Planetary Influences - December 2016

Full Moon in Taurus - December 13

Sun Transits Sagittarius -(December 15 – January 14)

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius -(December 19 – January 8, 2017)

Venus Transits Aquarius -(December 28 – January 26)

New Moon in Sagittarius - December 28

Mercury and Jupiter Exchange houses- ( November 28 – February 2, 2017)

With Mercury entering Sagittarius, the house of Jupiter on November 28th , thee would be an exchange of houses with Jupiter already in Virgo, the house of Mercury. This exchange of houses strengthens both the planets- Jupiter and Mercury and the houses of Sagittarius and Virgo and the traits they rule.

Though Mercury and Jupiter are not generally friends, there would be a culmination of energy. This paves way for overall growth. Both Jupiter and Mercury get a boost of their energies during this time of the year. Mercury rules over the learning process and Jupiter takes care of the teaching process. Hence all works related to learning and teaching are in for a total makeover as also the professions related to the same during this exchange of houses between Mercury and Jupiter.

Venus Transits Capricorn -(December 2 – 28)

Venus which was in the house of Sagittarius during November now moves over to Capricorn, the house of Saturn on the 2nd day of December and continues here till the month ends. With this Venus comes under the influence of Saturn not only being in its own house but also by its 3rd house aspect. Also Mars is seen exalted in the house of Capricorn. This would bring about some pressure and troubles in our relationship areas for the first half of December.

Venus reigns over comfort and ease in our lives. Its journey through the hard and rocky terrain of the mountain goat, namely Capricorn would be a bit cumbersome. You need to walk through situations that are quite tough and not comfortable for this period. But then the effects would be mitigated by the benefic aspect of Jupiter on the house of Capricorn.

Mars Exaltation - December 7

Mars which is placed in the house of Capricorn, gets Exalted at 28 deg of this sign. Being at its peak, Mars is found to be in a strong territory as the foundation has been put by Saturn, the house ruler of Capricorn.

Mars in Capricorn gets into the direct aspect of both Saturn and Jupiter for the first week of December. Jupiter rules over expansion and Saturn rules over constrictions of sorts. These two aspects on Mars gives us a good time to understand the waiting and the action process in a better light beforehand. Some of us may be found to be hemmed between situations.

Sun and Saturn Conjunction - December 10

Saturn and Sun get into conjunction (0 deg) in the house of Scorpio for the third time in 2016 on December 10th. Sun and Saturn do not generally get along well and their conjunction in the secretive Scorpio would help any trouble or difficulty to thrive in our lives. The exact conjunction occurs at 25 deg Scorpio.

If we give up our ego and humble ourselves to the universe and its effect then this would be a calm and solemn period. Else you are in for some serious trouble in life. Also do note that there is an exchange of houses with Mars in Scorpio, the house of Saturn and Saturn in Scorpio, the house of Mars. This situation would give us its due share of difficulties to face in the coming days. Be bold to face them head-on.

Mars Transits Aquarius -(December 11 – January 19)

Mars which was Exalted in Capricorn on December 7th, slowly moves to the house of Aquarius on the 11th of December and stays there till January 19, 2017. There is an exchange of houses between Mars in Aquarius and Saturn in Scorpio.

Mars gets into conjunction with Ketu- the Dragon's tail at Aquarius 13 deg on the 27th of December. This is a time to be cautious as Mars and the dragon's tail are usually at war with each other. Mars in the fixed sign of Aquarius would be aspecting the other fixed signs of Taurus, Leo and Virgo. Hence some strong foundations would be rattled in this time period by the fiery energy of Mars.

Full Moon in Taurus -December 13

The full Moon of the month of December occurs on the 13th at 29 deg Taurus. The day being a Tuesday is ruled by the fiery planet Mars. Also Mars from the zodiac sign of Aquarius would be aspecting this full Moon present in Taurus. Though the Moon is at its peak-energy, the intense energy of Mars might force us into impulsive and harsh acts. Add to this the emotionality involved by the lunar force.

Moon in the Taurus-Gemini area is opposed by Sun now travelling between Scorpio and Sagittarius. This is a very challenging situation and asks for a calm and cool demeanour to stem the tide of strife we are likely to encounter in this time period.

Sun Transits Sagittarius-( December 15 – January 14)

The Sun transiting the house of Scorpio moves on to the zodiac house of Sagittarius on the 15th of December. By this time it would have crossed the trouble-maker Saturn or Sani. As Sun enters the territory of the friendly Jupiter there would be goodness. Prepare to focus on the tasks at hand as Sun would be entering the area of Saturn after January 14, 2017. The Mercury-Jupiter exchange of houses would add to the strength of Sun in Sagittarius for the time being.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius -(December 19 – January 8, 2017)

Mercury goes retrograde in the house of Sagittarius on December 19th and goes Direct after January 8th, 2017. As always advised, this is a time when we should refrain from making important decisions, ventures, etc in life. Instead try to re-do, retune, recycle or simply remain low for the time being. Else Mercury retrograde would cause unwanted troubles, hindrances and delays in your routine tasks.

This Mercury retrograde occurs along with the exchange of houses with Jupiter or Guru. Hence this would be a good time to assimilate or digest the information you had already acquired without venturing into searching for new information or new avenues.

Venus Transits Aquarius -(December 28 – January 26)

Venus would enter the watery sign of Aquarius towards the end of the month on 28th, December. Thus it joins the Mars-Ketu (the dragon’s tail) already posited therein. Mars is a fiery planet and this combination of Mars and Venus together is likely to bring about some worthwhile fire-works in most of our love lives, marriages or simply relationships.

Venus would be exiting the house of Aquarius , to move into the dreamy sign of Pisces on January 26th, 2017.

New Moon in Sagittarius -December 28

The New Moon for the month occurs on the 28th at 14 degrees Sagittarius. The retrograde Mercury in the zodiac house of Sagittarius is joined by this luminary combo of Sun-Moon. The day is a Wednesday and needs to be watched out as the day is ruled by Mercury itself.

The New Moon would be aspected by Rahu or the Dragon’s head from the house of Leo this time. A good time to take a perspective of your life. Analyse if your path is correct and prepare to change directions if not.