Gemology or gemmology is the science dealing with natural and artificial gemstones. It is considered a Geo-science and is a branch of mineralogy. Some Jewelers are qualified to evaluate gems.For years man has been fascinated by the mineral kingdom. Some 3000 years ago, man started to capture the beauty and potential of gemstones.

Pre-historic remnants show jewelry and talisman with gemstones embedded in them.The Bible mentions the use of gemstone more than 200 times.Throughout history jewelry has been an expression of one's wealth and social status and symbol.

A gemstone is a crystalline mineral that can be cut and polished to make jewelry and other ornaments. The ancient Greeks made a distinction between precious and semiprecious gems, which is still used. Precious stones were hard, rare, and valuable. The only precious gemstones are diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald. All other quality stones are called "semiprecious," even though they may not be any less valuable or beautiful. Today, mineralogists and gemologists describe stones in technical terms, including their chemical composition, Mohs hardness, and crystal structure.

A gem stone is a collective term for all ornamental stones that possess attributes like beauty, rarity, durability. Astral gems, apart from these material properties, increase the psychic powers of an individual by their curative powers.Astral gems also have the power to ward off the ill-effects of planets and worn in the form of birth stone.

Gems are just tiny shards of earth elements that gain value and worth once they are located, cut and polished. They are found to hold sway over human greed, lust and emotions for a long time now. Have been the centre-stones of disputes across countries and empires. Gems are found mentioned in the Bible and other age-old religious and scientific texts across the globe.

Gem stones come from the earth and are a result of prolonged volcanic activities and crystal growth over a wide range of period. Though an abundance of stones are found on the earth, only a minute percentage form a combination of elements to give the required color and properties that make up what is termed as a gemstone or gem in short.

Coming to the wearing of stones, there is a science behind. Gemstones are conductors and absorbers of various forms of radiations due to the cuts on the surface which facilitate total internal reflection on their facets. Science has it that when these gems are worn in a metal on our body, the radiations are passed on from the gems to the metals and in turn channeled to our body.

In today’s market there are literally hundreds of gemstones to choose from. Here you will find a comprehensive list of gem-stones that are sorted out for your convenience by their names in alphabetical order.

Here you can check the name list of gems. It is lined up in alphabetical order, A to Z. If you know the name of the gem, it will be quite convenient.

The gem stone / birth stone should be set in the right metal and with the right weight.It should be worn on the correct finger of the working hand.Each gem, with its constant source of specific rays,gives rise to constructive vibrations that have therapeutic powers.

Hence wearing your appropriate birth stone will always give you luck and prosperity.

When it comes to colored gems, most people are unsure what’s available, let alone how to determine their value. Colored gems often offer a fantastical palette of colors for a reasonable price, and many of these stones are, in fact, rarer than Diamonds. We have compiled a list of gems based on their colors just for you.

Red Gemstones Blue Gemstones Orange Gemstones Green Gemstones
Yellow Gemstones violet gemstones Indigo gemstones White Gemstones
black gemstones Pink Gemstones brown gemstones gray gemstones
multi color gemstones

From time immemorial astrologers and ancestors have linked our time of birth here on this planet to the planetary movements on the zodiac sky above. And then this is linked to a suitable gem which everyone is advised to wear. The radiations from the gemstones have the capacity to cure certain physical and mental ailments just like radiation therapy getting rid of cancer and other malignant cells. Gemstones are found to induce positive vibrations when worn close to our body. They are known to posses healing properties, eliminate negative energy, and promote peace and harmony bringing success in our lives.

Astrologers recommend gemstones as part of astrology based on the natal placements of the individual. Here gemstones are used to remove the negative malefic effects of planets and bring about positive energy. History shows that the Indians, Romans and the Chinese have been using gem-stones as a cure for quite a long time. In modern times, people have started using gemstones as talisman and a power statement.

Different gems have different properties and different effects on different people, hence it is best advised to consult a gemologist or an astrologer of a good caliber before you venture out with your new-found stone.

Birthstones appear to have a biblical source, tracing back to the book of Exodus in the Bible and specifically on the breastplate of Aaron. The breastplate was inlaid with 12 gemstones that each represented the twelve tribes of Israel at the time. This specific breastplate was adorned with the following gems: emerald, sapphire, diamond, topaz, carbuncle, sardius, agate, ligure, amethyst, onyx, jasper, and beryl.

