Mother Compatibility

There is a tangled web of emotion that develops between a mother and child throughout their lives. Your moon, its position and aspect, and the sun's position determine what kind of a mother you are.

Mother is the creator of the child. Form the very beginning she rears her child in her womb. Powerful and intense, you're not just a mom, you're the master and commander of your family. As with everything, you run a big ship. Here's more on the compatibility of the different mothers.

Aries Mother

An Aries mom wants to help her children succeed. She makes clear boundaries in her home and "no means no" with her.

She also likes to give her children a lot of their own "me" time just as long as she gets hers. She can be a competitive parent and may have too high of standards or push her children too hard to win and be the best. She may also have a temper!

Taurus Mother

A Taurus mother is full of stability and structure. Her children are always involved in after school activities and she is extremely supportive and is good at building up her children's self-esteem.

She is also good at being a savvy buyer for her family. The Taurus mom can be very stubborn and she may have the tendency to spoil her children!

Gemini Mother

A Gemini mom is good at playing with her children and with her kid's friends. She keeps up with the times and usually tries to be the "cool" mom. She highly values her children's education.

A Gemini mom might have a lack of clear boundaries, can be unstable, and may act more like their child's friend than parent.

Cancer Mother

Most Cancer's are naturally good with children and have amazing maternal instincts. Because of this the Cancer mom is understanding, loving, caring, and instinctive.

She is the mom who loves family reunions, is always baking and crafting with/for her children, and she always has pictures of her children. She is extremely playful with children and likes to stimulate their creativity. The Cancer mom can be overprotective and they are the moody mom.

Leo Mother

The Leo mom is playful with her kids and she likes to be very involved in their life. She will be a girl scouts leader or a chaperone for field trips.

She likes to get her children involved in extracurricular activities and she does push her children to compete. The Leo mom can be bossy and when the Leo mom is upset everyone is upset.

Virgo Mother

The Virgo mother is organized and promotes healthy habits. She is the type to buy educational toys for her kids and will keep them eating healthy. She may even limit on how much Halloween Candy they can eat! She is good with guidance and she is interested in child development.

The Virgo mom can be catty towards other mothers, gossiping on how they raise their kids and she can be a bit anal with her rules and she is the type to always say "mother knows best."

Libra Mother

The Libra mother is very patient with her children and likes to treat them to all that life has. She will take her children on trips and treat them to ice cream after a day in the park.

The Libra mom wants the best for her children and sometimes she may push this too far, enrolling them in some fancy school that cost a lot even though another cheaper school might be just as effective and high-quality. The Libra mom can also be a bit inconsistent with rules and discipline.

Scorpio Mother

The Scorpio mom wants her family to be very close and everything they do should be done as a family.

The Scorpio mom wants whatever she thinks is best for her kids which could be enrolling them in a nice private school or homeschooling them. She can be uncompromising and she can over-coddle her children.

Sagittarius Mother

The Sagittarius mom is full of adventure and may be that parent who is always trying out new parenting methods and feeding her kids exotic foods, enrolling them in language classes or off-beat classes such as pottery.

She wants to teach her kids by example and wants to be a good role model. She can be like a life-coach by always giving useful tips to her children.

The Sagittarius mom can be impatient with her kids, she can also fall into lecturing them rather than really teaching them anything, she is also the mom who is most likely to curse in front of her kids.

Capricorn Mother

The Capricorn mom can have a good work ethic and solid values which she will teach to her children. She can be strict but she will make sure her kids have what they need to succeed.

The Capricorn mom might be a bit status obsessed and she is the parent whose children may be afraid to disappoint.

Aquarius Mother

The Aquarius mom is good at teaching her kids tolerance and individual pride. She won't shelter her kids for long and she is one of the few moms who can balance being a friend and a parent at the same time.

She may be into trying new parenting methods and she likes to get her kids involved in activities that look good for college such as volunteering or being part of the Key Club.

The Aquarius mom can have a lack of boundaries however and her unpredictable nature isn't always healthy in the raising of children.

Pisces Mother

The Pisces mom is very nurturing, empathetic, and protective. She truly has a connection with her children and always knows when something is wrong. She is also that parent who will throw a fit if someone mistreats her child in any way. She is like the momma bear you don't want to mess with.

She gives her child a good sense of self-worth and she is creative when it comes to activities her and her children do together. She can be overprotective and she can be manipulative, she is the mom who uses guilt on her children which isnt always healthy. The Pisces mom is also extremely open with her children sometimes too open, her children shouldn't have to play the role of her therapist.