Planetary Influences - September 2016

New Moon - Annular Solar Eclipse in Leo -September 1

The New Moon of the month occurs on September 1st when the luminaries Sun and the Moon meet. And this meeting would be an Annular Solar Eclipse as the Sun and the Moon are just in line and the disc of the Moon appears smaller than that of the Sun, so the Sun creates a bright ring around the Moon as it passes in front of the Sun. This eclipse is visible in Africa and the Indian Ocean.

The Sun and the Moon meet in the house of Leo for this eclipse along with Rahu. Eclipses are times when we are advised against executing important tasks and taking major life-decisions. This is because clarity would be elusive for the time. Also generally during a New Moon it is best to avoid high levels of physical and mental works as they might land you nowhere. Hence it is advised to stay calm and hold to your ground till the effect of the Eclipse wanes of for now.


Jupiter – Mercury Conjunction -September 2

Mercury which is in Retrograde motion now, would be in conjunction with Jupiter on September 2nd in the house of Virgo. The close proximity between Jupiter and Mercury has been now on from August 22nd and would be there till September 8th . Jupiter rules over the teacher and Mercury rules the taught and hence this period culminates in the acquisition of a broader knowledge base.

Mercury and Jupiter would again conjunct on October 2017. Hence the close relation between Jupiter and Mercury continues for long. This conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter takes place in Virgo, the natural house of Mercury and hence the usual communication problems we experience when Mercury is retrograde is minimised to a greater extent.


Sun Transits Virgo –(September 15 – October 16)

Sun would be entering the house of Virgo on September 15th and stays there till October 16th . As Mercury retrograde takes it to the house of Leo, there would be an exchange of houses between the Sun and Mercury. On September 25th an exact conjunction of Sun and Jupiter occurs in Virgo. This would bring about a sense of clarity, joy and peace once again in our lives.


Full Moon - Penumbral Eclipse - September 16

On September 16th, the luminaries Sun and Moon would be in exact opposition with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces. As the Sun-Moon axis is close to the Rahu-Ketu axis , it causes a partial lunar eclipse which is visible in Europe, Asia, Australia and East Africa.

This is the second eclipse in September 2017. And it takes place in the Virgo-Pisces axis. As always this eclipse too makes us weary, powerless and direction-less for quite sometime. But then we would be initiated to keep going. As Jupiter and Venus are also in the house of Virgo with the Sun this would also be a time for healing and growth in life.

Mars and Saturn in the fixed sign of Scorpio though not directly affected by the eclipse would stabilize our positions as they are in a fixed sign. On the eclipse day natives are advised to stay away from making big life decisions and instead focus on meditation and contemplation of future plans and ideas. The days following the eclipse would initiate actions and decisions in life.


Mars Enter Sagittarius September 17

Mars which was in conjunction with Saturn in August in the house of Scorpio moves over to the house of Sagittarius on September 17th and stays there till October 31st. Mars is now in a friendly house, the house of Jupiter. As Mars transits from Scorpio to Sagittarius we might face troubles in the personal and professional front as Mars is the ruler of energy, force and courage.

Once Mars crosses the barrier between Scorpio and Sagittarius, there would be a return of power. As Mars has come out of the influence of Saturn now. However it would be aspected by Rahu from the house of Leo. This would result in a forward motion of things that had been delayed for quite sometime now.


Venus Transits Libra –(September 18 – October 12)

Just as Mars moves over from Scorpio to Sagittarius, Virgo moves from the house of Virgo where it was debilitated to the house of Libra, its own house. It stays in Libra from September 18th to October 12th.

During this period our creativity would be brought to the fore as also our social connections or links. Your sense of self-expression would be quite high in this period. Venus rules the roost with none of the planets are in the house of Libra except for Moon when it visits Libra between October 2nd and 4th.

However Venus might be caught in a difficult yoga with Saturn and Sun occupying the signs flanking the house of Libra. This might cause some difficulty in balancing our relationships for the period. A period when diplomacy and tact would help you to win in relationships in life.


Mercury goes Direct- September 21

Mercury which was in a retrograde motion from August 30th would go direct on September 21st at 21 deg Virgo. For the past few weeks we would have been haunted by communication issues and relationship troubles as Mercury was going retrograde. Now as it goes direct, this is a period for stability in life.

As September moves on, Mercury in its forward motion gains strength and we would be let off from the block created by Mercury itself. For this time, almost all the planets are in direct motion only and hence things would have a smooth sail.