Planetary Influences - July 2016

Saturn continues in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo

Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu continue in their positions of June 2016. Saturn remains in the middle of the house of Scorpio while Jupiter continues its position in the late degrees of Leo. As Jupiter moves away from Rahu, education and finances ruled by Jupiter would get a general boost till now being hampered by the ill-effects of Rahu. Some clarity can be expected in these areas.

However the aspect of Saturn on Jupiter and Rahu in Leo would play spoilsport, especially in the life of those having Sun or Moon or Ascendant in Leo. The onset of August would see Saturn and Jupiter changing their house positions. It would be a breather after a brief period of harsh positions then.


New Moon in Gemini - July 4

On July 4th, Moon joins Sun at 19 deg Gemini which indicates the New Moon. The New Moon day is when the lunar energy is very low and hence we are advised to slow down our paces , rest and relax our body and soul.

Joining the Sun and Moon in Gemini will also be Venus and Mercury. As Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, there would be a show of high energy levels which might be off-setted by the New Moon. Gemini has no malefic aspects for the month of July hence everything connected with Mercury and Venus like communications, creativity and the like would be emphasized for the month of July.


Venus Transits Cancer –(July 7 – 31)

Venus would be moving into the house of Cancer on July 7th completing its transformation from the morning star to the evening star. Hereafter we would be able to view Venus in the evening sky only.

It stays in Cancer till July 31st. The house of Cancer is ruled by Moon. This brings about a sense of fluidity or liquidity or transparency in our artistic and creative fields being ruled by the planet Venus placed in the house belonging to Moon. These fields can be pursued with great commitment for the month of July. Venus transiting the house of Cancer would also help improve your emotional state and feelings to a new height.


Mercury Transits Cancer –(July 10 – 26)

Mercury would also be entering the house of Cancer on July 10th, giving company to its constant companion namely, Venus. It stays in Cancer till July 26th giving a new dimension to the way we communicate with the world outside. However Mercury has the ability to bring about some stability in our emotional upheavals being brought about by Venus in the house of Moon namely, Cancer.


Mars Returns to Scorpio - July 12

Mars would have completed its retrograde motion in Libra on June 29th and would be slowly retracing its path in Libra. On July 12th it would be reaching its own house of Scorpio. Then it comes to the company of Saturn causing severe conflicts in life, with the aggressive nature of Mars dominating the scene with Saturn which likes to limit actions in life. As the month of July progresses, Mars slowly limps nearer to Saturn which would culminate in the conjunction of Mars and Saturn later on in August 2016. With the conjunction in sight there would be a head-on collision between our ideas of courage and fear in life.


Sun Transits Cancer –(July 15 – August 16)

Sun would be entering its annual post in the house of Cancer on July 15th. It would be joining Venus and Mercury already posited in Cancer. However both would have moved far ahead in the house of Cancer to escape the direct heat of the Sun. Cancer is free of malefic afflictions for the month of July and hence its ruler-ship over home and affairs would get a new lease. Family get-togethers and auspicious functions can be planned for this period.


Full Moon in Capricorn - July 19

The full moon for the month of July is due on the 19th in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn and this puts some delays and hindrances for matters ruled over by Moon. The full moon brings with it loads of emotional turmoil and these outbursts can be kept under check by the aspects of Saturn from the house of Scorpio only. Some mind-calming techniques and meditation are advised for this time period.


Mercury Transits Leo –(July 26 – August 19)

Mercury enters the house of Leo on July 26th to join with Jupiter already getting ready for an exit to venture into Virgo. Mercury would also be meeting Rahu here. The combination of Mercury with Jupiter would give emphasis on studies and teaching related works. Mercury in Leo would be also aspected by Saturn which might slow down our pursuits by a considerable proportion. However Mercury in the house of Leo enhances communication in the creative side being ruled by Leo.