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The name Mellite was derived from the ancient Latin word for “honey” which is “mellitus” due to its appearance in natural honey color. Mellite is composed of Oxygen, Silicon, Manganese, Sodium, Calcium and Hydrogen. It is found in deposits of brown coal, and its formation is partly the result of vegetable decomposition, a highly unusual situation amongst gemstones.

Usage:It is a rare mineral that is favored by both collector's and gem-lovers alike.

Physical Properties:


Mellite Birthstone

Yellow, brown
2 to 2.5
Specific Gravity
Refractive index
1.51 to 1.53

MelliteHoney Stone


Discovered in 1793 in the town of Arten, Thuringe, in Allemagne of France. Mellite was featured in the award

winning display of minerals from Russia and the

Republics of the former USSR at the exposition of the

main show in Tuscon, in February 2001.


Mellite occurs in France, Germany , Hungary and Russia.