In Western astrology, the Moon signs are not used to interpret the compatibility between a couple. Only the Sun sign compatibility is used, the simple reason being the Sun is the all powerful energy source among the planets. The Sun is all about our ego, self-expression and will power. It has nothing to do with how compatible one is with his or her partner.

Our feelings, emotions and security needs are all ruled over by the other luminary, the Moon. Hence it is better to say that compatibility is all about the Moon. The position of the Moon in our natal chart indicates that area where we feel at home and hence Moon compatibility between two individuals is a must and the best to look up to when they start to live together.

Here is a general guide for the Moon sign compatibility between you and your partner.

Aries moon astrology
taurud moon astrology
Gemini moon astrology
cancer moon astrology
leo moon astrology
virgo moon astrology
libra moon astrology
scorpio moon astrology
sagittarius moon astrology
capricorn moon astrology
aquarius moon astrology
pisces moon astrology
Aries moon astrology
aries-aries compatibility
aries-taurus compatibility
aries-gemini compatibility
aries-cancer compatibility
aries-leo compatibility
aries-virgo compatibility
aries-libra compatibility
aries-scorpio compatibility
aries-sagittarius compatibility
aries-capricorn compatibility
aries-aquarius compatibility
aries-pisces compatibility
taurus moon astrology
taurus-aries compatibility
taurus-taurus compatibility
taurus-gemini compatibility
taurus-cancer compatibility
taurus-leo compatibility
taurus-virgo compatibility
taurus-libra compatibility
taurus-scorpio compatibility
taurus-sagittarius compatibility
taurus-capricorn compatibility
taurus-aquarius compatibility
taurus-pisces compatibility
Gemini moon astrology
gemini-aries compatibility
gemini-taurus compatibility
gemini-gemini compatibility
gemini-cancer compatibility
gemini-leo compatibility
gemini-virgo compatibility
gemini-libra compatibility
gemini-scorpio compatibility
gemini-sagittarius compatibility
gemini-capricorn compatibility
gemini-aquarius compatibility
gemini-pisces compatibility
cancer moon astrology
cancer-aries compatibility
cancer-taurus compatibility
cancer-gemini compatibility
cancer-cancer compatibility
cancer-leo compatibility
cancer-virgo compatibility
cancer-libra compatibility
cancer-scorpio compatibility
cancer-sagittarius compatibility
cancer-capricorn compatibility
cancer-aquarius compatibility
cancer-pisces compatibility
leo moon astrology
leo-aries compatibility
leo-taurus compatibility
leo-gemini compatibility
leo-cancer compatibility
leo-leo compatibility
leo-virgo compatibility
leo-libra compatibility
leo-scorpio compatibility
leo-sagittarius compatibility
leo-capricorn compatibility
leo-aquarius compatibility
leo-pisces compatibility
virgo moon astrology
virgo-aries compatibility
virgo-taurus compatibility
virgo-gemini compatibility
virgo-cancer compatibility
virgo-leo compatibility
virgo-virgo compatibility
virgo-libra compatibility
virgo-scorpio compatibility
virgo-sagittarius compatibility
virgo-capricorn compatibility
virgo-aquarius compatibility
virgo-pisces compatibility
libra moon astrology
libra-aries compatibility
libra-taurus compatibility
libra-gemini compatibility
libra-cancer compatibility
libra-leo compatibility
libra-virgo compatibility
libra-libra compatibility
libra-scorpio compatibility
libra-sagittarius compatibility
libra-capricorn compatibility
libra-aquarius compatibility
libra-pisces compatibility
scorpio moon astrology
scorpio-aries compatibility
scorpio-taurus compatibility
scorpio-gemini compatibility
scorpio-cancer compatibility
scorpio-leo compatibility
scorpio-virgo compatibility
scorpio-libra compatibility
scorpio-scorpio compatibility
scorpio-sagittarius compatibility
scorpio-capricorn compatibility
scorpio-aquarius compatibility
scorpio-pisces compatibility
sagittarius moon astrology
sagittarius-aries compatibility
sagittarius-taurus compatibility
sagittarius-gemini compatibility
sagittarius-cancer compatibility
sagittarius-leo compatibility
sagittarius-virgo compatibility
sagittarius-libra compatibility
sagittarius-scorpio compatibility
sagittarius-sagittarius compatibility
sagittarius-capricorn compatibility
sagittarius-aquarius compatibility
sagittarius-pisces compatibility
capricorn moon astrology
capricorn-aries compatibility
capricorn-taurus compatibility
capricorn-gemini compatibility
capricorn-cancer compatibility
capricorn-leo compatibility
capricorn-virgo compatibility
capricorn-libra compatibility
capricorn-scorpio compatibility
capricorn-sagittarius compatibility
capricorn-capricorn compatibility
capricorn-aquarius compatibility
capricorn-pisces compatibility
aquarius moon astrology
aquarius-aries compatibility
aquarius-taurus compatibility
aquarius-gemini compatibility
aquarius-cancer compatibility
aquarius-leo compatibility
aquarius-virgo compatibility
aquarius-libra compatibility
aquarius-scorpio compatibility
aquarius-sagittarius compatibility
aquarius-capricorn compatibility
aquarius-aquarius compatibility
aquarius-pisces compatibility
pisces moon astrology
pisces-aries compatibility
pisces-taurus compatibility
pisces-gemini compatibility
pisces-cancer compatibility
pisces-leo compatibility
pisces-virgo compatibility
pisces-libra compatibility
pisces-scorpio compatibility
pisces-sagittarius compatibility
pisces-capricorn compatibility
pisces-aquarius compatibility
pisces-pisces compatibility

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