Planetary Influences - June 2016

New Moon in Taurus - June 4

The New Moon for the month of June 2016 occurs on June 4th. The Sun, Moon and Venus would be at 21 deg Taurus. This means that all the planets except Mercury would be in fixed signs for a few days' time. This scenario would bring about situations that seem permanent and difficult to change in our lives.

Only Mercury has the power to bring about any changes as it is exalted in its own sign of Virgo. Moon would be exalted in the house of Taurus. The Moon-Venus combination in the sign of Taurus would be opposed by the Retrograde Saturn from Scorpio. This would further make you get stuck with your present ventures. Add to this the effect of Retrograde Mars also posited in Scorpio. Hence things are not going to be that easy this New Moon for those envisioning a change of course.


Sun and Venus Conjunction - June 6

Venus would be in conjunction (0 deg) with Sun on June 6th after which it would be visible in the western sky termed as the "Evening Star". Venus in conjunction with Sun becomes combust. Hence its power would not be visible or tangible during this period. The conjunction occurs at 23 degrees Taurus, Venus' own house. As the conjunction happens in the fixed sign of Taurus, natives would be feeling severe confrontations in relationships where their individuality would be put to test.

As Mars and Saturn would be opposing this conjunct pair from Scorpio, we would be tempted to react heavily to any sort of adverse conditions in our relationships that would further aggravate the negativity to the whole issue. However onJune 6th, Moon and Mercury would be on either side of the house of Taurus holding the conjunct pair and this would improve our perspective of life and help us to move forward with renewed vigour and strength.


Mercury Transits Taurus –( June 7 – 26)

Mercury would be entering the house of Taurus to join with Sun and Venus on June 7th. Then all the planets except Moon would be in fixed signs. From June 9th to 11th Moon also enters a fixed sign. Though this placement might bring about some liquidity and transparency, it is better advised to be patient for some more time till Sun and Venus move on to the house of Gemini, a friendly territory.

Though Mercury has the ability to get things forward, you might feel slowed down a bit thanks to the aspects of Saturn from the house of Scorpio. Anything planned for the month of June would not be that fruitful.


Venus Transits Gemini - (June 12 – July 6)

Venus enters the house of Gemini on June 12th. It would still be in conjunction with Sun and this conjunction ends in July 12th. From June 12th to June 26th, Venus and Mercury would have exchanged their houses and this would bring about goodness in all sorts of communications ruled by Mercury and relationships ruled over by the planet Venus. Creative projects could be brought out to the foreground now. As Venus moves through Gemini, the Sun slowly joins it and the retrograde Mars begins to move out of Scorpio, thus minimizing the negative energy around this combination. Some of the important lessons in life can be learnt during this time.


Sun Transits Gemini June 14 – July 15

The Sun moves over to the house of Gemini from Taurus on June 14th and stays there till July 15th. By this transit the strong opposition between the Sun and Saturn would be broken and then things slowly start easing up. The energy of the ruler of Gemini, namely Mercury gets added up with the Sun. For the first three days and the last three days of the transit, Sun would be opposed by Mars from the house of Scorpio. Then there would be the influence of Mercury and Venus which are both benefics only.


Mars Returns to Libra (June 17 – July 12)

Mars would be transiting to the house of Libra from Scorpio on June 17th and would be there till July 12th. This makes sure that the negative effects of the Saturn-Mars conjunction is gone for this period. Hence the struggles in life would be minimised a bit for quite sometime. Retrograde Mars in Libra turns direct on June 29 and then re-enters the house of Scorpio on July 12th. The direct motion of Mars would help us to move forward in life without much hassles.


Full Moon in Sagittarius -June 20

The full moon for June occurs on June 20th. Sun in the house of Gemini would be in opposition with Moon posited in Sagittarius. Natives would experience some freedom after they have been into a struck position for weeks from the New moon in June. Sun and Venus in Gemini, Mars in Libra and Moon in Sagittarius pose favourable trends for the period. However Moon would be receiving the malefic aspects of Rahu which in turn would be countered by the benefic aspects of Jupiter which is in the same house of Leo along with Rahu. The combined effects of Jupiter and Rahu would compel you to find the true answers to life. It is better to lay still and heed to your inner voice during this period.


Jupiter and Rahu Conjunction - June 24

Jupiter and Rahu would conjoin on June 24th in the house of Leo. This conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu is an event waiting to happen from the start of year 2017 and holds greater significance for us natives. Rahu takes us towards illegal ways and affairs while Jupiter wants us to be honest and straightforward with life. Hence this conjunction would put us into indecisive situations. On this same day of June 24th, Moon would be joining Ketu in the house of Aquarius which indicates that you should let go off certain things or relations in life for forward movement. Ketu and Saturn which are known to be trouble-makers are in exchange of their houses and this advises us to be quiet and still and understand life from the hurdles with face.


Mercury Transits Gemini (June 26 – July 10)

On June 26th Mercury would be entering its own house of Gemini and would be joined by Sun there. Mercury in its own house and being close to Sun would help us to move really fast in life. You would be able to experience some energy and enthusiasm to keep forging ahead in life. Communications and scope for further education and research would be a smooth sail for those into the same.