Moon Astrology


With Moon in Libra you like to make friends. You are very sociable, and are attracted to people and situations that present you with a sense of balance. You look for partnership in all aspects of you life like love, business and friends.

People consider you to be popular, affectionate and generous. In short, your life revolves around people.

Your love of people, company and sociality blinds you to others influence over you. Your judgement can often be swayed or affected by others. You have artistic potential, whether you have explored it or not. This explains your love for music, paintings, and fine arts in general.

You have a good fashion sense.. The Moon in Libra gives you a harmonious outlook on life. Partnership and balance are the key themes in your life. Someone else influences everything you do in your life. You are much more productive in the company of others.

Males with Moon in Libra:

This position inclines to union, partnership and general popularity. Fond of pleasures, society and amusements, company of the opposite sex. Courteous, social, affectionate, agreeable, kind or equally sympathetic, warm hearted, kind in manners. Many friends. Early marriage.As for marital relations, such persons enjoy good domestic life, love their homes and children. In case of differences with wives or beloveds, they maintain peace.

Popular and attractive with opposite sex, gain through inheritance, lucky for house, property conveyance and graceful and commanding in appearance. Feelings will prove a good guide in all kinds of actions. Much of his fate and many events of life will come about through the association of other persons, greatly swayed and influenced by them. Tranquillity of thoughts and harmony in sensation is a must for success in life. Fond of agreement, concord and appreciations. Wealthy and attains good position in life.

Females with Moon in Libra:

Libra-born ladies are oriental in appearance, dark magnetic eyes, beautiful, regular features, attractive and well-proportioned body. They are very social, orderly, sympathetic, very impulsive, neat or facing conforntations. They may be antagonistic but outwardly agreeable and insincere. Fond of education, and of independent career. Such ladies are married and make intelligent and helpful partners. Kidney and generative organs are weak. Such ladies have delicate skin, beautiful breasts, and have a knack for choosing perfumes, dress and ornaments.

Afflicted Moon in Libra:

When Moon is afflicted troubled love affairs and afflicted domestic life and disappointments accrue. Crazy and wavering mind, delayed marriage and dependent.

Famous Women Libran Moon Signs:

Maya Angelou, Queen Marie Antoinette, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Julia Child, Agatha Christie, Natalie Cole, Emily Dickinson, Amy Fisher, Shirley Jones, Janey Leigh, Rosie O'Donnell, Nicole Brown Simpson, Gloria Swanson, Twyla Tharp, Liv Ullmann and Kate Winslet.

Famous Men Libran Moon Signs:

Dan Ackroyd, Buzz Aldrin, Matthew Broderick, G.W. Bush, Nicolas Cage, Michael Caine, Fidel Castro, Frederic Chopin, Mel Gibson, Henry Kissinger, Frank Langella, Christopher Lloyd, Dennis Miller, Rudolph Nureyev, Sidny Poiter, Bertrand Russell, Bruce Springsteen, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Ted Turner, Rudolf Valentino.

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