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Overview:The name comes from the Greek word "apa", meaning 'off', and "phyllon" meaning 'leaf'. Apophyllite is hydrous calcium potassium fluorsilicate which is often found with a small amount of iron and nickel. Apophyllite is a classic mineral specimen but rarely found as a facetted gemstone, especially in clean material.

Usage: It opens conscious connection to the astral body twin, the Light Body, and oversoul.When used by athletes it gives them stamina and strengthens the muscular structure. Used for meditation, clairvoyance and astral travel. The

apophyllite brings a bright and joyous energy to the environment where it is placed and helps fight depression. Brings a feeling of connectedness between one and the Universe.

Physical Properties:


Apophyllite Birthstone

white, white, gray, green, yellow and red.
4.5 – 5.0
Specific Gravity
2.3 – 2.4.
refractive index


Apophyllite-Clear : (Color: Clear ) Helps to repair twelve-

strand DNA, fills aura and aura bodies with light, joy.

Apophyllite-Aqua : (Color: Light Aqua )Opens conscious

connection to the astral body twin.


Apophyllite is found in Brazil, Mexico, Nova Scotia,

Oregon, Scotland, Poona (Pune) in India.

Sign of Apophyllite: Libra