Planetary Influences - January 2016

Venus Transits Sagittarius (January 18 - February 11)

Full Moon in Cancer January 23

Rahu and Ketu enter Leo/Aquarius - January 29

New Year Day- January 1

The first day of the year 2016 would be a Friday. The following planetary positions are noted for the day:

• Jupiter in Leo

• Moon in Virgo

• Rahu or Dragon's head in Virgo

• Mars in Libra

• Venus in Scorpio

• Saturn in Scorpio

• Sun in Sagittarius

• Mercury in Capricorn


Saturn Transits Jyestha Nakshatra

Saturn would be in the sign of Scorpio all through the year 2016. Saturn would be in the nakshatra of Jyestha for the whole of January 2016, except for the time between July 9 - September 17, 2016 when Saturn returns to Anuradha nakshatra due to its retrograde cycle. Jyestha Nakshatra is ruled by the planet Mercury that indicates learning, movement and change. Saturn's journey through Scorpio in the month of January would remind us that life is difficult and would have its good share of hardships and obstacles.

Change would be the keyword for this Saturn transit through Jyestha Nakshatra. Saturn moving through Jyestha could be a call for revolution. Saturn's tendency is to uphold traditional ways such that stability is maintained despite any uprising.


Mercury Retrograde January 5 - 25

Mercury starts the years' journey by going retrograde that begins in Capricorn. Mercury retreats into Sagittarius and then take direct motion again on January 25. Mercury re-enters Sagittarius on January 13 and then makes an exact conjunction with the Sun on January 14 at 30° Sagittarius as the Sun moves forward into Capricorn and Mercury retreats into Sagittarius.

While Mercury is in Capricorn, Saturn's oppressive influence can slow Mercury down thus causing hindrances to our endeavours here on planet earth. Mercury is in a state of combustion during most of this retrograde period. That means that the Sun has the say ultimately in what Mercury is doing, as the two planets are so close that weaker Mercury is drowned by the influence of the Sun. Combustion of Mercury will be from January 9 - 20. Be prepared for communication malfunctions during this time period, the usual advise for a Mercury Retrograde period.


Jupiter goes Retrograde on January 7

Jupiter begins its retrograde motion on January 7th, 2016 that would continue till May 09, 2016. Once it goes direct it would enter the zodiac house of Virgo on August 11, 2016. The retrograde of Jupiter would be a mirror of the retrograde movement of Saturn in the Nakshatra of Jyeshta.

These two slow-moving planets in retrograde will overlap between March 24 - May 9, 2016. Saturn would be in aspect to Jupiter while Saturn is in Scorpio and Jupiter is in Leo, further pressurizing and possibly stabilizing the situation.


New Moon in Sagittarius - January 9

There would be a New moon also called as Amavasya in Indian terms on the 9th of January in the house of Sagittarius when all are warned to minimize their work loads and take rest and relaxation.

This would be a good time to give thanks to teachers or mentors and start planting new seeds for the next year's harvest. Those in the modern times can start new ventures in this time. The Jupiter retrograde with the new Moon helps you to review everything you have been offered n life. Once the Moon starts to grow after January 9th, you can move ahead with your projects already in hand.


Sun Transits Capricorn

Sun would be transiting the sign of Capricorn in January. Capricorn's ruler Saturn would have a grip over Sun in this period with it being posited in the house of Scorpio. Saturn in addition with the retrograde Jupiter would be causing a dull moment for people with routine works being given a go-ahead.

But then Sun in the house of Capricorn would be an inspiring period for us to get things done that have been left un-done for quite a long time now.


Venus Transits Sagittarius January 18 - February 11

Venus would be in the house of Scorpio in January and would be transiting to the house of Sagittarius on the 18th of January 2016. Though Venus in Scorpio is a difficult terrain, Mars would give a strength to Venus. On January 8th, Venus would be passing by Saturn, the planet of trouble. Hence this would not be a good day for relationships to survive. Add to this the waning period of Moon and the impact of Mars which might cause aggression in all territories concerned.

When Venus moves to the house of Sagittarius on the 18th, it joins Mercury which is in retrograde motion ditching its association with Mars. The benefic aspects of Jupiter also falls on the house of Sagittarius during this time.


Full Moon in Cancer - January 23

There would be a full Moon in the house of Cancer on January 23. Moon would be placed in the Nakshatra of Pushyami while the Sun would be basking in the house of Capricorn. This placement of the Moon is devoid of any malefic afflictions and aspects. A tranquil atmosphere would be prevalent across the globe in this time.


Rahu and Ketu enter Leo/Aquarius - January 29

Rahu and Ketu also called the Dragon's head and the Dragon's tail respectively would be moving into the house of Leo and Aquarius on January 29th. Rahu and Ketu have been positioned in Virgo and Pisces, respectively, since July 12, 2014. Rahu and Ketu transit the zodiac for about a period of 1.5 years. Rahu will be in occupation of Leo and Ketu will be in occupation of Aquarius till August 18, 2017. The nodes of the Moon are said to cause unexpected events in one's life based upon his/her natal chart positions. Rahu would be close to Jupiter from January 29th and this is likely to cause some troubles for the natives. While Jupiter is a planet connected with prosperity, Rahu is likely to restrict the same.


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