Mundane Astrology interprets charts of countries in terms of global trends and events. The destinies of nations are predicted based on an analysis of the cardinal ingresses eclipses, lunations, outer planetary conjunctions, and the charts of its leaders.

The chart of the leader of a nation or organization can be very revealing. Mundane Astrology looks at larger and more Group oriented cycles. Interpretation of the Mundane planets is exactly the same as natal. But it has wider audience and wider implications.

Areas Governed
The country and its people as a whole.
The economy of the country, financial aspects, etc.
The transport and communication system of the country.
Housing and agricultural prospects.
Minors of the country, leisure activities.
Health of the natives, police and armed forces.
international disputes like war and/peace and the general public
Public income and earning power, mortality rates
Religion, Foreign Affairs, Media, long distance communication
The President or Chief Executive, law and order.
The legislative branches of the government.
Public welfare, national scandals, epidemics, water sources

Event Charts in Mundane Astrology

The Event charts are probably the most common types of charts erected, for they reveal the shape of a particular moment in time and space. Event charts are cast using the location (latitude and longitude), the time, and appropriate time zone for the occurrence in question. They are similar to natal charts but are read with mundane concepts in mind. It is common to erect an event chart for incidents such as plane crashes, explosions, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes, natural tragedies, disasters, etc.

Outer planets in Mundane Analysis

Uranus - It has a general influence over rioting and outbreaks of political or communal tension. Fascism, and the urge towards individualism are also its signification. It rules separation, scientific breakthroughs and discoveries, explosions, anarchy and nihilism.

Neptune -Neptune rules over socialism, communism. It is linked with mobs, rioters, secret plots, sedition, fraud and swindling, all illicit undertakings, bogus companies, loss and vice.

Pluto - Pluto denotes the principle of metamorphosis and regeneration. Refugees, orphans and sewers. All aspects of life that are carried on in the dark or hidden from public view like political underground, espionage, organized crime are ruled by Pluto. Violence, rape and all activities that are transformative like death and rebirth are ruled by this ninth planet.

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