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Gemini Love Compatibility Horoscope 2020

Gemini Compatibility for 2020

Gemini guys have no major malefic or benefic aspects on their 7th house of love and compatibility in year 2020. Hence there would not be any major distractions in this area of their life. However your planet of love moves from Capricorn to Aquarius as the year starts. This changes your conservative thoughts over love and marriage for the period. Your hunt for a more established person, love at first sight and all such impulsive notions now change for the better.

Now the planets help you to search for a more career-settled and stable compatible partner. You would be looking for a better friend rather than a good partner. You would appreciate their thoughts and ideals as well.

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However there would not be much compatibility when it comes to the mental and spiritual plane for Gemini folks this year. Your search for a more creative, lucrative and wealthy partner might not be compatible with you nor share the same page with you for now.

The love interests and marriage pursuits of Gemini folks becomes more complex this year. Some natives are likely to fall in love with a peer or a person of authority in the work place. Love happens by means of media, communication or such things this year for Geminis. Those already in a marriage would find the going quite easy. If you are into love and are pursuing a marriage, then this is not the ideal time. Wait for the end of the year to tie the knot.