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Overview:Chiastolite is a variety of Andalusite, also knows as the "Cross Stone" because of its cross pattern of different colors that occurrs naturally. It exhibits the axis and angle in a different color from the rest of the crystal forming a natural cross. Andalusite crystals with graphite inclusions are called Chiastolite.

Usage:Chiastolite can enhance spiritual awareness and harmony, as well as practical creativity. Chiastolite is used for healing rheumatism, blood disorders, veins, blood circulation, balance of blood pressure ,

lactation and rheumatism. It can turn dissention into harmony and can be helpful to balance one's perceptions during times of change and instability. This powerful crystal balances one's perspective in both creativity and practicality.

Physical Properties:


Chiastolite Birthstone

white, red, brown, orange and green.
Specific Gravity


The "christ consciousness" aspects of love, forgiveness,

healing and compassion are represented by this stone.


Chiastolite is found in Algeria, South Australia, Bolivia, Chile, France, Russia, Spain, and in California in the USA.

Refractive Index: 1.632-1.638.