Traditionally, a birth stone is associated with each month of the year. Find out which lucky stone correlates with the month you were born. Birthstones and their vivid colors have long been a way to connect your birth month with rare and unique gemstones. They are a meaningful gift as well. Birth stones are gems corresponding to one of the 12 months of the year, each with its own unique look, value and beauty. They have existed for many cultures with their own calendars throughout history.

Planets and gemstones

The planets are assigned gemstones depending on their properties and chemical nature. One of the main thing to note in wearing a gemstone is to wear the one corresponding to your Ascendant house ruler. Also Indian astrology advocates the wearing of the gemstone that corresponds to the dasa of the planet currently running for the individual.

Wearing of a gemstone should be done only after properly consulting an astrologer. Else it would be detrimental for the native in course of time. Certain gemstones can be worn in combination with certain gemstones alone, hence be cautious.

Gems are used to harness positive energy and wavelengths of the planets to bring about health, wealth and happiness and hence are called as planetary gemstones. Planetary gemstones have special powers and features. History has seen a tremendous belief in the healing powers of planetary stone. Different planetary gemstones have different healing powers and it is generally preferred to wear them set in silver.

It is known that planets affect our energy levels, and thereby, our lives. They help us to deal with physical, mental and spiritual problems at large. Since they absorb and radiate varied energy, gems have different effects on the human body. How it will affect a person depends upon the planetary transits and placements in his/ her birth chart. And therefore, it is necessary to use the gemstones correctly and as per the guidance of an expert astrologer otherwise they may generate reverse results.

Gemstone for your sunsign

Astrologers believe that wearing a gemstone according to your sun sign and planet can bring you good luck and prosperity. Learn which one will offer the most helpful and healing energy to your zodiac sign. Stones for your sunsign are known to give magical and life changing results. One good and genuine stone can change the natives’ life altogether. It is also known as Astral stones. Astrological gemstones which are based on Zodiac signs can be different than Modern Birthstones which are related to the calendar birth month.

Lucky stone

Wondering what is your lucky stone? A lucky gemstone can improve your fortune and bring you closer to your desires and wishes in life. Get your lucky gemstone now. Know which is the lucky gemstone for you to attract money, love, passion, good health and more. Astrology believes that wearing the lucky stone appropriate to you will help strengthen the ruling planet and weaker planet in their horoscopes. Here are the lucky stone suggestions by date of birth.


One of the main building blocks of rocks are minerals. In order to be technically a mineral, a substance must meet these five requirements. The substance must be naturally occurring (not man-made), inorganic, solid, with a definition chemical composition, and ordered internal structure.

Minerals occur naturally in the earth's crust and are defined as inorganic solids that have characteristic chemical composition and crystalline structures. A gemstone or gem on the other hand is a piece of mineral crystal, which, in cut and polished form, is used to make jewelry or other adornments. A mineral is an inorganic, naturally occurring substance with distinct chemistry and crystalline structure. Gems are materials that have an economic or aesthetic value. Therefore, not all stones are minerals.


Crystals are pure substances that have molecules arranged in a regular geometric pattern. Crystals are a solid material comprised of ions, atoms, and molecules that are arranged in a repeating pattern to become solid.

A gem can be a crystal whereas a crystal will not always be a gem.

Gems are beautiful stones that are used in making jewelry. Crystals are pure substances that have molecules arranged in a regular geometric pattern. A gem can be a crystal whereas a crystal will not always be a gem. Gems can have mineral bases such as ruby or diamond and an organic base such as amber.

Here is a gallery of crystal images from the closets.

Superstitions on gemstones

The world is full of gemstone superstition stories related to gemstones and their effects. The more you dig deep, the more you'll be amazed at the myriad superstitions associated with gemstones. Precious and semi-precious stones have been entwined with human culture from its earliest beginnings so it comes as no surprise that there is a wealth of lore and superstition surrounding their use.

To our ancestors these beautiful, glowing stones from the ground must have seemed like otherworldly objects filled with magic and the wearing of amulets to offer protection or to promote good luck and success was commonplace. From the silly ones and the downright strange there are a whole treasure trove of superstitions concerning gemstones. We have brought together some of the most interesting myths and beliefs surrounding the common crystal we use.

"Each day is a gem, different in kind, size, and color and yours to polish!"

~~~~~Carolanne Reynolds