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The names "rhodon" and "lithos" are derived from the Greek, which means rose-stone. The most common kind of Garnet is deep red in color, and is called Rhodolite. Rhodolite garnet is a combination of pyrope and almandine minerals, also know as pyrope-almandine garnet.

Rhodolite Garnets are pretty universal, and probably one of the most well know Garnets.This

material typically has carbon spots, bubbles and a little silk.

Physical Properties:


Rhodolite Birthstone

red, purple, pink, peach
Specific Gravity
Refractive Index

Sign of Rhodolite:Leo

Usage:It helps increase self-expression and to speak with greater clarity. It can also stimulate the life force energy to bring about a burst of physical energy when one is feeling a bit tired and weary. It has been used in the teatment of disorders of the heart and lungs. Gives protection from pre- cancerous conditions. Rhodolite is useful during contemplation, balancing peace and harmony with activity.

Legend:According to Christian and Jewish mythologies, when God's wrath clouded the earth with thunderous storms and endless rain during the Great Flood, a radiant red Garnet guided the way for Noah, ultimately leading his Ark to Salvation.

Occurrence: Brazil, East Africa, Ceylon, India, Madagascar, Zimbabwe have Rhodolite