The Astrological Sky and Tsunami

The 8.9 earthquake near Indonesia's Aceh region on December 26, 2004; 7:59 am at 3N16 95E47 is a great calamity that needs clear interpretation based on astrology. The Indonesian earthquake features the Moon at 28 degrees Gemini, as does the 9/11 event of USA. This degree is also the location of the malefic star Menkalinan associated with "ruin, disgrace, and frequently violent death."

Just nine hours before the earthquake occurred at 7:59am on Dec.26, Mars (sudden, violent action) had moved from 29°59'Scorpio to 0°00'Sagittarius(Explosion). In a Quincunx (150° = adjustment, health, death) to that, the North Node shifted after 19 months in Taurus from 0° Taurus back to 29°59' Aries, literally between the times of the earthquake, including the first waves hitting Thailand and Sri Lanka, to when the tsunami hit eastern Africa.

The Sedna and the Tsunami - Do they have a relation between them??

The planet Sedna should manifest as stormy and vengeful seas or stormy divisions within families and cultures according to many Astrologers. The year 2004 saw the discovery of a new planet in our solar system called the Sedna. Equally, 2004 has been the year of extreme hurricanes in the Caribbean and Eastern US seaboard, most notably the Ivan, Charley and Frances. The Sedna is square to Neptune - the other God of the ocean and both planets in fixed signs at a stressful angle parallel to the build up of stress along two fixed tectonic plates.

Astrological Principles for Earthquakes

Earthquakes follow Eclipses.

Adverse conjunctions between Mars/Saturn have been noted at the time of earthquakes.

Earthquakes have been noted to occur between midnight and sunrise and in few cases between midday and sunset.

The Moon and Mercury must conjunct and should be in the same Nakshatra for an earthquake to occur.

Frequent earthquakes are indicated when planets like Uranus, Saturn, Mars or Jupiter occupy Taurus or Scorpio.

Earthquakes happen when there is severe affliction of the 8th house or its lord. (8th house-indicates mass deaths).

In addition, the position of the 4th house and 4th lord need also to be looked as the 4th house represents masses. Further, the position of Saturn - representative of masses, cannot be ignored.

Eclipses fall at quadrants to Jupiter, Saturn or Mars.

Bam Earthquake- An Astrological Insight

Earthquakes have a tendency to follow Solar Eclipses, and true to form, the Iranian earthquake took place one month after the November 23 Solar Eclipse. There was the T-square between the Sun, Mars, and Saturn. The tension between these planets actually moved the tectonic plates. Also, transiting Neptune triggered by the Moon's conjunction was exactly conjunct Iran's Sun, reflecting the mass confusion and chaos.

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