Moon is in Capricorn.

US Elections 2012 - It is really a tough job when it comes to predicting the next US President. Astrologers around the world are hooked onto the charts of the Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Election is scheduled to take place on November 6th, 2012 when the Mercury is in retrograde motion. Hence it would be a tough battle for both the candidates, taking into consideration the retrograde motion of Mercury which usually gives a tough battle.

Super Moon - March 19, 2011 Is it a Destroyer?? - Super Moon can trigger earthquake, Tsunami, Floods, Natural calamity.

Does Chile earthquake mandate changes in Astrological Calculations? - The earthquake of magnitude 8.8 that jolted the country of Chile in South America on February 27th , 2010 has been one of a great magnitude. Scientists tell that the earthquake had its repercussions on the entire earth, in that it had shifted the axis of the earth by about 8 centimeters.

2012 - Is it the end of World? - There are many opinions about what, if anything is going to happen on winter solstice 2012 and what is the real meaning of Mayan end date.