Planetary Influences - May 2016

Retrograde Planets

As the month of May 2016 starts, we find the planets Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all in retrograde motion. This indicates that this would not be an apt period to forge ahead with your projects. If at all you need, be prepared for major changes, errors and failures that would be beyond your controls.

But then period can be utilized positively for revisiting, restructuring and revising your works. When you delve deep then you can find out some answers for your previous losses. Lying low and maintaining a patient demeanor would be the best solution for the period.

So when does this retrograde events reverse? Mercury goes direct on May 22, Mars on June 30th, Jupiter on May 9th and Saturn would go direct on the 13th of August 2016.


Saturn Aspects Jupiter

In May 2016, Saturn would be in the house of Scorpio and Jupiter in the house of Leo. Saturn would be seen aspecting Jupiter and Rahu or the Moon's node placed in Leo. For the whole month, the aspect would be very tight and intense. On May 1st, Saturn would be at Scorpio 22 deg and Jupiter at Leo 20 deg, very close to say. Also both are in retrograde motion, hence caution should be exercised. Find the balance for any of your pursuits in life. Learn to love and live according to your limitations or within your means, do not over-indulge.


New Moon - in Aries May 6

The luminaries Sun and Moon would come together in the house of Aries at 23 deg. The intense energy of Mars would be dominant in the house of Aries acting on Moon. Sun and Moon would also come under the strong aspects of Jupiter and Rahu from the house of Leo.

The act of sacrificing or letting go off of certain things or relationships could be quite intense during this new Moon. As Moon is in Aries, the house of Mars, Mars becomes the host for Moon. This points to possibility of intense research and proper planning. Saturn is related to Mars and it slows down any work making sure that the thing is not completed in a hurry. Mercury also in the house of Aries would aid in good communication to get your message across and Venus in Aries would give us the much needed artistic value and comfort in life.

As the Sun is exalted in the house of Aries things done would be apt and correct for the timing. With Moon flanked by Mercury and Venus some of you might walk through darkness or testing times during the New Moon. Generally a New Moon is a period when the energy of Moon would be at its lowest and hence it is better if we slow down our activities for quite some time.


Jupiter goes direct on May 9

Till May Jupiter being retrograde in conjunction with Rahu and aspected by Saturn would have given serious troubles and implications in some of your lives. But then Jupiter going direct onMay 9th would slowly reverse this negative trend. As the month of May progresses, the aspect of Saturn on Jupiter slowly wanes as also the effects of Rahu.


Sun Transits Taurus May 14 – June 14

Sun would be moving into the house of Taurus on May 14th. Then it would be in opposition to Saturn and Mars. Sun is moving to an earth sign and hence this points to new growth and connecting with nature for the season. But then Saturn and Sun in opposition asks you to maintain your ego and focus on your individual talents. There would be much stress and strain as Sun is in the house of Venus and Saturn and Sun would be acting from the house of Mars which are usually at loggerheads.


Venus Transits Taurus May 19 – June 12

With the transit of Sun to the house of Taurus, Venus begins its movement and reaches Taurus on May 19th. Sun and Venus get into conjunction on June 6th. For the month of May, Venus would be combust by its proximity to Sun. But then as Venus is in its own house of Taurus there would be great opportunity to expose your creative side. The opposition of Saturn and Mars on Venus would be great hindering growth potentials in creative areas. However the direct motion of Mercury around the end of May might relieve some troubles.


Full Moon in Scorpio May 21

A full Moon occurs on May 21 when Moon is at 8 deg Scorpio and Sun is at 8 deg Taurus. Mars would also be at 8 deg Scorpio forming a great yoga. Venus would be at Taurus along with Sun. Though favorable conditions exist, the retrograde movement of a couple of planets in the zodiac sky might wreak havoc on your plans. It is better you plan for a small get -together of sort to enjoy the bright light of the Moon.


Mercury Resumes Direct Motion May 22

Mercury goes direct on May 22 but then there would be no major positive developments seen as Mars and Saturn would be still in their retrograde movement. Around the first week of June Mercury would be entering the house of Taurus. The time gap between Mercury going direct and Mercury entering Taurus would be beneficial for academics and research works.