Though all Christmas seasons are loaded with fun and happiness, this year it has to be double-fold, thanks to the planetary influences around. This Christmas indicates great starts in-spite of it being the end of the year.

Jupiter, the planet of expansions left its own house of Sagittarius on the 2nd of December.

Jupiter in Sagittarius brought our creativity and philosophical side to the fore. Now during Christmas as it transits the house of Capricorn, it makes us to commit more on our goals and disciplines us to work hard despite odds around.

Neptune in its current standing, makes us to be quite sympathetic towards the needy, the thought for this Christmas. Pluto brings out our emotional side and makes our love known far and wide. Saturn gives you the guts to stick to your stand and make a stand where you move now. The Full Moon of December 2019 excels your social life.

A trine is formed between Jupiter and Uranus on the 15th of December, leading up to Christmas. This brings about the unexpected in your life. Be open to challenges, be courage enough to stick to your ground. The luminary Sun leaves Sagittarius on the 22nd of December to enter Capricorn. Then there is a Solar Eclipse lined up in Capricorn on the 26th of December, just after Christmas day. Be prepared for sudden endings and new beginnings this Christmas season.

So what is like to be for the zodiac signs this Christmas season. Check out your zodiac sign...


This Christmas season, do not have lofty ambitions, be open and embrace opportunities as they come their way, do not be too choosy. Be adventurous as always and you might stumble upon a moving partner or a good career path. This is a season to find ways to go up your professional standing.


Taurus guys have myriad travel opportunities this festive season. This is the time of the year when you have to feel your inner self and look out for its calling. A time to get rid of unwanted strings attached to you that is weighing your down. Feel like being dejected, dot lose heart, you get better things ahead, keep treading.


This Christmas season love abounds in your life. Be positive and spread the energy around. Make yourself trustworthy. A time to explore some real love pursuits. It is not a mistake to pursue some real love intentions these days. Keep your mouth shut when the situation around asks for.


This might be a time for fun and frolic, however your hands would be full with routine jobs. Set them aside for now. Take care of yourself now, not to worry if you would pamper yourself. A good time to organize your personal and professional life. Relationships become stronger now.


Leos would be at their best of energy levels during this Christmas season. Harness this energy towards positive pursuits. Your liking to hog the limelight is in sight for now. Utilize these days to find new ways to pamper your love or career interest.


This Christmas wind up from your hectic routine life and take some off-time. Talk your mind to your loved ones. The season would inspire you to create something out of the box. Some Virgos would settle down with a new-found love pursuit. Do not sulk around with health overtones.


Your mental make-up would be heavily loaded these days. Use that energy in a positive sense, spreading goodness around. A good time to socialize, however make sure that you stick to your family. You would be in for a major change in your personal life these days.


Time to indulge in some high-value purchases, Scorpio. However remain grounded and know your self-worth before venturing out. An old flame might come back to you. Certain secrets kept away from you would now find you as a conduit this Christmas time.


As the year unwinds and festivities are on the air, you would be learning some of life's important lessons. Your inner talents come to the fore. Be ready for facing major changes en-route. Beware of your financials these days, and speculation is not your cup of tea for now.


Capricorns are in for a major hibernation period as this Christmas season passes by. Take a break, and have some " me-time" when you feel like. Also an ideal time for relaxing your spirits when you might stumble over some major secrets held back from you.


Your social affinity gets enhanced this Christmas season. You would be able to serve a major cause around. Stick to reality, do not bank on past bad experiences. You would be attracted to some of the finest and best people around, get hitched.


Pisces would see their professional life in sure lighting this festive time. You would be able to accomplish a lot here now, something that had been eluding you for quite some time now. Some of your life ambitions would now see the light of day. Use this time to consolidate your true likes in life.

Astrology Of Christmas

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