Moon Astrology


The Moon in Leo makes you strong, proud and courageous. You enjoy responsibility, and often take on too much of it. You have a natural attraction authority, and enjoy appearing in the public eye.

You would rather lead than follow any day.Your inherent pride makes you very susceptible to love affairs.

Your actions at work attract the attention, and respect of your superiors. This can only mean good things for you as far as your career is concerned. As far as money is concerned you are very generous.

The Moon in Leo makes for a strong intellect and a strong love of the arts. Don't be surprised if your occupation involves the theatre, music, painting or literature. You also have a love for luxuries. You like to drink the finest wine life has to offer. You are lively in spirit, have a high intelligence and have good prioritizing skills.

Males with Moon in Leo:

Much vital force and moral courage. Helpful to weaker section, honest, sympathetic, generous and of open mind. Magnanimous, position of responsibility and prominence. Favourable for finances. Love of luxuries, pleasures, perfumes, dress etc. Favourite of opposite sex and a sincere lover. Unfavourable for a father. Good organising capacity, a leader among friends. Uplift of native socially and mentally. This position of Moon places him in a position of authority, trust, respect and responsibility and gives inspiration for great achievements.

Females with Moon in Leo:

Fair complexion, attractive, wide and generous features, big round eyes. They are generous, independent, leaders among women, jolly but easily offended or hurt and apt to be vindictive and jealous. Of fiery temper, fond of food and are religious. Joyous, sexy and craving for physical contacts, like to be away from madding crowds and prefer a solitary place. Sincere, frank, good married life on the whole. Wealthy, affectionate and passionate and as long as they love their partner, they do it intensely, otherwise will severe connections.

Afflicted Moon in Leo:

When Moon is afflicted, it makes one proud, easily offended, conceited. One becomes fickle-minded and sensitive and experiences loss through women, etc.

Famous Women Leonine Moon Signs:

Bernadette, Jacqueline Bisset, Lizzie Borden, Marlene Dietrich, Jane Fonda, Anne Frank, Ruth Gordon, Martha Graham, Queen Latifah, Eva Peron, Julia Roberts, Jane Seymour, Gloria Steinem, Margaret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth II.

Famous Men Leonine Moon Signs:

Joseph Campbell, Winston Churchill, Jacques Cousteau,, Mohandas Gandhi, Mikhail Gorbachev, Robert Graves, James Joyce, Jack Lemmon, Martin Luther, Paul McCarney, Teolonius Monk, Wesley Snipes, Ringo Starr, Mao Tse Tung, Peter Ustinov, Van Gogh.

Leo Moon- Positive Traits
Leo Moon - Negative Traits