Leo Compatibility

Leo Love Compatibility Horoscope 2020

Leo Compatibility for 2020

The love and marriage life of Leo natives would be bountiful and more compatible during year 2o2o. Jupiter would be moving in your favour as the year starts and hence your love life and social life would be greatly emphasized for the period. Your social life would be riding the crest season. Many Leos would see their friendship ending in love or marriage, the married ones would see much romance, you would renew your relationships and the like.

Your stand in the limelight would attract potential compatible partners all through the year. For long you would have been attracted on a compatible sense towards natives who are creative and spiritual. This year, however you would be attracted towards the entertainers.

Best and Worst compatibility signs for 2020

Best and Worst love match signs for 2020

Leos into love relationship would be at last getting married this year. Your planet of love is posited in the 8th house and this indicates that some Leos would be finding compatible partners through the sympathy route.

If you are a Leo from a broken love relationship or marriage then this year, this starts to look up. You would leave the current one for a more loyal and trustworthy relationship. The first quarter of the year is more favourable for Leo guys as far a love and marriage are concerned.

Single ones would find the year a little tough when it comes to locating an ideal compatible partner for life. Though the choices would be many, you would be confused by the myriad choices available.