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2019 Christmas Horoscopes - Though all Christmas seasons are loaded with fun and happiness, this year it has to be double-fold, thanks to the planetary influences around. This Christmas indicates great starts in-spite of it being the end of the year.

The Birth of Jesus - The Book of Matthew from the Bible records the significance of Jesus birth. It refers to the astrologers, also known as wise men who came to worship Jesus when he was born.

Valentines day Horoscope 2018 - On February 14th, 2018, we celebrate Valentines Day. On this day Venus, the planet of Love is at 4 deg Pisces and Mars is located at 11 deg Sagittarius. So how does this placement affect the love prospects of the 12 zodiac signs? Valentines day is a day dedicated for love and lovers. It gets them to be more emotional and sentimental for the day though love rules all the days of our life!! Now, here the best Valentines horoscopes for the 12 sun-signs. The horoscopes are done based on the presence of Venus and Mars in the zodiac sky for the day. Happy Valentines Day!!

2016 Christmas Horoscopes - The Christmas Day of 2016 has the most unusual line-up in years. On this day Jupiter is at 20 deg Libra, Uranus at 20 deg Aries and Saturn at 20 deg Sagittarius in the zodiac heavens. Add to this Uranus is in opposition (180 deg) to Jupiter which is a rarity. Also Uranus is trine (120 deg) with Saturn while Saturn is in sextile ( 60 deg) with Jupiter. A great placement for a great day on the calendar isn't it?

Mother's Day - Mother's day is a celebration of mothers around the world, motherhood, maternal bonds and all those maternal instincts. in astrology Moon rules over mothers and their sun signs reveal their true self. The fourth house rules over the mother off the native in his or her horoscope

Akshaya Tritiya - Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated on the third tithi or the third lunar day of the bright half of the Moon also called the Shukla Paksha in the Indian month of Vaishakha. The name "Akshaya" in Sanskrit means "never diminishing" and "Tritiya" means "the third day".

2015 Christmas Horoscopes - The 2015 Christmas horoscopes for all the zodiac signs are presented here. With a New Moon in the house of Gemini, we are to encounter Christmas in the bright light of the Moon. It would be opposing the Sun which would be placed at the house of Sagittarius.

Ganesh Chaturthi - Lord Ganesh or Ganesha is an important deity in Hindu mythology. Lord Ganesh is in a human form but with the head of an elephant and he is worshipped before important auspicious events in every Hindu home.

Janmashtami - Janmashtami or Krishna Jayanthi is the celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna. It is said that Krishna was born in the year of Visvavasu, some 5227 years ago. God Vishnu took the form of Krishna and was born in this world to destroy the evil forces.

Rakshabandhan - Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival that celebrates the bond between a brother and sister. It does not involve any religion and the brother ties a Rakhi or a sacred thread in the wrist of his sister indicating that he would support her in life despite adversaries in life.