The Christmas Day of 2016 has the most unusual line-up in years.

On this day Jupiter is at 20 deg Libra, Uranus at 20 deg Aries and Saturn at 20 deg Sagittarius in the zodiac heavens. Add to this Uranus is in opposition (180 deg) to Jupiter which is a rarity. Also Uranus is trine (120 deg) with Saturn while Saturn is in sextile ( 60 deg) with Jupiter. A great placement for a great day on the calendar isn't it?

This implies massive opportunities for us earthly inhabitants this season. Major changes are likely across the globe and tremendous new lessons would be learnt as the day passes on to the New year.

Christmas would be the last holiday of the year and is followed by the new year when new goals or new beginnings are seen. So what do the zodiac signs have in store for this Christmas season?

Happy Christmas 2016


This Christmas day might be quite a challenging for Aries guys. Take efforts to improve your public image. Also you need to excel in your personal life to get into the good books of your loved ones. If you are single the day might bring in potential partners into your life. Though you might have a choice to make new friends, it would be wiser on your part to choose the person closest to your sense of being an Aries.


The Christmas day this year is all about big and important changes in life for Taurus natives. There would be love and joy all around you. Romance and serious relationships come in for the day. Also your finances would be quite good that you can splurge on material possessions this season. Long distant travel on the cards for some Taurus people.


For Gemini guys, the Christmas day is all about getting hold onto existing relationships or partners and not switching to new ones. Do not rush to make decisions this festive time as your mind would be wandering a lot. Partying would be quite hot and heavy for the day. Someone too good for you might come into your life this day. Firm up your position and stick to your ground unperturbed by the hustle and bustle around this festive day.


This Christmas day would bring great relationship with friends and family. There would be no worries, stress and strain for the day and the day would be devoid of complications. Romance would also be high on your menu. Plenty of surprises come for Cancer people this Christmas day. New avenues for growth also shall come for the New year ahead.


Leo guys would be able to get a lot of attention this Christmas day. Do not try to hog the limelight , instead be yourself. Money and finances would come for you this year. An unexpected opportunity would also be knocking on your doors . Your social life expands, keep working for the day and success would come for you this New Year.


Virgo people would get a new charm in their life this day of the year. There would be abundance everywhere around you and new ideas would come for you. Keep your optimism high and your self-esteem under control. The single ones would find this Christmas day quite thrilling and unusual. You might connect with a soul-mate for now.


Libras are likely to get the best Christmas Day ever in their lives this season. Your social skills and tactics would win you potential partners in life and profession. The unexpected might come in your love life for the day. You might meet new acquaintances and lots of merry-making on the anvil. A satisfied day is promised for the natives.


A good day to break ice with any near ones with whom you have been holding grudges for long. Put them back on your life. Your finances for the day would be quite good. Career might bring in good news for the day. Major changes are just round the corner for the New Year. Take your steps one at a time and do not rush.


This Christmas day is a good time to showcase your talents and abilities to the world around. Your love life would be quite interesting this season. Connect passionately with your loved ones and bring a glimmer of hope and happiness in their lives. An important career offer might come this day. Do not take harsh and rash decisions that might jeopardize your festive spirit.


The day offers to help you accomplish major personal and professional goals for Capricorns. Stick to your favorite routine for the day. Lazy around this day. Numerous romantic encounters are in for you this festive time of the year. A good time for your finances as well.


There would be good news regarding your career front this day. Your social life would get a big boost this Christmas season. Love and romance are on the air. Keep your partner happy this time around. The New year calls for hard work and commitment on your personal side.


The day emphasizes power and energy for Pisceans. This Christmas day you would be on with much money and material possessions. Look before you leap on personal and love matters for the day. Your social group expands now. Take some time for pampering your body and spirit as this is what the time is all about...

Astrology Of Christmas

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