Mother's day is a celebration of mothers around the world, motherhood, maternal bonds and all those maternal instincts. in astrology Moon rules over mothers and their sun signs reveal their true self.

The fourth house rules over the mother off the native in his or her horoscope. The fourth house ruler is Moon and it rules over our minds and how it has been groomed all these years by our very own mothers on earth.

The first, seventh and the tenth houses and their lords also rule over mother. Mother forms the foundation for one's life and hence astrologers consider the fourth house to be very important for any person.

Most of the mothers are known for their loving and caring and selfless nature. For some mothers are a mystery. Decode your mother now..

Mother's Day

So which mothers are the best??

• Taurus mothers - Ruled by the planet Venus, these mothers’ are highly social and charming. They have a strong desire for knowledge and educational degrees with a love for beauty.

• Gemini Mothers- Ruled by the planet Mercury, the Gemini mothers are cultured and well educated. They come from an educationally accomplished background.

• Cancer Mothers- This sign mothers’ can be very nurturing and create a very comfortable, nurturing home and home life. They are ruled by Moon, the ruler of emotions and feelings.

• Virgo Mothers – These mothers have a strong sense of love for family and a strong connection to children. They are being ruled by the planet of communication namely, Mercury.

• Libra Mothers - These mothers’ bring love of luxury and beauty in the home, especially wealth comes through the mother. They know how to strike a balance between work and play. They are ruled by the artistic planet Venus.

• Sagittarius Mothers - They have a very strong connection to their children. They are ruled by Jupiter

• Pisces Mothers - Ruled by Jupiter, they are the best mothers among the whole lot. They have a love for home and family and are highly optimistic in life that keeps the children going during tough times.

Astrological Connections to Mother's Day

On Mother's day Venus would be in the house of Cancer, the house which rules over motherly instincts, and the Sun would be in the house of Taurus, an earthy sign that relates to comfort. Mother's day is generally celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May every year.

The Bible calls upon us to "Honor they Mother and Father...". This is one of the ten commandments given to Moses by the Lord. Our mother must have cared and tended to us when we were young. As they grow older, it is our duty to care for them in their sunset years.

On Mother’s Day, let us thank and honor our mothers, grandmothers, step-mothers and others who took up the position of mothers in our lives.

Happy Mother's Day!

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