A gemstone / birth stone is a collective term for all ornamental stones that possess attributes like beauty, rarity, durability. Astral gems, apart from these material properties, increase the psychic powers of an individual by their curative powers.Astral gems also have the power to ward off the ill-effects of planets and worn in the form of birth stone..

Gemstones are just tiny shards of earth elements that gain value and worth once they are located, cut and polished. They are found to hold sway over human greed, lust and emotions for a long time now. Have been the centre-stones of disputes across countries and empires. Gemstones are found mentioned in the Bible and other age-old religious and scientific texts across the globe.

Gemstones come from the earth and are a result of prolonged volcanic activities and crystal growth over a wide range of period. Though an abundance of stones are found on the earth, only a minute percentage form a combination of elements to give the required color and properties that make up what is termed as a gemstone or gem in short.

Coming to the wearing of gemstones, there is a science behind. Gemstones are conductors and absorbers of various forms of radiations due to the cuts on the surface which facilitate total internal reflection on their facets. Science has it that when these gems are worn in a metal on our body, the radiations are passed on from the gems to the metals and in turn channeled to our body.

Gemstones - A to Z

The gem stone / birth stone should be set in the right metal and with the right weight.It should be worn on the correct finger of the working hand.Each gem, with its constant source of specific rays,gives rise to constructive vibrations that have therapeutic powers.

Hence wearing your appropriate birth stone will always give you luck and prosperity.

Gemstone with Color
Red Gemstones Blue Gemstones Orange Gemstones Green Gemstones Yellow Gemstones violet gemstones
Indigo gemstones White Gemstones black gemstones Pink Gemstones brown gemstones gray gemstones
multi color gemstones

From time immemorial astrologers and ancestors have linked our time of birth here on this planet to the planetary movements on the zodiac sky above. And then this is linked to a suitable gem which everyone is advised to wear. The radiations from the gemstones have the capacity to cure certain physical and mental ailments just like radiation therapy getting rid of cancer and other malignant cells. Gemstones are found to induce positive vibrations when worn close to our body. They are known to posses healing properties, eliminate negative energy, and promote peace and harmony bringing success in our lives.

Astrologers recommend gemstones as part of astrology based on the natal placements of the individual. Here gemstones are used to remove the negative malefic effects of planets and bring about positive energy. History shows that the Indians, Romans and the Chinese have been using gemstones as a cure for quite a long time. In modern times, people have started using gemstones as talisman and a power statement.

Different gemstones have different properties and different effects on different people, hence it is best advised to consult a gemologist or an astrologer of a good caliber before you venture out with your new-found gemstone.

Birthstone by Month

Red Garnet


Aquamarine      Bloodstone



Pearl         Moonstone        Alexandrite




Opal           Pink Tourmaline

Yellow Topaz     Citrine

Turquoise        Tanzanite        Blue zircon
The planets in the zodiac sky are assigned gemstones depending on their properties and chemical nature. One of the main criteria is wearing a gemstone corresponding to your Ascendant house ruler. Indian astrologers suggest wearing the gemstone that corresponds to the planet whose dasa period is currently running for the native. We might come across a wide array of gemstones of various hues and rates. Only after consulting an astrologer should the gemstones be worn else the effects would be detrimental to us in the long run. Certain gemstones can be set only in specific metals, and they should be worn only in a particular finger of a particular hand, the timing of the first-wear also matters a lot.

"Each day is a gem, different in kind, size, and color and yours to polish!"
~~~~~Carolanne Reynolds