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Overview: Named from the Latin word cerussa, meaning ‘white lead’, Cerussite may form as a star shaped crystal or record-keeper attuned to higher wisdom and karmic purpose. It facilitates exploring extraterrestrial past lives. Explaining why you came to earth, the lessons and tasks, it highlights gifts you bring to aid evolution, and the people you have met before. It assists in letting go off the past and is a useful grounding stone for feeling comfortable in the environment and adjusting to other cultures. If you need to make compromises, Cerussite aids and imparts the ability to listen attentively. It balances right-and left-brain hemispheres, and is excellent for the arts.

Cerussite is a popular collection mineral. It is famous for its great sparkle, great density and amazing twinned crystals. Cerussite is a minor ore of lead. It has a very high luster due mostly to the lead content. Just as leaded crystal glass sparkles more brilliantly because of its lead content, so too does cerussite. The lead raises the index of refraction of cerussite to just over 2.07. The lead is also responsible for its increased specific gravity. Cerussite has one of the highest densities for a transparent mineral. It is over six and a half times as dense as water. Most rocks and minerals average only around three times the density of water.
Cerussite is found in the oxidation zone of lead deposits usually associated with galena. Some specimens show cerussite crusts around a galena core as the oxidation was "caught in the act" so to speak. Cerussite can make nice associations with galena and another lead mineral anglesite, a yellow colored, lead sulfate. Cerussite is simply a classic mineral.

When gold was discovered near Leadville, Colorado, panning for alluvial gold was difficult because of the dense brown sand in the streams. This sand was later found to be primarily cerussite, and contained significant amounts of silver. This started a silver mining boom, and ultimately lead to huge production of silver, lead, and zinc.

Usage: Jet lag, homesickness, vitality, creativity, integrity, personal responsibility, involuntary movements, Parkinsons Diseas, Tourette’s Syndrome, muscles, bones, insomnia, nightmares. As an elixir, pest control for house plants.

Legend: Although the natural mineral cerussite has rarely been noted in paintings, its synthetic counterpart, lead white, is considered to be the most important white pigment in paintings since the time of ancient Greece.

Occurrence: Notable occurrences include Tsumeb, Nambia; Congo; Morocco; Australia; Germany, Leadville, Colorado and Arizona, USA.

Note: Cerussite is a toxic stone; use it with care.



Physical Properties

Crystal System



PbCO3, Lead carbonate




Germany, Zambia, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Australia, Namibia




Sign of Cerussite Virgo

Element: Storm

Planet: Saturn.

Color: is usually colorless or white, also gray, yellow, and even blue-green.