Mars- the Planet for Violence

Mars, in astrology is responsible for jealousy, anger, lust and aggression and violence. Mars just has lots of destructive power. Mars is responsible for violent behavior in an individual. Mars is called a red planet and it is said to have immense potential held inside.

Unless this energy is channelled properly it would result in violence and strife. Mars is a hot and fiery planet. The position of Mars in ones native chart will indicate the level of violence that will take place in one's life. A Mars person will reach high position in military and strict regimen tasks. If Mars is afflicted in a horoscope then it will be responsible for unhappy life, violence, treachery and quarrel.

Violence- 12th House of Astrology

The 12th house in astrology rules prisons and any place of confinement or detention that is related to violence, secret groups, secret government entities and enemies within. This house rules terrorist activities, hostage situations, slavery, bondage, human rights issues, criminals and crime, prisons, spies and secret enemies, covert aggression or conditions of exile.

Mundane Astrology- Violence Connections

A prominent Mars in the chart of a country may represent aggression or aggressiveness in some form. Nations with military governments or governments who use the threat of war or force as a way of controlling their people have strong Mars in their charts. Mars position in the chart shows the criminal element and violent people in general, militants and agitators.

Mars rules males and signifies all who dispute or fight or cause violence in some form or the other. It indicates war and rules the armed forces. A well aspected Mars signifies a balanced use of power, peacetime uses of the military, and a well coordinated labor force with readily available employment. It tends to promote the application of competitive energy for the citizens of the country.

Solar Activities and Terror:

Scientists have established that the solar emanations from the sunspot regions can upset the mental poise of human beings and make them aggressive and violent. Throughout history events such as wars, migrations, crusades, uprisings, and revolutions linked with violence have clustered around peak sunspot periods.

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