Planetary Influences - April 2016

Venus Transits Pisces - March 31 to April 24

Venus enters the sign of Pisces where it is exalted on March 31st and stays there till April 24th. Venus would be joining Mercury in Pisces which is in a debilitated position and would uplift it adding to its strength. Venus would be last seen in the evening sky for this month. Then it would be passing Sun and would be visible only in July 2016.

Jupiter rules the house of Pisces through which Venus is transiting now. This denotes many endings and new beginnings. But then Jupiter is in retrograde motion in the house of Leo. Hence there would be some confusions in your life, move slowly but steadily heeding to the advise of those around and check your steps.


Venus Transits Aries -April 24 to May 19

Venus hitherto travelling in the house of Pisces, the last house in the zodiac then moves on to the first house of Aries on 24th April. It would be in Aries till May 19th. Venus would be joining Mercury and Sun in Aries and would undergo combustion as it comes nearer to the luminary, the Sun.

Venus and Mercury are naturally friendly planets and would add some strength to Mercury which starts its retrograde motion on April 28th. Since Aries is ruled by Mars, an intense and fiery planet, Venus might be in for a challenging situation here.


Mercury Transits Aries -April 2 to June 7

Mercury would be transiting the first house of Aries in April 2nd and would go retrograde on the 28th of April. Mercury in the house of Aries would be in enemy territory and this might bring about hardships in life. But then Aries' ruler Mars and Mercury make good work companions and hence there would be help in your professional life. Though there would be goodness in the work front be ready to face hindrances and delays for your plans and ideas, you might meet head-on with challenging situations.

Mercury appears to be retrograde, from April 28 – May 22. By April 28, Mercury will have reached 30° Aries. The retrograde cycle returns Mercury to 21° Aries on May 22, when it resumes its direct motion.

Mercury going retrograde in the house of Aries would derail your thought process. Hence avoid over thinking and research works during this period. But then this would be a good time to take some time off for your brains. Mercury retrograde would be a period where you need to retreat and learn from your past mistakes and experiences. Avoid hasty decisions and impulsive decisions for now.


New Moon in Pisces -April 7

Sun and Moon would be together in the house of Pisces on April 7th, 2016. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter which is in the house of Leo. This exchange of houses between Sun and Jupiter strengthens both and Moon joins in this glory. Sun and Moon would be in the nakshatra or lunar mansion of Revati.

Moon would be joining the exalted Venus in the house of Pisces. This gives energy and a turning point for the New Moon. Generally a new moon is the time when the energy of the Moon would be at its lowest and we lack some energy in body and mind. But Venus would give us a fillip here.


Sun Transits Aries - April 13 to May 14

Sun would be entering the house of Aries on April 13th and would be there till May 14th. Sun would be joining Mercury in Aries which would be gearing up for the retrograde motion.

Sun would be at its peak now and its energy can be utilized for starting new projects and ventures. Ideas hitherto in books or conception stage can be brought into practicality. Sun is exalted in Aries. Jupiter and Rahu or the Moon's node would be aspecting Sun from the house of Leo. While Jupiter would be giving a positive effect on Sun, Rahu might cast a darkness on your plans for now, beware.


Mars Retrograde- April 16

Mars begins the retrograde motion at 15° Scorpio, being its own house on April 16th, 2016. It becomes direct on June 30th in the house of Libra. Mars would be again entering the house of Scorpio on July 12th when it meets Saturn for a conjunction. This is due on August 23rd at the nakshatra of Anuradha.

Mars retrograde means energy that has been held up. Hence be prepared for a stressed out time when conditions might turn unstable or unfavourable.


Full Moon in Libra -April 21

The Moon becomes full on Thursday, April 21, 2016. The Moon will be at 9° Libra opposing the exalted Sun at 9° Aries. The ruler of Libra is Venus which is currently exalted in the house of Pisces. This would increase the strength of the full Moon on April 21st.

This Full Moon would be a good time to help rebalance your relationships or try for some physical or mental healing. As quite a good number of planets are in the fixed signs things might not work well in your favor, then be prepared for a change of heart.


Jupiter and Saturn - Retrograde in April

Jupiter in the nakshatra of Poorvphalguni of the sign Simha or Leo and Saturn in the nakstra of Jyeshta in the sign of Scorpio continue their retrograde motion all through April 2016. Now four planets, namely Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Mercury would be in retrograde motion which does not bid good tidings. Retrograde Saturn in Scorpio is aspecting retrograde Jupiter at Leo.


Planetary Influences - April 2016

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