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Colors are rays of love and each color has its own vibration. Gemstones of various hues emit the magnetic power

of the ray of light contained within it.Gems are attuned to the constellations and proclaim their

affinity by color. For example, red stones are stimulating, yellows are vitalizers, green gemstones are

calming, blues and the indigos are inspirational and purple ones sublime all processes.

| Red | Blue | Orange | Green | Yellow | Violet |
|Indigo | Black |
|White | Pink | | Brown | |Gray | Others |

Red Gemstones
Almandite    Coral   Corundum   Garnet   RedJasper   Rhodolite   
Ruby  Sardonyx      Spinel  Spessartite Sunstone Topaz Vanadinite

Red is the synbol of life, strength, vitality and the physical nature. In nature,the colore red is associated with heat, fire, anger. For healing, red is excellent in all blood deficiency diseases such as anemia, in deficient nutrition, depression, or lethargy.

Blue Gemstones
BlueLaceAgate    Dumortierite   Euclase   Goldstone   Halite   Hauyne   
Hemimorphite  Indicolite   Iolite   Kyanitelabradorite  Spessartite 
SunstoneTopaz LapisLazuli Larimar Moonstone Sapphire 
Sodalite Spectrolite  Tanzanite Tourmaline Turquoise

Blue is the symbol of inspiration,devotion,infinity,and religious aspirations.It lifts, exalts, andinspires one toward greater heights of endeavor and attainment. It produces a alm, peaceful radiation, which has sleep inducing qualities.Because blue is associated with a lack of warmth,it is to be used when inflammation is present ,or when any internal bleeding or nervous condition exists.It is cooling, sedative,astringent healing.


Orange Gemstones
Azurite    Carnelian   Chiastolite   Datolite   Fire Agate   Sapphire   
Serandite  Vanadinite   Wulfenite

Orange is the symbol of energy. It is composed of red and yellow. Red symbolizes personality and yellow symbolizes wisdom.Therefore, through an integration of these two, we can overcome anger and establish self-control. For healing,orange is essential for health and vitality. It is warm, positive, and stimulating, influencing primarily the vital problem of assimilation and circulation. It regulates the intake of food.

Green Gemstones
Alexandrite    Apatite   Apophyllite   Aquamarine   Aventurine   Azurite   
Bloodstone  Chrysoprase   Demantoid   DiopsideDioptase  Emerald 
Feldspar Hiddenite Jade Jadeite Malachite Mawsitsit 
Moissanite Moldavite Nephrite Peridot Prasiolite Prehnite 
Tsavorite Unakite Uvarovite Uvarovite Variscite Vesuvianite Wavellite Zoisite

Green is the symbol of harmony, sympathy, creativity, health, abundance,of nature in general. Green is the merging of yellow (soul) and blue (spirit). It appears in the spectrum at the point of color balance, between the first three rays (which are more concerned with the physical aspect) and the last three rays (which relate to the spiritual aspect). Green reaches outward in a horizontal manner, blue reaches upward in a vertical manner.


Yellow Gemstones
Amber    Ametrine   Apophyllite   Axinite   Beryl   Cerussite   
Chalcedony  Chrysoberyl   Citrine   CorundumDiamond  Dolomite 
Dravite Enstatite Epidote Euclase Fluorite Heliodor 
Hessonite Kornerupine Kyanite Mellite Peridot Scapolite 
Sinhalite Smithsonite Sphene Topaz Zircon

Yellow is the symbol of mind, intellect, high intelligence, wisdom, the mental plane.It has a positive, magnetic vibration that has a tonic effect on the nerves.Yellow is the great equalizer for irritable conditions of the nervous system.For healing,yellow carries the power to cure diabetes and constipation.

violet gemstones
Amethyst   Ametrine   Apophyllite   Axinite   Chalcedony   Charoite   
Fluorite  Kunzite   Spinel   SpodumeneSugilite  Tanzanite 

Violet is the ray of spiritual mastery. It is the highest and most subtle specialization of light, and corresponds with the highest elements in our nature.The darker tones are associated with sorrow; deep purple signifies high spiritual attainment; pale ;lilac indicates cosmic consciousness and alove for humanity; bluish purple stands fortranscendent idealism. For healing, this stone is an aid for insomnia, or for any ailment that related to mental disorders.

Indigo gemstones
Azurite   Sapphire   Spinel

The indigo ray is the symbol of the mystical borderland-spiritual attainment, self-mastery, wisdom. This ray aids in the opening of the third eye (inner and outer vision), and it opens the doors to the subconscious. It can restore long buried soul memories. Indigo symbolizes the bridge between finite and infinite. It expels the negative elements of the consciousness,and helps build up the higher elements. It assists and guides our inner journey to cosmic knowledge. For healing, it is of great value in the treatment of any mental disorder.

White Gemstones
Ammonite   Apophyllite   Calcite   Celestite    Coral    Danburite    Diamond    Dolomite  Howlite  Ivory  Moonstone  Opal  
Pearl  Petalite  Phenakite  Serpentine  Sodalite  Boracite

It contains all the colors within it.White represents the masculine divine life essence;it is active, positive, all revealing, dynamic and stimulating. It symbolizes the cosmic day, supreme being. White is used for protection of both the physical and mental body.

black gemstones
Apache Tears   Axinite    Blackonyx   Charoite   Dolomite    Epidote   Nuummite   Obsidian  SmokyQuartz  Spinel

It typifies the feminine and all form in general.It is negative(or feminine), passive, all concealing. It is the seed ground of infinity, the unmanifest, the unchartered.It symbolizes the cosmic night, the mysteries of incarnation, the abstract. Black is ruled by Saturn, which, in its higher form, denotes the mysterious. That which is formless, working within, unperceived and unseen.

Pink Gemstones
Feldspar   Garnet   Halite   Kunzite   Leifite    Morganite   Quartz   Rhodonite  Rhodochrosite  RoseQuartz  Rubellite  Smithsonite  
Spinel  Spodumene  Tourmaline  Topaz  Tugtupite  Villiaumite  

Pink symbolizes softness, affection, and love. Pink is symbolic of the more gentle feminine emotions. Some people may need to allow more softness and affection into the heart chakra. Pink stones will enhance the wearer's mental abilities and soothe emotional levels, anger and feelings of neglect.


brown gemstones
Agate  Amber  Ammonite  Andaulsite  CatsEye  Chalcedony  
Chiastolite  Citrine  Dolomite  Enstatite  Feldspar  Fire Agate   
Goldstone  Kornerupine  Magnesite  Mellite  Nuummite  
Petrified Wood  Sillimanite  Spessartite  Spodumene  TigerEye  
Topaz   Vanadinite  Zircon

The color brown is associated with the soil and fertility. It helps us to create stability,to manifest things concretely on the Earth sphere, and to go back to basics. Brown is a color of the element Earth. The red in brown gives it practical energy while the yellow and blue add mental focus energies. Brown gemstones act as a grounding force and promote stability and clear thinking.

gray gemstones
Agate  Axinite  Chalcedony  Dolomite  Epidote  Feldspar  
Hematite  Kyanite  Moonstone  Pyrite  Sapphire  Smoky Quartz

Gray is the color of mourning, sorrow and hopelessness. The color gray is linked with dark and depressing thoughts. Gray can have a cooling effect when placed next to other more vibrant colors. Gray gemstones are healing stones and can assist in improving relationships toward more stability.