The earthquake of magnitude 8.8 that jolted the country of Chile in South America on February 27th , 2010 has been one of a great magnitude. Scientists tell that the earthquake had its repercussions on the entire earth, in that it had shifted the axis of the earth by about 8 centimeters.

This shifting of the earth would have the effect of chopping of 1.26 microseconds in the timing of the daily rotation of the earth. This microsecond though would not have any immediate effects on the inhabitants, it is likely to accumulate. It takes 1.26 microseconds less than it did last week at this time, thanks to the Chile quake.

Scientists have calculated that it would take about 130,500 years to lose a full minute in the rotation of the earth. The change in the distribution of the mass of the earth due to earthquakes shall change the rate of rotation of the earth.

The Chilean earthquake occurred the day before the Full Moon (at around 3.34 am, local Day Light Saving Time, on February 27, while the Moon became Full at 1.37 pm, the next day, February 28, 2010). This justifies the astrological rule that major earthly phenomenon occur related to the phases of the Moon. This is the case for Chile, due to the planetary alignments or conjunctions that happened on the same day namely, Mercury-Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius, and the Sun-Jupiter in Pisces.

All these Planets and the Sun were positioned in the midnight House of Chile�s Birth Chart, exerting a powerful pull on Chile from under the earth and sea. The approaching Full Moon has augmented even more the power of the planetary alignment during this 8.8 magnitude event, one of the most powerful ever recorded.

The bigger planetary influence at play is Saturn square Pluto, a transit that started as soon as Saturn moved into Virgo October 31, 2009. The square has been within a few degrees of being exact since it started. This configuration will continue within a few degrees until April when Saturn retrogrades into a direct opposition with Uranus at 28 degrees of Pisces, at which time we enter another period of earthly disasters.

Will the shifting of the earth´s axis change the weather pattern already getting a beating due to the global warming factor?

Will the earth´s shift change the ephemeris data? will it change the timing of astrological calculations?

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