Planetary Influences - October 2016

New Moon in Virgo - September 30

On the evening of September 30 the Sun and the Moon come together at 15 deg Virgo marking the onset of the New Moon. At this point the Moon would be at its lowest energy being shadowed by the rays of the Sun and this sucks our physical and mental energies as well. Hence we are advised to lay low for the time being.

From October 1st, the Moon beings to wax or grow and this implies positive growth in our lives. With Sun and Jupiter in the house of Virgo, this growth or nurturing is greatly emphasised.


Mercury Transits Virgo-( October 3 – 20)

Mercury which had become Direct on September 21st, slowly gains speed and transits its own house of Virgo between October 3rd and 20th. This is also the house where Mercury is said to be Exalted.

Mercury would be joining Jupiter in the house of Virgo and the proper conjunction (0 deg) of these two planets occurs on October 10th. This conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter marks the starting period of any learning process for natives.

The transit of Mercury in its own house of Virgo also signifies getting into new health regimes, rejuvenation programs and many journeys of gain for us.


Venus Transits Scorpio –(October 12 – November 6)

Sun would be entering the house of Virgo on October 15th and stays there till October 16th . As Mercury retrograde takes it to the house of Leo, there would be an exchange of houses between the Sun and Mercury. On October 25th an exact conjunction of Sun and Jupiter occurs in Virgo. This would bring about a sense of clarity, joy and peace once again in our lives.


Full Moon in Pisces - October 15

The Moon reaches its fullest form on Saturday, October 15th. Then it would be at 30 deg Pisces just opposite to the Sun at 30 deg Virgo. As this full Moon occurs between the houses of Pisces and Aries, we might be in for a big surprise, where a new environment is in store for us.

Mars would be then aspecting Moon from the house of Sagittarius while Jupiter would be aspecting Moon from Virgo. This would be a good time to move along an honest path being guided by the planet Jupiter. Moon would also be sighted by Mercury from Virgo, its hometown. These planetary placements would greatly support any changes in our lives, both long-term and short-term.


Sun Transits Libra –(October 16 – November 15)

Sun enters the zodiac house of Libra from Virgo on October 16th and stays there till November 15th. Sun is debilitated in the house of Libra and hence its strength slowly gets reduced in this period. The days become shorter and colder as we approach the winter solstice in November.

However Sun would be hemmed between Venus in Scorpio on one side and Jupiter in Virgo on the other side. This would teach us as to how to go about compromising when it comes to sticking to relationships. On November 6th, Sun would be exactly debilitated at 20 deg Libra when we need to be cautious with our egos as it would be directly in the path of destruction.


Mercury Transits Libra –(October 20 – November 8)

Mercury which turned Direct on September 21st, gradually gains speed and moves across the zodiac houses. On October 20th it reaches the house of Libra and stays there till November 8th.

In Libra, Mercury comes into exact conjunction (0 deg) with the Sun at 10 deg on the 26th of October and then gets out of the combustion of Sun on November 20th only. When Mercury goes into combustion it loses its strength to the Sun.

However the effect would be minimised thanks to the support of Jupiter and Venus on either side. This emphasises mixed reactions in our learning and communications side where the perceptions change a lot. Some important lessons in life would be learnt during this time.


New Moon in Libra - October 30

The Waning Moon becomes New Moon on October 30th when it joins the Sun at 14 deg Libra. The zodiac house of Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and hence the effect of Venus on the luminaries Sun and Moon would be felt considerably for this time of the year.

Venus is in the house of Scorpio along with Saturn and Rahu is in the house of Leo, the native house of Sun. Hence the mutual effects of Sun, Moon, Venus and Rahu would be felt by us when some hindrances come our way. A good time to re-balance our life and get started afresh just like the Moon does. This waning period of the Moon should be used cautiously when the energy spent would be much more even for trivial matters.


Mars Transits Capricorn –(October 31 – December 11)

For all of October , Mars would be traversing the house of Sagittarius. As it is free from the conjunction of Saturn it gains strength and encourages positive growth in our lives. Though Mars would be aspected by Rahu from the house of Leo, the beneficial effect of Jupiter would support Mars.

Mars finally moves over to Capricorn on October 31st just as the New Moon sets in. Mars stays in Capricorn till December 11th when it transits to the house of Aquarius. The transit of Mars in Capricorn is a good time to plan for the future and progress rapidly with the intense energy of Mars.