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Overview:Zoisite is named after Austrian scientist Baron Sigmund Zois von Edelstein (Baron von Zois) who discovered the mineral in the Sau-Alp mountains of Austria in 1805. Zoisite is a calcium aluminium hydroxy silicate belonging to the epidote group of minerals. Zoisite was first known as Saualpite after its type locality. The mineral crystalizes in othorhombic system, is usually gray although it can be brownish, greenish, or bluish

Usage:Wearing Zoisite can work like a mantra, gently calling you back to what you really want to be doing. Strengthens heart, energy, adrenals and reproductive Chakra. It relieves lethargy and boosts

physical energy. It offers stamina to the mental processes, facilitating advancements of the wearer's goals. Stimulates the mind and powerfully amplifying both mental and psychic talents.

Physical Properties:


Zoisite Birthstone

blue, violet, green, brown, pink, yellow, gray, colourless
Specific Gravity
Calcium-aluminium silicate
Refractive Index


In 1894 it was found by the mineral dealer Simon

Prešern at the Svinška Planina in Carinthia. It was

brought to Sigmund Zois, who determined the until then

unknown mineral and informed European minerologists.

In 1985, after full investigations, it was named Zoisite.


Tanzania (tanzanite), Kenya (anyolite), Norway (thulite),

Switzerland, Austria, India, Pakistan, and the USA.