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Love Compatibility Horoscope 2020

Love Compatibility Horoscopes- 2020

This year, we will have the chance to locate true partners or lovers in our life, those on who we can count on and who will be by our side in times of need. If you still haven't found your soul-mate, then this is the right time. As the year 2020 starts, some relationships crumble due to incompatibility, but the true and committed ones stick to your side.

This year the natives born under Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) will rarely have a good relationship with the Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). Similarly, the Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) will not be on the same wavelength with the Earth natives (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn).

Be careful to maintain harmony and compatibility in your love or marriage as two eclipses happen through the year, marring love and relationships. Around the middle of the year, the planet Mars may stir up love and marriage areas. And Neptune going retrograde would make you dissatisfied with your current relationship. Work towards better compatibility and stability in love and marriage this year.

For Aries natives, the 7th house is not highlighted for the year 2020. Hence it would be quite an average year for them. In October 2020, the planet Saturn enters your 7th house of marriage and love. This would be a great testing time for the natives.

The 7th house of love and marriage for Taurus folks seem to be quite undisturbed through the period of 2020. You would be having what you want in your relationships and there would not be any major drastic changes in this area.

Gemini guys have no major malefic or benefic aspects on their 7th house of love and compatibility in year 2020. Hence there would not be any major distractions in this area of their life. However your planet of love moves from Capricorn to Aquarius as the year starts. This changes your conservative thoughts over love and marriage for the period.

Year 2020 would not be that eventful as the previous year for Cancer folks with regard to love and marriage. This year would be a period of refining, cleansing and pruning of relationships for the natives.

The love and marriage life of Leo natives would be bountiful and more compatible during year 2o2o. Jupiter would be moving in your favour as the year starts and hence your love life and social life would be greatly emphasized for the period. Your social life would be riding the crest season.

The year 2020 holds better promises in terms of love and marriage when compared to the previous few years. Marriage or a good relationship would have been eluding most natives for quite sometime now.

This year, the social life of Libras would bring in compatible partners or relationship. For the year, your 5th house of love is very strong. This indicates there would be love in the year, lots of dating, however a serious compatible committed affair might elude most Libra natives.

The Scorpio natives who are married have quite a compatible period in life all through the year 2020. The single ones would have non-committed relationships for the period. But then this would be one-of a kind year, a period which would rarely visit a Scorpio native in terms of relationships.

Love and compatibility would not be that strong for Sagittarius people during the year 2020. This is because your house of love and marriage are not emphasized for the period. But then you would be highly social, however there would be not much happening on your love and marriage arena for now.

For the year 2020, Capricorns would see many changes in their love life and marriage. Most of you would be taking your present love or marriage for granted, you would be satisfied with the status quo. However be warned that changes are just round the corner.

This year would not be an eventful year for Aquarius guys in the sense that neither their 5th house nor their 7th house is strong enough. But then this does not mean that the natives lack interest in the field.

For Pisces natives, love and marriage would have been unstable and tested for sometime now. And it continues through this year as well. There would be temporary separation and periods of incompatibility with spouse or partner these days thanks to Uranus moving through your own Sign.